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Tween Teasers

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Cara ran up after school, giggling. “I don’t have my bra on!”

“Okay?” I didn’t even know she started wearing them, but then she took my hand, and we ran off. “Let’s go find some boys!”

“What about your mom?”

She sometimes gave me a ride too, since we lived so close together, but Clara said. “Oh, she’s not coming, so she’ll call me when she gets done. Come on.”

Of course, I knew that’s one thing they’re good for, betting boy’s attention. Of course, they’re mainly for feeding babies, but you’re never going to get those if you can’t find a boy to marry first. She was in a mood, and really giggling, but running off like that.

Mine was feeling a little sweaty, so when we got to some bushes, I called. “Hang on a sec.” she stopped, “Look out for me.” She nodded, and I took my bra off, behind a bush. I half expected a pervert to jump out and grab me topless before I pulled my dress back up, but nobody did. “Okay,” I came out, and stuffed my bra in my backpack.

It stopped feeling naughty as soon as I pulled my dress back up, but before she turned back around, I looked. You still couldn’t see anything through her top, but right out of school, she still had a baggy blouse on. With the top buttons unbuttoned, but if she hadn’t told me I probably still wouldn’t even guess that she was wearing bras, at least until she started showing. “Where we going?”

“I don’t know.” She stopped to think. “It’s a long way to the mall, so maybe we should get on the bus?” That felt a little naughty, because my mom and dad don’t trust busses. They don’t have seatbelts, and you hear a lot of stories about a bus load of kids getting killed in some wreck. So, my parents, and Cara’s take turns giving us rides to, and from school.

When we got to the bus stop, I checked out the map. “Which one goes to the mall?”

“They all do. Don’t you ever ride the city bus?”

“No, why don’t you ride the school bus?”

“Because, I live right around the corner.”

“Oh yeah.” I thought. “Hey, why don’t we go over to your house, and drop the books off? Your parents aren’t home, right?”

She shook her head. “My dad’s at work, and mom had a meeting to go to.” She tapped her lip, thinking. “You don’t have bus money, do you?”

“How much is it?” I dug around in my purse.

“Come on,” she took my hand, and we ran around the block, to drop my books off. I lived right down the street from her, but I didn’t want to go home, and do homework. There wasn’t anyone there but my brother, and he knew some boys, but I didn’t want him to find out, what we’re doing. he might tell someone, and besides, he’s my brother. So, I didn’t want him to know me, and Cara were being naughty.

I just threw my book bag on the sofa, but Cara ran in the kitchen, and slammed a drawer loudly. I heard utensils jangle around before she came out, and I tried to think of something better to do. “Got it,” she came out with a $5.00 bill, and waved it. Then, she stuffed it in her pocket, and pulled her keys out lock up.

I drew a blank on something else to suggest, but honestly. I wanted to now, and it didn’t take much convincing. Call it Peer Pressure, but Cara’s even older than me. She’s in 6th grade, a year ahead of me, but in some ways, she’s a little behind. Also, I’m just not in the habit of looking at girls, that way.

I like boys, I guess. In theory, I want to get a boyfriend, and fool around with him some day, but I never went out of my way to go looking for them. My brother didn’t even start dating until high school, and you know how little boys are. Well, little.

“Uh!” We got back out on the street, but Cara turned the wrong way. “Isn’t the bus this way?”

“Oh yeah, but I have to get change at the store.” She had to buy something, and I looked right a candy bar. A Zero bar, and while she was distracting the cashier, I could have slipped it in my purse, but I handed her it. “Can you buy one of these, too?”

“Of course.” She put it on the counter, then she went “Woo!” She flashed the boy behind the counter, and ran out. So, I grabbed my candy, and the bottle water

He yelled “Get out, before I call the cops!” He was so mad, but then I got the giggles.

“Ew,” she made a face, when we started “What do you like those for?”

“I’m allergic to chocolate.”

“Really?” It’s not something I talk about, honestly it’s not that important. She shook her head, “But not white chocolate?”

