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Amy Fantasy/s – Shorty Stays the Weekend

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The circumference of your pussy takes a stretching fucking Shorty’s fat cock, and I wanted that fat 9” big black cock in my trim hairy white pussy.

This is a fictional fantasy is based off my true story Amy Tale/s – Black Cock Wrestling:

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Shorty Stays the Weekend:

I knew the kids were going to be gone one weekend, and I started begging my husband to invite his black soldier colleague Shorty back for a threesome. After a couple of days of pleading, my husband gave in and said Shorty could stay Friday night, but he had to leave Saturday morning. My husband had some kind of guard duty he had to work sometimes (maybe once every month) and occasionally that day fell on the weekends. When I say day, I mean the duty lasted 24 hours, and he had to go in at 6am this Saturday and work till 6am on Sunday.

It was the worst day he could get for this duty, because if he got it on a Friday, he still had his Saturday regular day off after 6am, and Sunday off. If he got the duty on Sunday, he got the rest of the day Monday after 6am off. He used to bitch about getting this duty on a Saturday because he had to give up 24 hours of free time that he would have had off.

Shorty showed up at around 6pm on Friday, and after everyone ate and relaxed, I wanted to fuck some fat black cock. We went upstairs to the bedroom, and I undressed and hopped in the bed like an eager kid jumping in the car for the carnival saying, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Shorty is a medium dark complexion black man who is about 5’ 4” tall, which is why I call him Shorty. He is decent looking, and stout, but he has hairy legs, chest, and pubic area. Shorty’s one saving asset is his very thick 9” big black cock. Shorty has the fattest cock I have ever fucked.

The circumference of your pussy takes a stretching fucking Shorty’s fat cock, and I wanted that fat 9” big black cock in my trim hairy white pussy. Shit, I wanted to fuck Shorty so bad, I did not even care that my husband was there. They got undressed and I pulled Shorty into the bed and we were facing each other on our knees. I started French kissing Shorty, and stroking that big black cock with one hand, and holding around Shorty’s neck with the other. I wanted to try and get my husband to suck Shorty’s dick, but they work together, and I did not want there to be anymore awkwardness between them. I wanted Shorty to be able to come back and fuck me, so I did not want to shame my husband.

My husband could see I was enthused kissing and rubbing Shorty, so he moved behind me and rubbed my ass, and around to my breasts. Shorty was rubbing my breasts too and fingering me. I pushed Shorty onto his back and straddled his waist with my back to his face. I used his cock to rub my pussy while my husband kissed and sucked my nipples, and I orgasmed. I laid on my back and Shorty fucked me missionary. I was verbal: oh shit, oh fuck (I was gasping), ohhhh, uhhhhh, ohhhh, ahhhhh, oh my god, oh man, oh my god it’s huge, your cock is so big in my pussy.

I grunted and moaned from that thick black cock, and I pulled Shorty down onto my breasts and moaned and grunted in his ear. I told him, fuck me harder, I want you to cum in my pussy with your fat cock. I asked, do you like my tight pussy? Shorty said, I love your tight pussy. Ah, ah, ah, you’re so big, yeah, yeah, fuck my pussy, yeah, oh, oh, that feels good… My husband was forced to watch and listen, and he was rubbing my toes. Ah, ah , ah, oh fuck yes, and Shorty got off, and his fat cock throbbed in my pussy as I screeched, and it felt like a balloon was in me and slightly inflating and deflating with his pulse.

I was feeling fulfilled, and when Shorty’s cock went limp, he pulled out. I told my husband to go ahead and fuck me too. I was stretched, and I could tell a tremendous difference in the size, and I did not make any noises. I asked my husband, how does it feel? He said, you are loose, but he got off in less than 10 minutes. I went and cleaned up, and I came back and went to work on getting Shorty hard again. When I did, I cowgirled down on his big cock, and after about 5 minutes, I told my husband to fuck my ass. My husband lubed up, and I focused on Shorty’s big cock until he got off in my pussy again. Not long after, my husband got off in my ass.

My husband took a shower, and I just laid in bed with Shorty. It was after 9:30pm, and when my husband finished, me and Shorty took a shower together. Before we got in, I held Shorty’s cock for him while he peed. I like holding a semi-erect cock that big and feeling the pee stream through it. When we got out of the shower, my husband needed to go to bed. I stayed naked, and me and Shorty went downstairs and watched TV, and Shorty kissed on me and ate my pussy. We fucked again on the couch, and Shorty fucked my ass, and it hurt so good. It was about 2am, and I went back upstairs, and Shorty slept on the couch. I would have stayed down there, but I did not want to sleep on my side all night and be cramped.

My husband got up, and I did too in the morning at 5am. I knew he would wake Shorty to leave, but I wanted him to stay. I went downstairs while my husband was dressing, and I woke Shorty and told him when my husband comes down, wait until he is about to leave, then go to the bathroom and stay in there until I tell you to come out. My husband did not have any time to waste, so I told him when Shorty is done, I will see him out. My husband did not trust me, but he had no time to argue. Shorty stayed, and we fucked all day and only took breaks to eat and shower. Shorty slept with me in the bed naked, and we would wake up and fuck some more. It was getting difficult for me to walk.

I let the battery on my phone die on purpose, and Shorty answered his and it was my husband, and Shorty told him he was still here. Shorty handed me his phone, and my husband was upset, but I told him, why does it matter, you already know I am fucking him even when you are here? He still fussed. Shorty was asleep next to me in the bed when my husband shook me awake at around 6:45am Sunday. I rubbed my eyes and looked at him and said, let me get Shorty up, and I started stroking Shorty’s cock, and he woke up and his cock was hard. I got on top of Shorty and fucked his fat 9” big black cock, and I told my husband, if you want something you better fuck my ass, because it is going to take my pussy a month to tighten back up after this weekend.

I said to my husband, plus, I don’t even want to fuck your skinny dick until I can possibly feel it again, it will just be a chore. My husband fucked my ass and they both got off. Me and Shorty went to the bathroom naked, and I peed, and then I held his cock while he peed. My husband took a shower and was tired and went to bed. Me and Shorty took a shower and went downstairs, and he ate my pussy while I fingered myself, and I orgasmed. Shorty got dressed and I kissed him goodbye. I knew it would probably be our last time together fucking, but it was a pussy stretching weekend to remember.

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