Squeaky clean

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The window cleaner was well fit, I couldn’t resist sucking on his cock through the window.

“Why not. Why do I have to stay in?!” I shouted.

Dad wasn’t impressed with my outburst, he stood from his chair and screamed in my face, “Because you’re fucking grounded, that’s why!” he yelled.

Just because I stole a few sweets from the shop and came home drunk last night, I was only have a laugh out with my mates, he’s seriously overreacting, “Fuck you, then!” I said.

“What did you say?” he shouted.

“I said, fuck you!” I replied, I was so angry at him, I just wanted to hang out with my friends, it’s so boring around here and I just wanted to have a good time for once.

Dad grabbed my arm and dragged me to the stairs, “Get your ass up to your room and stay there. Now!!” he demanded.

I stormed up the stairs as loudly as I could and slammed my bedroom door shut, so hard it made the house shake, I kicked my bedroom furniture out of anger and then just laid on my bed, after a while I calmed down but with no phone, laptop or TV I was really bored, so bored I started to read my school books, how sad is that.

Then I heard a bang outside my window, my curtains and window were wide open because it was a scorching hot summer’s day, when I looked towards the window I saw some metal poles in front of it, I realised it was a ladder when a hunky man walked up them, he was shirtless and carrying rags and a bucket, he must have been the new window cleaner.

He climbed up the ladder and smiled when he saw me as he glanced through the window, he continued to climb until his head and shoulders were out of view, then he stopped and I guess started to wash the attic windows.

I stared towards the window looking at his incredible six pack and soaking wet jeans, I got off my bed and went to the window, I leaned with my elbows on the windowsill and bit more lip as my eyes met the crotch of his jeans, his waist was wiggling side to side as he washed the windows above and soapy window was dripping down his body, it was sexy as fuck.

I turned in to a naughty girl, I rubbed the front of his jeans lightly, just enough to feel his bulge but not enough to realise, my pussy was soaking and my chest was heaving, I couldn’t help it, I pulled his zip down and separated the flaps, he stopped washing the windows and looked down as I pulled out his cock and rubbed it with desire.

“Hello?!” he uttered, but he didn’t seem to mind what I was doing.

I took his erect cock in to my mouth and sucked it lovingly with my lips and lubricated it with my tongue, I stopped sucking for a moment, then I rubbed the tip of his cock all over my face and then tugged and sucked on it some more, he dropped his bucket and rags and grabbed hold of the ladder rails as it began to wobble, I grabbed the tops of his front pockets and pulled him closer, forcing his cock down the back of my throat, his hips banged against the ladder when he came hard, his warm sticky spunk sliding down my throat, I pulled his cock out of my mouth, there was a strand of spunk and saliva attaching the tip of his cock to my bottom lip, I slurped it off and pushed his cock back in to his jeans and zipped him back up.

He climbed down a few steps and looked at me in disbelief, I just smiled and licked a blob of his spunk from the corner of my mouth, then he slowly climbed down the ladder and I didn’t see him again.

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  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

    Awesome. “I turned into a naughty girl.” Yeah right, after you got grounded for shoplifitng, and underage drinking. “I turned into a naughty girl,” she says. If I was your mom, I’d put you over my knee, and teach you a lesson!