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Amy Encounter/s – Deer Hunter

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Jerry says, you sure are sexy hot, how long have you been cheating on your husband with his brother?

This is the last of my follow up two series (Amy Fantasy/s and Amy Encounter/s) that I have written to date. I did not include the following true tale in Amy Tale/s because it wasn’t all that good. I actually forgot about it. I may want to base an Amy Fantasy/s off the encounter later, so I want to share it just in case.

My husband’s brother was an avid deer hunter, and his friend (Jerry) would hunt with him sometimes in the morning or evening. My husband’s brother was working (he was a truck driver). He hadn’t come home one morning from work (when we still lived in the country and my husband’s brother lived with us), and I was in the bedroom and heard a vehicle. I had been fucking my husband’s bother for a few months, and I wanted to surprise him when he got home, so I was naked.

I heard the back porch door open, and I opened the other door, and it was my husband’s brother’s friend Jerry. They kept hunting stuff on the back porch, and he was coming back from hunting and putting some gear back. Shit, I shut the door back, and I went and put my shirt and shorts on. Jerry knocked on the door, and I opened it, and he said, were you expecting someone else? I said, yes, I thought you were my husband. Jerry said, I thought he worked during the day? I said, he does, I just thought he came back.

Jerry said, maybe you thought it was his brother instead, and that is why you were naked? I said, no, I thought you were my husband, I am sorry. Jerry asked, can I come in? I said, why? Jerry said, well, I think you have been fucking your husband’s brother, and that is why he always wants to come back here after hunting instead coming over to the house and getting high like he used to do.

Jerry has a scruffy look, and he has red hair and light facial hair that is a little longer than a five o’clock shadow. He is decent looking and average height, but I would not say I am attracted to him, but I do not know what to do.

I say, well, he is probably going to be here any minute, if you want to wait, and Jerry comes in. We are in the kitchen, and I start washing some dishes in the sink, and Jerry says, you sure are sexy hot, how long have you been cheating on your husband with his brother? I said, I am not cheating on my husband, that is your assumption. Jerry walks up behind me and runs his hand inside my shirt, and I am not wearing a bra, and he rubs my breasts. I push his hand down, and turn and step away and say, please don’t do that.

Jerry steps into me and kisses me, and I resist, and he forces himself, holding around me and I don’t know what to do. Jerry pulls my shorts down, and fingers my hairy pussy, and I am wet, and getting receptive to being fucked by someone new. Jerry turns me and I put my hands on the table, as he unbuttons and pulls his pants down. Jerry sticks a 6” dick in my pussy from behind, and he fucks me until he cums in less than two minutes. I was so disappointed, not only for duration, but dick size. Jerry was still in my pussy, and I say, you better pull your little dick out, because I my husband’s brother coming down the driveway.

I put my shorts back on, and my husband’s brother comes in and wonders why Jerry is here. Jerry says, I did not see any bucks today, but I saw some doe tails jumping the fence. My husband’s brother asks, were you waiting on me? Jerry said, yes, Amy thought I was you and let me in to wait. I said, well, he is here now, I need to shower. Jerry left, and I fucked my husband’s brother’s big 9” cock, and soon forgot about Jerry’s needle dick.

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