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Portable Holes

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We used to go under the trailer to make out, but when we got back, there was a bit of a line…

I hadn’t seen my boyfriend for months. In person, and we did what we could over Zume, or Skipe, but we couldn’t even hold hands. So, once he got his arm around me again, I got so horny just walking around the gym.

The portables were mostly used for storage, anyway. Sports equipment, so they didn’t have classes in there, or anything. Around back, we looked around, and didn’t see anyone. So Geoff pulled the board back, and waved, mid bow.

“Lady’s first.” I ducked under but there was already a couple under there. The girl holding her bra up.

“Oh, sorry.” I ducked back, and waved him to drop the skirt back down. “We have to wait, there’s somebody already in there.” So, for a minute, we just pulled down each other’s masks, and kissed. It was sweet, but we both got our shots.

You’d think that Saturday School, they wouldn’t be lined up to use the spot, but if you wanted to take an Elective. The school decided to make up for missed days by extending the credit classes, and doing electives on Saturday. Or, you could come back, and take them on Summer School, and I might try that, but for now.

It was just nice making out with my boyfriend again, but then Mark showed up. I was already horny enough, but Mark. What can I say about Mark? Maybe he’s not the cutest guy in school, but he’s easily top 5, and he brought his girlfriend.

“Richelle, right?” I hugged Geoff so he didn’t get jealous, but I nodded, and pulled up my mask.

“It’s Rachael,” Geoff hugged me back.

“Oh,” I shook my head, “It used to be Ritchelle in 7th grade.” I couldn’t believe he remembered. “Or Ranger Ritch.” Of course, the nicknames got even worse from there. I laughed, “It’s funny now, but I got a bad haircut. You know, playing spa with the girls. I had to go to the real salon, but by the time they evened it up, there wasn’t enough left for anything but a short style. Some of the girls thought it was a boy cut.”

“It still looked kinda cute.”

“Hey!” His girlfriend hit his arm, but then we had to step back. When the first couple pushed up the board, and crawled out. Somebody put in a hinge, that was new, but smart! So, you didn’t have to worry about pushing the nails back in when you left, to keep it hidden.

“Thanks. Um, we better head in before anyone else comes.”

“Yeah, you guys can come in too.” Geoff surprised me. “Just so there’s nobody standing around suspiciously behind the trailer.”

I don’t know who discovered this spot first, but I assume they lived in a trailer park. It was even kinda nice? after we fixed it up, with some coroplast signs, and whatever cushions we could put down there, but after 2 years. I was done with camming, sexting, and making out. I was ready, I wanted him, inside me.

“So, she’s not a total dyke after all.” The other girl didn’t even try to keep her voice down, but I ignored her. There’s plenty of room, and only what little daylight shined under the ramp out front. All the way on the other side, honestly it’s more like a shed up on cinder blocks than a portable, or trailer. They even took the wheels off under here.

“Huh!” I pushed Goeffrey off, and felt around the front. Up, and down his zipper, picking the button out, and slipping it through the hole. Licking my lips, and spreading his pants wide open. I’d seen it before, but only bare in pictures. “Huh, come here, lover boy.”

I’ll show her who’s really gay, or straight. Laying back, and pulling his pants, so he knee walked up from straddling my legs, to my hips, and finally my bra. Bending it down, so I could lift my hair off the couch cushion, and slip the warm salty head through my lips. “Snh!” Closing my eyes, and just enjoying it. The meaty tube, filling my mouth. He got down on his hands and knees, so he could hold it lower. Push it deeper in my mouth, but I practiced.

Eating hotdogs, sexily on the video chat. Relaxing my throat, so more than half of it down, before I had to bite off the rest. “Aghl wrlgh!” I shook my head, so he could pull out. “Kah!” grinning, and spitting the hot white loogey to slick it up and down. “You bring it?”

“Yeah,” he fished it out of his pocket. “Babe.” Likewise, I popped my cherry for him. Long enough ago that I didn’t even have to worry about it being scabby.

