Naughty Babysitter

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A true story my wife told me when we were dating

When I was 14 and 15 I would babysit to make a little money. Some families were better then others. One couple was my favorite, they had a little one who went to sleep early giving me time to myself. They were a young attractive couple and I had a bit of a crush on the husband. One night they went out and the wife was wearing a very pretty dress, she has a great body and I was a little jealous. After their little one was asleep I went in their room to look at all her nice clothes. I tried on a few dresses but they didn’t fit as my boobs are too small, 34a. Soon I found her lingerie and started to have fantasies about them. I got dressed in her lingerie and masturbated in their bed. After that night it became my habit while babysitting at any home. Once while staying with my oldest brother and his wife I went through their room while they were at work. I found a stash of teen porn videos and several sex toys. I made myself cum several times before they came home. I still get horny thinking about it.

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    Nice story, keep us updated on your adventures.

    • rh2398

      Not a story, it’s a confession

  • Reply AP

    Nice story, keep us updated on your adventures.