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My virginity story

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A true account of how I lost my virginity and I had sex with three brothers that night.

This is a true story of how I lost my virginity at the age of 12.

My name is Lola.

When I was 11 I met a boy at school, his name was Gary and he was my age, he’d only recently moved in to the neighbourhood and he started at my school, our teacher asked me to be his ‘buddy’ and show him around so he knew where classrooms were and who the teachers were etc.

We got only really well and started out as friends, we hung out at each other’s homes and played outside together after school and on weekends, he had two brothers who would always hang around with us and they were alright but they started to get annoying when a few months later Gary and I started going out as boyfriend and girlfriend, and his brothers were always teasing us and never left us alone.

About 6 months later, during the school summer break, we’d had a nice day out in town to celebrate Gary’s 13th birthday, we went bowling with his brothers and my friend Zoe, afterwards we went and got a burger and then it was starting to get late so we headed back home.

His brothers were so annoying on the bus home, noisy and getting on our nerves, when we got off the bus we went back to Gary’s house and we were all in the kitchen having a cold drink and a laugh, then when his brothers and Zoe were distracted, we sneaked out the back door and ran off, they chased us when they realised we’d done a runner but we managed to lose them all between the houses and snickets.

Gary and I made it back to my house at about 10:30PM, it was dark out and we were both out of breath from all the running, we climbed over my back face and stood at the side of my house where we knew no one could see us, I was leaning with my back against the wall catching my breath when Gary pinned me against the wall and kissed me.

We’d kissed a few times before but they were mainly childish little pecks on the lips, this time he kissed me like a grown-up, it was really nice and I put my arms around him and kissed him back, a few minutes later Zoe ran around the side of the house, “Found you.” She said, leaning with her arm against the wall out of breath, Gary and I stopped kissing but were still holding each other.

Then his pesky brothers came running around the corner behind her, they’d found us, we had a laugh and joke about it then went inside the house, my parents weren’t home yet, they were at a neighbours party, we sat in the house watching TV and Gary whispered in my ear that he wanted to go upstairs, so we sneaked away again and went upstairs, before we even got in my bedroom we were kissing passionately as we wobbled, hugging each other, across the landing.

I felt my back press against my door handle, I reached behind my back and opened the door, he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him, things were already getting steamy between us, lots of touching with our wondering hands, he laid me on my bed and lay on top of me, we took each other’s tops off, then he stopped me from kissing him, “Do you want too?” he asked me, I said nothing, I just welded my lips to his once again and started to unbuckle his pants.

By the time his pants were off and he’d removed my leggings, his brothers and Zoe rushed in to the bedroom, I quickly grabbed the quilt and covered us both with it just before one of them switched on the light, “Get out!” I screamed at them, but they wouldn’t, Zoe opened the window and leaned on the windowsill looking out and enjoying the cool breeze, his brothers sat on the floor, “Get on with it then.” Said his eldest brother, James, he was 16.

“Fuck off, James. Get out.” Shouted Gary.

No one was listening, they weren’t going anywhere, it was awkward and really frustrating but someone we ended up laughing with them, they were so annoying, I lifted the quilt over our heads to completely cover ourselves and got on with it, Gary tugged on my knickers and pulled them off, I helped him take his boxer shorts off at the same time, when we were both naked he laid between my legs and I raised my knees, I felt his erection bang against my legs as he positioned himself.

I looked between us and smiled at the sight of his cock, that was the very first time I’d seen one, it looked weird like a really thick finger but with a red mushroom shape on the end and a tiny hole in the middle, we kissed each other again and within seconds his cock was inside me, I squealed, he started off slow but he quickly got faster and he was kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear lobes which took my mind off the pain from his cock.

We were having sex, it hurt, we were two young inexperienced virgins fucking, it was clumsy, it was messy but it was a night I’ll never forget, we were both moaning loudly and puffing and panting, while me legs kept being bounced in to the air and his ass was bouncing up and down, the metal bed frame was squeaking, the mattress springs were clanking, the headboard was banging against the wall, I couldn’t breath and my body was shaking with a mix of intense pain, fright and pleasure.

His brothers James and Carl removed the quilt from on top of us and laughed and watched us have sex, Carl spanked his brothers ass, then they and Zoe burst out laughing while we fucked on the bed, Gary began to howl like a dog then he sounded like he was being murdered when he ejaculated, we both screamed and moaned when he shot his come in to my body, then we both collapsed and went limp, laying in a pile of limp, numb and sweaty flesh.

When Gary lifted himself off and got off the bed, he was congratulated by his brothers with a clap and a pat on the back, his younger brother Carl, he was 11, took his shorts off, “My turn.” He laughed, then he climb on top of me, totally uninvited, Gary and I told him to get off of me but he kept begging and he made me laugh, I still don’t know why I did it but I let him, Carl had sex with me, his cock wasn’t as big as Gary’s but it still hurt and felt good.

Carl had sex with me and lasted maybe two minutes before he came, then he got off of me and then James got on top of me, Carl had barely stepped off the bed when James had started to push his cock inside me, James was the eldest and he had a huge hairy cock, it hurt more than Gary’s did, he fucked me really hard and even lifted my legs up in the air and forced his cock deep in to me, my pussy was quite numb after taking Gary and Carl’s cocks so I didn’t feel James ejaculate, but he did and he got off of me.

I pulled the quilt over me and just lay on the bed, completely shagged out, Zoe came and sat on the bed with me and we all just laughed and joked about it.

I later found out I was pregnant but we didn’t know who’s baby it was, in the end, because Gary and I had sex first, we agreed it was his baby and we had a little girl, we named her Hannah and she’s 14 now.

I hope you enjoyed my story as much as I did living it for real. I was a crazy little girl but I have loads of great memories.

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  • Reply PUSSYWANTED ID:bo201mkjh

    Great story did you fuck the other two brothers after you had your baby girl. Would you let your daughter go through that?

  • Reply Johnny ID:7zv2zywyqj

    Very nice I miss the young days when it was fun

  • Reply AP ID:43yw16xv3

    that was a good story hope to hear more

  • Reply Anonymous ID:43yw16xv3

    how is ur life now after that