Potton Island Prison for Wpmen

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Lady Susan Smith and her daughter Victoria arrive at Potton to start serving a sentence for murdering Lady Susan’s Husband and Victoria’s Father .

The boat left the small pier in the mouth of the River Thames with is cargo of female Prison Guards returning to London for their weeks leave, no prisoners had ever left Potton Island Women’s Prison on the boat or by any other form of transport for that matter, mainly because any woman sent there had received a ten years to life sentence,and the prison had only been there for 5 years.
The boat the returning Guards were on had bought two new inmates to the small Island prison, hidden amongst the salt marshes on the Essex backwater, and those two women were now standing naked in front of The Prison Governor’s desk being watched over by four prison guards while the Prison Governor, Mary Linsey went through he welcoming speech.
The two women had just been through what was known as “The sheep dip”, a large 10 ft by 3 ft tiled pool full of cold water , they had been covered in an arsenic powder to remove any bugs ,nits or God knows what else before being forced into the water down some steps, made to duck under the water to wash their hair, then cross the pool of chest high water to the other side where they could climb another set of stone steps and exit the pool. Given only a small towel to try and dry themselves with the two women now stood in front of Mary Linsey shivering and damp.
“Welcome to Heaven or Hell ladies” said Governor Linsey smiling, as she looked through the women’s files. ” “The rules here are simple, you will refer to me and all my staff as Ma’am , you will never say no to any order my staff give you, and you will find your stay here is heavenly, good food,sea air, what more could a woman in your position want ” she said smiling ?
” Decide to break the simple rules we have and your life will be hell ‘ she said still smiling, ” do you understand” ? . Neither of the women said anything, Governor Linsey slammed the files onto the desk, and bellowed ” do you cunts understand what I have just said ” ? Both women started shaking ,the youngest one being only 16 started crying. ” Yes Ma’am” said the older woman , the younger girl standing next to her ,16 year old Victoria Smith, appeared to say ” yes Ma’am” but it was difficult to hear what she said through her crying .
The woman next to her ,her Mother put her hand over her daughters back and whispered ” stop crying Victoria , stop crying this instant” Gov. Linsey rose from her seat, ” well isn’t that nice Mommy looking after her little girl ,I wondered when we would be seeing Lady Susan Smith and her daughter Victoria , and here you are , ” she said smirking as she walked slowly round her desk.
” Mummy your going to have to do that a lot in here” she said coming to a halt behind Lady Susan Smith. ” Your little girl is going to be a wanted woman in here, half my staff saw her come off the boat and into the prison and there already praying she fucks up real soon so they can have some fun with her, in fact Lady Susan Smith I have already got my eyes on her, but then looking at you this is quiet a nice body Mommy has ” , and she began laughing.
Lady Susan let out a little cry as she felt Gov.Linsey’s hand on her naked butt. ” Open your legs nice and wide” she said, “? Lady Susan Smith, began to panic,she didn’t know what to do, but the smack she received from Gov Lindsey’s hand on her bottom helped her quickly make up her mind. ” I guess little rich bitches like you don’t have to do any work do you Mommy said the Governor “, ” I guess people like me and my staff, us ordinary folks have to run around after you day and night don’t they Mommy” she said , as she ran her hand slowly down Lady Susan Smiths right buttock , then between her legs to touch her labia.
” Don’t ,don’t ” said Lady Smith, her voice quivering as she felt the Governor’s hands touch her , “Oh Mummy you have so much to learn, telling me don’t to anything will get you 20 lashes with the hounds training whip,I am sure you know what that is rich bitch don’t you “? “Yes Ma’am” said Lady Susan Smith . ” ” I bet you do,sitting on that big chestnut mare of yours chasing Mr Fox around the countryside,and watching the Master of the Hound whistle that dog whip through the air, did it used to excite you Mommy ” she said laughing out loud.
Her hand went back to Lady Susan’s buttocks ,”did you husband used to fuck you in the ass” she said to Lady Susan,” trying not to laugh . “No of course not”said Lady Susan Smith indignantly, ” Gov Lindsey laughed, “I thought that maybe that’s why you killed Lord Smith, what did the pair of you do ,hit him in the head with a Chinese vase , I hope it wasn’t worth much” she said laughing ” ?
“So Lady Smith” said the Governor softly “are you telling me that no mans cock ha ever been in this tight little bottom of yours”. “No it hasn’t ” said Lady Susan ” I have never heard of such a thing” it sounds terribly horrible ”
Governor Lindsey slapped Lady Susan’s buttocks again, she turned and looked at the four Prison Officers and smiled, they were all already smiling, they knew what the Governor was thinking, Lady Susan Smith had a lot to learn.
Moving behind Victoria ,the Governor said ” well Miss Victoria Smith,have you stopped crying yet” ? “Yes Ma’am “said Victoria quietly, “good “said the Governor, “if you hadn’t I would have had to give you something to cry about ” and she gently slapped Victoria’s bottom.
“Have you ever been with a man Victoria “said the Governor smiling, ” No of course not “said Victoria sounding as indignant as her Mother, ” I won’t ever go with any man until my wedding night ” she added , as if that was going to be soon. The Governor turned again to her officers who were all trying not to laugh out loud ,she put her finger to her lip and said ‘ OK ladys well it’s time I got on with some work, my officers will escort you to your boudoir ” ,and she started laughing .
After they had left with two of the officers, Gov. Lindsey turned to the two remain wardens and said Bring them to the punishment room at 9 am in the morning,we will let them see what happens to the fools that break our rules, how many have you got up for punishment she asked ?
“Two first timers, two second timer and the Prisoner 241, I think she likes to visit us at least twice a year” said the Prison Officer giggling.

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