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Perverted Babysitter

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Me and my cousin were being babysat when we were young by this old man who often babysat us at his house so we could swim at his pool sometimes.

When I was about 10 my aunt hired a babysitter to babysit us for a couple of hours every other day, a couple of months into the job he invited our parents to drop us off so we could swim in his pool and hang out.

Me and my cousin went into his den because he said there was people inside working on the house (which the den was all mostly windows) and we got changed into our bathing suits as soon as I pulled down my skirt along with my underwear I swore I saw him peeking in, I called his name but got no response I shook it off and me and my cousin got changed.

We got in the low end of the pool which he was already in and we started swimming around, he called my name so I swam over full of giggles and he pulled me to him so my clothed undeveloped at the time butt was flesh against his hard cock.

I giggled not realizing at the time that he was grinding onto me and my cousin swam over and we splashed eachother, he then spread his legs and suggested that we swam In and out his legs for fun.

So we held our breathes and dove under swimming in between his legs a couple of times before I felt his hard cock on my back as I swam under his legs, me and my cousin soon got tired and we all retreated into the house.

My cousin had fell asleep while we were drying off and I was sitting on his lap watching some Disney movie, as I was watching tv I felt his hand travel around my waist down my two piece bathing suit to finally rest on my Pussy rubbing slow circles.

I whimpered and laid back on his chest and tried to push his hand away from me and he grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear and said โ€œlet me make you feel good this is all normalโ€ so I pulled my hand away and let him abuse my little virgin Pussy.

He then spread my legs and gently stuck his finger inside of me so I cried out and pushed his hand away and he quickly covered my mouth and pulled his hand away and telling me to get on my Knees, I quickly obeyed and got on my knees starting curiously at him.

He then dug in his pants and pulled out his thick cock, it was pale and thick his veins pulsing against his cock and leading to his swollen red tip. He tapped it against my lips and told me to suck it like a lollipop, I hesitantly obeyed and opened my mouth and he shoved his cock in making Me gag. He grabbed my chin and made me open my mouth before sliding his tip in my mouth, I lightly sucked on it until he grabbed my dark hair which was tied up in pigtails and forced my head making me Bob my head on his lengthy cock until he made me stop and pulled me onto his lap before pushing my bottoms aside and jerking off onto my pussy where 4 long strokes of hot cum laid.

He grebe then put my bottoms back and made me lick off the cum on his cock and sent us home with his cum still on my Pussy.

This went on for weeks and weeks until our Family moved and we never saw him again, although now I wish I could find him again and let him fuck my brains out. This was my First story on my real experience, so please take it with a grain of salt.

Happy jerking – Jess

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  • Reply PUSSYWANTED ID:bo201mkjh

    Do you have any more experiences

    • Martin-the-perv ID:w4in0j42

      I do, I have several to tell about my times with my neighbour in tobruk, I also have a raft of tales to tell about a chop shop owner I got to know rather well when I was 15, we did an awful lot together and he taught me plenty of gay things.

    • AP ID:28axqgbfic

      Marvin, post Your experiences! We’d all love to hear your stories.