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Workout sex

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My daughter has been exercising every day for months on her exercise bike, she looked so sexy in her shorts. We had sex on the bike one morning.

I almost spilt my coffee several times while standing in the kitchen doorway watching, she’s had that exercise bike for months just standing in the front room towards the TV, she’d come downstairs first thing in the morning wearing her tight spandex sports bra and shorts, her long blonde curly hair tied back in ponytail, she’d play an exercise video on the TV and watch it while sitting on the bike and peddling away for an hour.

As her father I really shouldn’t be staring at my 13 year old daughter like this but standing in the doorway watching her from behind seeing her firm ass in those tight spandex shorts was so fucking sexy, wiggle-wiggle, yeah, that’s it girl, ride that bike.

She’d start off sitting down and peddling nice and slow, then every few minutes she’d lift her ass off the seat and peddle really fast, she was so fit and bouncy, she’d repeat the process for an hour and when she got off the bike the naked patches of her body were covered in sweat and shining in the light from the windows, her chest heaved up and down as she breathed heavily, throwing a towel over her shoulder she swig from her water bottle, it always got me hard just watching her, it was better than online porn.

The other morning, after watching her ride her bike every day for months, I couldn’t keep it in my pants any longer, I was sitting on and riding her bike when she came downstairs, she smiled because she thought her old dad had started exercising, she picked up the remote and turned on the TV, “Sit here.” I said, slapping my palms down on to my thighs, she threw her leg over the bike and sat on my lap.

“Show me how you use this thing.” I asked.

She handed me her towel, I threw it on the floor when she wasn’t looking, I didn’t give a shit about the fucking towel, she held on to the bars and started peddling, “You just start peddling, like this, and it tells you how far you’ve ridden and how many calories you’ve burnt and stuff.” She explained, the crack of her ass grazed my crotch while she rode the bike, her ass moved side-to-side while she peddled.

I let her continue the demonstration for a while and I firmly held on to her ass, she knew something was going on, especially with the sly looks and cheeky little grins she gave me each time I squeezed her butt, about 20 minutes in to her session I casually pulled down her shorts, “Daddy, what you doing back there?” she asked, “Just keep going love.” I replied, she laughed and continued.

I pulled down my own shorts and rubbed the tip of my hard cock in the crack of her ass, to my absolute surprise she reached around after feeling my cock touch her, she grabbed it with her finger tips and guided it to her pussy, then she pushed back to sit on my lap and as she did my cock broke through her hole and slid inside her tight little snatch, it was so hot and wet, even more so from all the exercise she’d been doing, “Is this what you want, daddy?” she asked.

“Ooooooooh – yes!” I replied, god it felt good.

She continued to ride the exercise bike, her ass wiggled as she peddled and my cock had never been happier, bouncing and twanging around inside her tight hole, she would occasionally lift her ass up and peddle faster just as she did every morning, only this time my cock was in her, “Jeeesus. Oh.” I groaned.

“Last push now, daddy. 2 minute power workout. Here we go…” she said, “…Ready?” she asked.
I couldn’t speak and just grunted in reply, “Ough—Gugh”.

The music on the TV got faster and she started to ride the bike to the speed of the music, my cock was being pushed side-to-side, her ass going up and down, cock going in and out, she was groaning, I was moaning, as the power workout ended she slammed her ass on to my lap, my cock thrust deep in to her and I came harder than I’d ever done before in my life, “Uuuu-gh. Fuck. Yeah. Oooooor.”

“Wooh.” She sounded, she got off the bike, pulled up her shorts and took a drink from her water bottle, “Good workout, daddy.” She said, it certainly fucking was, she picked up the towel and dried herself off before telling me she hoped we could exercise again together tomorrow and then she skipped out of the room heading upstairs for a shower.

I couldn’t believe how much energy she still had after all that exercise, and riding my cock at the same time, I got off the bike and my legs collapsed under me, maybe I do need to exercise a little more, I’m not as fit as I used to be.

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