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Seduced by an 11 year old Part 4

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Hannah left to get cleaned up. I looked at Carmen laying there sleeping after I just fingered her to her first orgasms.

Hannah left to get cleaned up. I looked at Carmen laying there sleeping after I just fingered her to her first orgasms. She had turned
on her stomach and her sweet plump bare ass was exposed. I put my had on it and gently massaged it, she didn’t move. I wanted something. As I said earlier I would love eat her sweet pussy and ass. I never in my life thought I would want that but I damn sure wanted hers.

I got up and heard Hannah downstairs, she was fixing us a snack I knew I only had a few minutes before she would be back. I went for it, I get on my knees by the bed and leaned over and opened Carmen’s sweet ass and saw that beautiful butt-hole looking back at me.. I wanted to lick it so bad, I wished she wasn’t asleep, I wanted her to tell me how it felt to have her sweet asshole licked.

I opened her ass wide and slid my tongue up and down the inside of her ass crack. It didn’t taste like or smell like ass. It mostly smelled like her pussy, she had leaked her sweet pussy juice down her ass when she was cumming. I went in and my tongue went to work on the little cute asshole. I loved it, my cock started to throb l wanted to fuck her in that sweet hole.

I got her asshole wet from my spit and I spit on my hand and lubed up the head of my dick. I slide the head of my hard dick up and down her ass crack and I just slightly slipped just the head of my dick in her tight asshole. It was to tight, she was asleep so I guess she wasn’t tensing her asshole. I stood there with the head of my dick just inside her ass, I wanted to shove my dick deep inside and fuck her hard until I came deep inside her. I slowly slid a little more of my dick inside her, she started to moan a little and I stopped, I had about 2 inches inside her sweet hole and I was going crazy about what to do,,

I heard Hannah coming up the stairs and had to pull out of that sweet hole. I was hard and horny and I hope Hannah was going to make her keep her promise, I needed my dick sucked and that point I didn’t care if it was Hannah or Carmen doing the deed.

Hannah– get Carmen up and you both need to wash up, I got a pizza in the oven so you got 15 minutes to be downstairs

Me- yes mom Hannah

She laughed at me and said get Carmen in the shower. I laid beside Carmen again and rubbed her back and she started to wake up.

Me- wake up baby doll , we need to clean up and we got pizza cooking

Carmen– I am exhausted, that drained me so bad, does cumin always make you feel like that?

Me- sometimes but more in girls since you can cum more

Carmen– I loved it and thank you

She leans over and kissed me

Me- you are welcome and I am glad you loved it

Carmen–I did so much and I will suck you off

Me- If you don’t want to its fine

Carmen– no I really want to

She slides down the bed and takes my semi hard cock out of my boxers and places it between her lips and starts to gently move her mouth up and down my dick. It felt so damn good, until…

Carmen—Can I ask you something?

Me- sure anything

Carmen– how did it feel when you put it in my butt?

Me- Im sorry I thought you were alseep and I couldnt help myself

Carmen– its okay, I kinda liked it, but Im glad you stopped

Me– it felt so good and tight

Carmen– do you want more of it later?

Me- id love to if you want me to

Carmen- sure. I just realized Im sucking ur dick after its been in my butt. its not bad, but we gotta clean up

Me- yeah or Hannah will get mad at us

Carmen– she wont get mad, but she is the one that set all this up

Me- what do you mean?

Carmen– tell you later, lets go shower, you can shower with me if you want…..

part 5 soon

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  • Reply PUSSYWANTED ID:bo201mkjh5

    Great story do part 5 sooner you take to long to post

    • Ryan ID:10zh1t9td9a7

      Its his story, he has to type it then make changes. I dont see you making stories lmao. Good story tho, I read the other parts.