“Not really, I don’t think it’s real chocolate, or whatever it is that makes me break out in hives.” I waved it, “They don’t have it in these.” Just changing the subject, we talked about the weather too. It was a nice day, nice enough to go out. Looking for boys braless, but it was awkward. I didn’t see the need to point out that she just flashed the boy at the store, but I mean an older boy. You had to be at least a teenager to get a work permit, but he got mad.

He even threatened to call the cops, which just reminded me. We’re talking about something illegal. Public nudity, and I felt naked under my dress, even though I still had my underpants on. She could have grabbed a bra while she was home, or so I thought, but I stuffed mine in my backpack, which was over at her house now.

“You’re quiet,” she finally broke the silence.

“I guess I’m thinking. Maybe we shouldn’t do this. Around here.”

“Good thinking, we don’t want anyone we know to catch us acting slutty.” We got back to the bus stop, but then she said it. I got a pretty big thrill, as soon as I heard the word slut. “What time you got?”

“Oh,” I pulled out my phone. “4:38, why?”

“Huh!” She sighed and sat down. “Well, we just missed the bus to the middle school, so by the time we catch the next one, most of those boys’ll be gone home.”

“Hm.” I nodded, and hit contacts.

“You texting, or looking up porno?”

“Texting,” [Hey] I shook my head. “My brother.”

“Ooh, where’s he this afternoon?”

“I don’t know, he hasn’t texted back yet. He’s got a girlfriend, so don’t get any ideas.”

“Oh no,” she didn’t even giggle, “I wouldn’t do that to you.” She shook her head, seriously.

“Okay.” I’m not sure how I would feel about that. I mean, she’s 11, so TBPH, she doesn’t stand a chance. He’s got a girlfriend, a teenager, with real boobs. I mean, she’s not out to here, she’s not super huge, but compared to me even?

She rubbed her chest really fast to warm them up with friction, which just reminded me how hot it was. It wasn’t just me, and it wasn’t that hot out here. It was hot in my dress, especially the top of it, where it felt like the hot air was trapped, but mine didn’t button up and down.

“Maybe I should go home, and put on something more, or less. More revealing, or less modest?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never done this before neither. But isn’t it fun?” Now, she was rubbing her pantlegs, with her legs together. “Shoot!” She hit her knees.


“You just reminded me I could have gotten a tight top at home, but we already missed one bus.”

“Yeah.” Honestly, the risk of riding a bus had lost it’s thrill, and I wasn’t getting cold feet. Once we decided, or I chose to take my bra off too. Of course, we’d seen girls, mostly teenage high school girls hang out the car window. Sometimes, they just pulled their tops up, to flash their bras through their windows. Woo! Boobies, but a quick drivebye, and then they’re gone.

“Hm!” [Girls gone Wild] Search.

“Now who’re you texting?”

I shook my head, and checked my messages. “You know what? I never noticed before, but there’s no boys in these Girls Gone Wild videos.” I just kept scrolling down.

“Well, no. Then it would be Boys, and Girls Gone Wild.” She tapped her lips, “Oh, see if there’s a Boys Gone Wild?”

“Hm,” I showed her a video I found on Youtube. “He’s got a Bieber shirt.”

“You think he’s gay? I mean, their gay.”

“I don’t know.” I sat down to keep watching it, but it turned out to be a breakdancing rapper video. He was topless, for a second, but close up so you could barely see his nipples.

“Go back.” She got her phone out, “I don’t really like hip-hop.”

“Me neither,” but then she started searching. “I think you’re right. I found a Boys Gone Wild on The Male Gayz podcast,” I showed her, “But it’s spelled G. A. Y. Z.”

“Maybe it’s Gay-Z, but too bad they don’t make porn for tweens,” she shrugged, “So, I guess the next best thing is for gay boys.” She showed me her’s, and I giggled.

“Dancing Bear!”

“Look there’s women in it.”

