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My twin brothers took me by surprise

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I was sitting on my bed, totally innocently, when my twin brothers just walked in out of the blue and double ended me.

I was in my bedroom sitting on my bed having just finished taking a shower and I was painting my toe nails and listening to my radio, my bedroom door opened and my twin brothers, Jack and Joss, walked in, they were wearing their boxing robes with the hoods up, Joss closed the door and they both walk towards the bed, then they stopped, looked at each other and removed their robes, they were nude, I was too stunned at the site of them that I couldn’t speak.

They came over to the bed, Jack walked around the other side, I was sitting in the middle of the bed when they crawled on to the mattress at either side of me, Jack took my nail polish and brush out of my hands and placed them on the table next to my bed, I don’t know why but I couldn’t speak, I wanted to tell them to back off and get out of my room but when I opened my mouth no words came out, they kneeled at either side of me and both reached out and each took a side of the towel I had wrapped around me, and then pulled them apart and removed my towel.

I was completely stunned and in shock, now we were all naked on my bed, I was still posed and frozen in the position like I was still painting my nails, I couldn’t speak or move, Joss leaned in and kissed me while groping my breasts, Jack brushed his hand between my legs and he felt up my inside leg and then fondled my pussy when his hand reached my crotch.

Jack then moved in front of me, he grabbed my ankles and pull me down the bed so I fell on to my back, he pushed up my knees before laying between my open legs and he started to lick me out, Joss opened his knees, lowering himself on to the bed, he took hold of his cock and pushed it in to my mouth, I started to suck on it, I don’t know why, I’ve never done this before, it just felt like the thing to do, it was instinct.

After a while Jack sat back up, he held my hands and pulled my body up to a seating position, he reached under me and grabbed hold of my buttocks, in one swift move he lifted me up and slid his knees underneath my butt so I was sat on his lap but had my legs and arms wrapped around him, he teased my pussy with his cock and then pushed it inside, I was a virgin and I felt a surge of pain as it went in, after a few gentle pushes he started to get more intense, I felt his cock stretching out my insides for the first time, it felt good, it felt like this is what I needed to feel complete, the missing piece of me, I enjoyed it, he hardly moved at all, instead he was holding my butt and moving my hips for me as he drove his cock deep inside and fucked me.

Joss moved behind me, he reached around and took my arms off of Jacks shoulders and leaned me back a little, my arms were up and bent behind me, holding on to his neck, he reached around and squeezed my breasts and began to kiss my neck, it sent my body in to a frenzy, Joss was stimulating me and Jack was fucking me, it was intense.

A while later they switched places, Joss was now fucking me deeply, Jack leaned me all the way back so my head was on the mattress, it ached my back a bit because I was still sitting on Joss’ lap with his cock inside me, he put his cock in to my mouth to suck, with my head bent so far back it opened up the perfect angle for his cock to go straight down my throat, now I had a cock in each end of me.

Like everything else, my twin brothers liked to do everything together, and they even came together, simultaneously, Jack rubbed my clitoris while he filled my baby pouch with his seed and Joss rubbed my breasts while he came down my throat and I gagged on his spunk, my body convulsed with orgasmic release, there’s and mine.

They looked down and smiled at me while giving each other a high five, then they rolled off my bed, put on their boxing robes and then walked out, I was still laying on the bed stunned and still unable to speak.

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  • Reply f ID:8le2iktm9d

    A dream for any man… my gf likes me to fuck her in her ass,,,, she says she get more pleasure there than when i fuck her pussy

  • Reply S. ID:1db5q9bocc9b

    They were raping you.

    • f ID:8le2iktm9d

      Sounds to me like she enjoyed them fucking her and filling her throat.

  • Reply AP ID:eq5ti1iv0

    Great story!
    It sounds like Jack & Josh have a very lucky sister.

    • f ID:8le2iktm9d

      yes sir…..