“Lilith?” I blinked, and looked over.

“Ahuh?” It was just so out there, I wasn’t expecting to hear it from him, especially lisped, but it wasn’t her name.

“Huh, yeah.” She patted his head. “Just like that.” Turning to grin right at me, she winked.

I guess it’s hard to ask, “Like this?” with your tongue out.

“Huh, come here, let me get that wet again.” I scooted around, so he could bend over sideways, and I could turn my head away from her. “Oomph smup shlerk!” Sucking loudly, how dare she call me that? Methinks she doth protest to much? Making Markus eat her out like that, just to look over at me, with that disgusting grin.

Why did she have to go, and ruin it? Why did she have to make it gay? “Huh! come on, i need you now. I need you inside me, hurry up, and get inside me, uh! UH!”

“Huh!” He kissed my cheek, and humped into me. Huffing, and puffing against my ear, my hair, and my neck. Slipping my dress up, to push my bra up underneath, and hold them. Shaking with each passionate thrust.

“Oh, OH! Mark.”

“HhuhHhuh!” Geoff stopped, and I blinked. Blushing with a little shame, but when I looked up, his eyes were squeezed tight, and he started shaking. “Snh!” Sniveling in through his nose, then gasping raggedly when he couldn’t hold his breath any longer. Then, he collapsed on top of me, catching his breath.

So, I pushed him off. “Huh,” I leaned over, for a little privacy. ‘sorry.’

“Huh, no. It’s okay.” He kissed my neck. “That was perfect timing.”


“Huh, yeah. How did you know I was so close?”

“Well?” Honestly, it was just lucky. “We have been masturbating together for almost a year, now.

“Uh huh huh huh huH!” It’s hard to ignore her, with her acting it up so loudly, but I have to admit, that didn’t sound fake. That Mark, he must really be good at cunnilingus, on top of everything else.

“You’re not jealous?”

“Of course I’m jealous. Look at him, that’s what makes it hot.”

“Uh!” At least that closet dyke pulled up her boxer shorts, and pants. Crawled out. “Mark, you coming?”

“No,” he just turned over, and propped himself up on his elbow. “I think I’ll just hang out here, and catch my breath.”

“Fine!” She slammed it down, and stomped off. So hard you could even hear her heels in the grass between the building, and the sports shed.

“So, you like to get jealous, of your girlfriend?” He rubbed his boner, in his pants.

“Huh, yeah. I got off on it, so.” He shrugged. “You really like eating pussy?”

“Yeah,” he licked his lips, “Don’t you?”

“I’d rather get blowjobs, but it’s all right.”

“Hey Mark?” I spread my legs, and slipped a shoe out of my panties. “Why don’t you cum over here, and show him how it’s done?”

Until Goeff got hard again, watching me get eaten out, only for the first time in my life. So, I could suck him, again. Only this time, I got to suck him off, and without a rubber. It was an afternoon of firsts, for me. Not only did I finally give up my virginity, but also my first threesome, first oral sex, both ways, first anal/DP, and the first time Geoff got to see me with another boy.

Of course, it wasn’t our last…

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  • Reply Badonof

    Confused. Nothing made any sense. Turned off. Try rewriting this again.

  • Reply Drachenlord

    Better try Wattpad or so. Right now you are just spamming confusing low quality stories

    • Psiberzerker

      I’ll check out Wattpad, but I fail to see how that would change my content. If you find them confusing, then don’t read them.

      You realize that I write the way I do for me, right? These are the stories I like to write, the narrators are confused, because they’re sexually inexperienced, and they’re in intrinsically confusing situations. (Not to mention the fact that sex is a confusing situation itself. That guy that knows what everyone is thinking, and feeling, because he’s got the God’s Eye View, I.E. 3rd person Omniscient isn’t the real world. Unless you’re God, and a voyeur.)

      That’s what I like. It’s not likely to change on a different venue, but if I get better feedback on Wattpad, I might switch to that.