“Yeah,” but there was also a naked man, dancing of course. “How come it’s spelled B. E. A. R. instead of B. A. R. E?” His boner bouncing, and swinging all over, so I typed that in. [Dancing Bear] and checked the spelling.

“I don’t know.” She shook her head, but then we sat there, showing each other the strippers we found, and giggling. “You think we can find boys to dance for us? Naked?”

“I sure hope so, but they don’t even have to flash their boobs.”

She giggled, “Those aren’t boobs, their titties!”

“Yeah,” we’re not talking about teenage girls, or college girls going wild on spring break. These were like my mom’s age, or our teachers? “Who knew full grown ladies could get strippers?”

“Oh, I did. Haven’t you seen Magic Mike?”

“No, but that’s in a club.” I showed her, “This looks like a party.” In a living room, and I spoke too soon. I guess you don’t have to flash your bra, if you pay the man to come over, and dance naked, but I if you want. She giggled, and shook her head. So, I looked and, this one lady was getting smacked around. Back and forth, so his dong swung like a baseball bat, and hit her cheeks.

“Huhhhhh!” She finally finished laughing. “Too bad we don’t have a Chippendales, or club like that here.”

“Even if they did, it’s adults only. I bet.” I didn’t see any girls our age in any of the dancing bear videos, but I guess they sent the kids to bed. At least the mommys at the party I watched, but finally, my brother texted back.


“What?” She pulled my phone over.

“It’s my brother.” [Sup?]

“Um.” I typed back [Where do boys hand out after school? I mean middle school boys.]

[I don’t know, their friend’s houses. What for?]

“Oh,” now I was blushing. [No reason, I was just wondering. Cara] <<<< [I have this friend, and she was asking.]

[Again, what for?]

[You don’t know her. Oh, to look at boys, you know. See which one is cutest.]

[Well, I don’t want you hanging out with middle school boys, and neither does dad.]

[I know, but it doesn’t hurt to look.]

[Yes it does, if one of the boys notices, and follows you home.]

[Well, if it’s just 1 boy, then it’s 2 against one. Even if he does try to grab one us, the other one can scream. So it’s okay.]

[What if it’s more than 1 though?]

“Hm!” I like the sound of that.

[Don’t worry! God, you sound like mom. I promise not to get kidnapped, raped, murdered and dumped in a ditch.]

“What’s he saying?”

“Nothing useful.” [Okay, I’ll see you when you get home.]

“Well, here’s a bus.” We got up, but I hid my phone, on my chest. And maybe rubbed it up and down the middle. Even though I didn’t have to hide the porno vids, in another window. She just threw a bunch of quarters in the box thingy.

“Where do you sit?”

“Wherever.” She looked disappointed. “It’s empty.”

“Okay, I got an idea.” I pointed up in the corner, “Is that a camera?”

“Yeah probably.” It just had a black bubble, so you can’t tell where it’s looking, but I almost felt like a porn star. Only without the boys with big boners waving in my face. “What’s your idea?”

“Oh,” I sat down in a seat behind 2 more seats, so I had to get back up, and pull down my underwear. She giggled, “Now what are you doing?”

I sat back down, and whispered. “You ever had that dream, where you get called up in front of the class, and then.”

“You look down, and you’re naked?” She nodded. “The other night, the college guys had a party.”

“Oh, so that’s what got into you.” I was actually thinking about my pants falling down, or a boy running up on the playground to pants me, or another boy, or pulling down a boys pants in front of everyone! “Ihnhnhnhn!”

“Yeah, they had a wet teeshirt contest.” Now, she was really rubbing her top in good.

“Who won?”

“I guess they all did, it was a real sausage party. So after they got wet, and wild, they all had their pick of boys to go take back to the bedrooms.”

“Hm!” Under my dress, my bare crotch was really sweaty, but also cool. Since I had my undies down, where anyone could get on, and see them under the seat. No way I’d do something like this at school, it’s so naughty, and exciting, but then I got an idea, and looked up [Dick Pic] on my phone.

