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Slave to black students

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Carla Birch is a twenty two year old white teacher at a high school with mostly black children.

The six muscular nigger teenage thugs sat around me in a half circle as I leaned against my desk and pulled up my skirt to show them my bare pussy. The horror of it was compounded by the fact that I was their tenth grade English Teacher. My name is Carla and I am twenty two years old and this is my first teaching assignment. I cry myself to seep at night wondering how I got myself in this position, as the fuck slut to a whole class of teenage boys.

“Come on Miss Bitch, show us your cunt!”

My name is Birch, but from the first day the black boys in my charge pronounced it Bitch. What could I do? They are muscular and strong and as tall as I am. They stare right through me with those dark dangerous eyes, and when they put their large black hands on me, I melt.

When they came up for special help, they would put a hand on my shoulder, like it was planned among them. It probably was. I would be unable to move. It just froze me, the feel of that large hand on my shoulder. Then after a few times, the boys would start to massage my shoulder with their hands. Always being polite in that arrogant nigger way.

I could tell they cared nothing about what I was trying to tech them. The boys who sat in the front spread their legs really wide so I had to look at the lumps in their crotches, which they rubbed right during class. They would rub their nigger cock lumps and smile big toothy smiles at me.

When my superiors asked me how things were going, I should have complained, but I was new and wanted to fit in. If others could put up with it, why couldn’t I? My boyfriend wanted me out of the school right away, but I wanted so to stick it out. After a few days, the boys coming up for help would put their hands on my shoulder and then let their fingers trail down toward my breast. I couldn’t sleep at night thinking about it. Especially this one boy, Derek.

He was tall and very dark, he looked very African, you know, with large lips and a wide nose. He sort of hypnotized me. He spoke quietly and moved like a panther. He was lean and had a tight bubble butt which for some reason I watched all the time. I even went to see him in a basketball game just so I could see his butt in his basketball shorts. I know that is sinful of me and so I deserve what I got. Well I got it all right.

Now I was the slut whore to a gang of nigger teens. They take turns making me suck their dicks and fucking me. They are fifteen and sixteen years old, and I have to kneel down naked with my tits swinging and suck their big thick black cocks. I had to give them all keys to my apartment, all fourteen boys in the class, can you believe that?

They come in and out like they own the place, at any time day or night. I am required to be bare assed naked at all times at home, so that I am ready to service them. Sometimes six or seven will come over at once and gang-fuck me. Their large dicks hurt me so much that I am unable to walk for a day or two after. I beg them to only do that on weekends so that I don’t miss my teaching. Especially when they fuck my ass. I broke up
with my boyfriend and spend all my time serving young nigger cock.

I am required to wear very short skirts with no panties under to school. Other teachers look at me with disgust. I must wear very thin blouses and as soon as I get into my classroom, I have to remove my bra, so all the boys in the class can stare at my large brown nipples through my blouse.

I should explain that this is an all boy’s inner city
school. While I teach, one boy or another will yell
out, “Tits” and I have to open my blouse and play with my tits for them. I want to die. They make me twist and pull on my nipples while I lecture them on Faulkner or Fitzgerald.

Now six of them stayed after class for “special help”. That usually meant blow jobs all around. They made me lean on my desk and pull up my skirt to show them my naked pussy. I have to keep my pussy shaved for them, something I had never done in my life before.

“Look at that firs’ class ho cunt!” Derek said, smiling to his friends as I spread my legs for them, my hands holding up the short skirt. I was trembling and crying. I did that almost all the time now.

“Go ahead, Miss Bitch, reach down and spread those thick puffy cunt lips open for us. Show us deep inside your cunt!”

I stifled a sob as I reached down and with my fingers, pried my cunt open. I pulled back my pussy lips to show my inner cunt and my clit to the fifteen and sixteen year old black boys. They were rubbing their dicks through their pants and talking to each other about what a fucking slut I was.

Derek handed me a blackboard eraser. “Here Miss Bitch, shove dat up yo cunt!”

“Derek, I don’t think…”

WHAP! He reached out and slapped me hard. He would do that if I didn’t serve properly. My face stung and the boys laughed. I reached down and lifting one leg onto my desk, started to work the large blackboard eraser up into my pussy.

“Remember Miss Bitch, you jus’ do what we say, and everything gonna be fine!” Derek said squeezing one of my tits. The thing about the sexual abuse that got me was that it was constant. Non stop. My days and nights were nothing but nigger sex now, sex and humiliation.
Those black teen boys love to humiliate white women. There I sat with the eraser stretching my pussy, sticking out about two inches.

“You can get it in further than that, do it, Cunt!”
Derek said. And I pushed more of the eraser into my twat. It was painful to say the least. Finally only the black end of the eraser showed, stretching my cunt horribly and feeling like a two by four inside me.

“Good job Miss Bitch. You see, you can do anything we tell you to do if you put yo mind to it!” The boys laughed and he handed me another eraser.

“Now dis one goes up your asshole!”

“Oh my God, please be reasonable. That’s not possible, that’s…” Whack! Whack! Whack! I was backhanded that time. I should have known it was possible. After all I took nine and ten inches of nigger dick up my asshole most nights. I had never been ass-fucked until I met these boys. Derek really loves to fuck ass. I don’t know why he was so partial to it. Anyway, even though it hurt so badly I thought I would pass out, I found out I could indeed shove the blackboard eraser up my
asshole. And there I sat with both holes plugged.

“Now teacher, you gonna go the rest of the day like
that. Don’ you dare take dem erasers out! You
understand? We gonna check you out after every class, and you better have dem in!” Oh God, it was only third hour and so that meant I had to go through lunch like this and all afternoon. I would die.

“Yeah,” Derek smiled tugging on my swollen nipples. “An after school today, we gonna introduce you to some of the boys who are not in your classes. We think its time you expanded a bit in your nigger service. So, we gonna introduce you to some of the other boys from the school, and from now on, you be fucking and sucking dem

“Please be reasonable, Derek, I already sexually serve sixteen of you. I try to do a good job, if you bring in more boys, I might not be able to please you as much!”

“Oh yes you will, or you will get punished. And you
know how you hate dat! Shit, I thinking you can easily handle twenty or twenty five boys a day! Dat mouth of yo’s like a vacuum cleaner! In fact, da six of us, ready for a good sucking right now. And I gonna shoot off all over your face. And you don’t dare wipe it off. You wear it proudly all day!”

“But other teachers will see it. They will know!”

“Dey will know, but dey can’t prove nothing. So dey
think you a slut. It’s true! I started to cry. The boys
loved to see me cry. I had no place to escape to. I
knew that when I got home from school there would be ten or twelve black boys in my apartment waiting their turn to fuck me or get sucked. I had to cook for them too. My life was ruined at twenty-two.

With my cunt and ass throbbing with pain, I sank to me knees and with my teeth started to open Derek’s trousers. I could feel his huge thick nigger dick pushing against the material, and my cunt started to soak the eraser…

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