I rubbed it up, and down, between my boobs, and Cara laughed. “Watch this!” She looked up [Big Dick] on her phone, and blew it up, then she stuck it down her pants! “Wooh!” She got up, and I grabbed her arm, but she just yanked it out, and pulled her top up. Stuck her chest up on the window, laughing.

“Uh!” I looked up, but the bus driver just kept driving? It was amazing, he didn’t tell her to sit down or anything, with the bus moving. I couldn’t believe that, she got away with it, but then she sat down, and elbowed me. “Now you try it.” I shook my head. “Go on, there isn’t even anyone to see it, look.” She pointed out the widow, and sure enough, the sidewalk was empty.

“Huh, Cara? Calm down, a second. I have to ask you something, and it’s okay, if you are, I don’t mind, but I have to know.”

“I’m not gay.” she pushed me. “Stupid.”

“Oh good.”

“I just thought you’d understand, since you’re showing early.”

“Well, that’s the problem. Huh!” I held my phone down on my lap. “It’s like this. Unwanted dick pics are bad, but if you want to see a boy’s peener, then you can ask him.”

“So, what’s that got to do with your boobs.”

“Well, I’ve gotten looks. Okay? I know, I look like a 12 year old, but I didn’t want them. Now, I guess I do, so that’s different. If we do find a boy to show off to.”

“Hopefully boys.” she held up her fingers, “2 boys, at least.”

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.” I tried not to worry, about what could happen, but then my brother told me, and he’s right. Even if we don’t get kidnaped, raped, and murdered, we could still pick up a stalker.

“Why not?”

“Because if it’s 1 boy, then it’s 2 against one, but a lot of boys can chase us, and if there’s enough to corner us, or surround us, then even if we scream, that doesn’t mean that someone will come and stop them before something bad happens.”

“Well,” she thought, but she didn’t do that thing with her finger, and her lips. It almost looks like she’s shushing you, until you get used to it, and just realize that means she’s thinking. Maybe she just doesn’t want you talking, so she can hear herself thing, but you know what? Maybe she does that thinking about a dick, and kissing it?

Now, she’s got me thinking about, well doing stuff. Really dirty stuff, and oh yeah. The college boys next door? I can definitely see how that could get her thinking such dirty thoughts, and it’s rubbing off on me.

“I guess, I can see how that could be scary for you, and it’ll probably be easier to find one boy anyway.” She nodded. “I promise not to look.”

“Oh, no.” I waved it off, and scoffed. “That’s okay, I don’t mind girls seeing me topless. I never minded that before.”

“But boys?”

“I don’t know?” It’s exciting, and not even scary.

“If you don’t mind me saying, it sounds like your mom talking.”

“it’s not just my mom! Look, I know I sound like a worry wort, but it’s better safe then sorry. I know, she says that, but she’s right, about that. And my dad, my brother, both pairs of grandparents, they worry for a reason. Bad things do happen, and they can happen to you too.”

“I know, and that’s why I picked you.”

“What?” I scooted over.

“You’re smart, and I can’t think of everything, so I’m glad you came along, so I don’t have to.”


“Oh!” she jumped up, and grabbed her water bottle. “There’s one!”

“Sit down!” I looked out the window though, and she was right. Sure enough, we pulled up to a bus stop, and it wasn’t just a boy. There were lots of people, and they dropped the change in the. Box, thingy. I don’t know what you call where you put the money in, but then I remembered having my underwear down.

Between one thing and another, I forgot, but then the man looked up, and OMG.

“Hn!” I looked down, and pulled them back up too late, but then Cara broke the cap open on her water bottle.

“Huh! Jesus it’s hot today. HhuhH!”

I just tried to say something, and shut my mouth, but then she stuck her chin up, and turned it back and forth. Pouring the cold water down her throat, but she didn’t even take a drink. Oh yeah, she got a bottle water at the store, but I thought that was just to get change for the bus, and she got me a Zero bar, too.

“Huh!” I got it out, and the man scooted over, on the seats. Those were sideways, and he looked around. I looked around, and this little old lady was bent over. Sitting in the seats across from him, but those were sideways, and he moved to the seats right in front of us.

The grandma looking lady stopped fussing with her shopping bags, and turned to look out the window. She missed it, and I mean she missed all of it. The I am So Hot, and the cold water soaking through Cara’s blouse, so it clung to her chest, and made her dark little nipples stick out. “Aren’t you hot?”

“No, I.” Stopped picking at the little flap, on the back of my candy bar. “But I’m a little hungry. I skipped lunch, so.” I peeled it, and stuck it in my mouth. Looking over the seat, and the man put his leg up. Sideways, so I could see his boner. Sucking the white chocolate, and letting it slip out, to lick it off my lips.

“Ihihihn!” Cara giggled. “We better Get Off here. Cum on.” Making sure he got the dirty words hiding in her joke.

I giggled giggled with her, in the steps down to the back door, but the man untucked his shirt. So, he could pull it out, and hide his boner when he got up. I stood between Cara and the little old lady, but it was so exciting, naughty, and dirty just knowing that between the 2 of us, we gave a man a boner. Not a boy, a full grown man, with a stubbly chin, and then he pushed a button.

I didn’t even see the box in front of the steps, but there was this bar on either side, and a box clamped to one of them, with a red button. He pushed so it buzzed, and the bus started slowing down.

“Huh, thanks mister.” He nodded, and held onto the bar, but he touched my hand, and my heart leaped up in my throat. Just from that, let’s be honest. Other than horror stories about cannibals, child molesters, and serial killers skinning girls to make a dress, the most romantic fantasy I ever had was going for a long walk on the beach, hand in hand, hugging, and kissing me by the moonlight, and maybe necking so I’d have a hickey to show my friends when I got back.

On summer, maybe one of these summers, I’d have a story to tell about making out with a boy on the beach, but other than that. I don’t even know where I got the idea to drop my panties on the bus where he could see it, but as soon as we got to the bus stop, and the bus drove off.

“You girls are hot and horny!”

“Wet and wild!” She laughed, and ran off. “Come on,” she stopped at the corner of the alley, and waved to us. Both, I took his hand, and held it, but I didn’t have to pull it. He followed her, and I just had to keep up. I guess, keeping up with her, even though I am a little older looking, the truth is she’s 11, and in 6th grade.

“I’m Alan.”

“I’m Sierra.” Cara lied, but she’d been busy, and her blouse was already half unbuttoned.

“Oh,” I had to think of a good name, because you don’t want to tell him your real name, and if he asks for your number, you should probably give him a fake one so he’ll leave you alone, instead of calling you, and sending dick pics, but that’s. That’s just the wrong way of thinking. “I’m.” I bit my lip. “You like to dance?”

“Yeah, you ever thought about being a stripper? I bet you’d make a great stripper.” she pulled her phone out of her pants.

“No pictures,” he looked around, and pushed my shoulder. “You might want to stand over there.” He pointed. “Where no one can see you.”

I turned around, and looked over my shoulder. “Can you get my zipper?”

“Oh yeah.” She zipped the back of my dress down. “What kind of music you like?”

“You girls like Britney Spears?” He looked back, and forth, which makes me wonder which one he liked batter. Cara’s prettier, but I think I’ve got a better body.

“Uh!” I rolled my eyes, but I guess, he’s so old he still thinks Britney Spears is relevant.

“Perfect,” She found a video, and put it on speaker. “Now, take them off.” She pointed. “Slowly, take your pants off nice, and slow. Make it last.”

He wasn’t a very good dancer, but I don’t know what song it was. it had a pretty danceable beat, so I started slipping the sleeve off one side, while she went back to unbuttoning her top. Her wet top, she was lucky she didn’t get her phone wet with it stuck down the front of her pants like that, but I was pretty wet, too.

“All you people look at me like I’m a little girl…” Finally, she stopped whispering, and started singing, so I could hear what she was saying.



Britney Spears – Slave 4U (Britney)

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