My Right to Rape

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So I fucked some bitches and taught the mouthy ones how to respect men with huge cocks.

So my name is Jim. I’m 19, and am packing a huge cock. I put that bad boy to use.

So one day, I saw this hot cunt walking down the hall in the math building at college. I was like, “HEY! Ya cunt! Get over here!”

“Excuse me?!” she said. Oh damn I smacked that bitch so fucking hard and said,

“BITCH! If you EVER talk back to me again I’m gonna fucking kill you!”

“Yes sir,” the cunt said. So, I whipped out my 11 inch fucking beast of a cock, and shoved it down her throat. The bitch started gagging and choking, but damnit I don’t give a fuck. She was murmuring some shit about not being able to breathe, but whatever. So the cunt fucking suffocated to death and I blew my load all over her face. Then some fucking cop decides to be a hard ass and step up.

“Stop right there mister!” the cop said. “Did you just kill that woman with your dick?”

“Fuck yeah I did,” I replied.

“Gee wilikers mister. I guess I have to arrest you then.”

“BITCH!” i said. “Fuck no, you’re not!” And with that, I grabbed his own gun and shot his ass with it. Mother fuckers gonna LEARN to cross me! So then, I went to math class. Well. My teacher was being all boring and shit, and I saw this mother fucker with a hat I wanted on, so I took that shit. That bitch looked back at me so I smacked his ass across the face with the butt of the cop’s gun. His buddy decides to be the big man, so I shot his ass. Then the fucking teacher’s bitch ass decides to come be the fucking hero, so I shot her ass too. Well, I couldn’t let a pussy go to waste. So why she’s laying there, bleeding and dying and making a fucking scene, I started fucking that cunt.

“Stop!” she said. “I need medical attention, not your giant massive cock!”

“BITCH!” I exclaimed, “shut the fuck up RIGHT now!” and with that, I shot her in the fucking head, and continued to fuck her dead body until I blew my load all over the other two mother fuckers I put down.

So, I decided to come home for the weekend and I was really fucking pissed off from all these bitches trying to act all hard and shit. When I walked in, my mom came up to me and said, “Hi hunny!”

“What the FUCK did you just call me woman?” I retorted.

“I called you hunny, son.”

“BITCH!” I exclaimed, “I’m not a motherfucking bee in a fucking hive!” So i smacked her in the face knocking her to the ground. “Now go make me a fucking grilled cheese!”

“Jim, why are you acting this way?” She asked with a terrorized look on her face.

“GOD DAMNIT woman I will hit you SO fucking hard next time if you talk back to me again! And put double cheese on it BITCH!” I then spit in her face and rubbed it all over her with my huge fucking dick.

So a few minutes later, my cunt of a mom came in the room all pathetic like, limpin and only seeing out of one eye and shit. Pissing me the FUCK off. She handed me the plate and was like “Here you go sir”.

I took the plate, picked up the sandwich, and eyes it closely. “What in God’s name is fucking wrong with you cunt! I said mother fucking double cheese!” So I pulled out my gun and shot her fucking knee cap out. “That’ll teach you to fuck up again, bitch.” I took a shit in the sandwich and then shoved it down her throat.

I then decided I wanted to go play some football with my boys.

I get to the field and see this hot ass cheerleader doing some cheer bullshit. I walk over to her in the middle of practice, and say, “Hey, whore, come the fuck over here!” The cheer coach decided to man up and said,

“Don’t talk to my girls like that!”

Oh, that bitch crossed the line. “Mother fucker!” I said. “I will kill your WHOLE fucking squad if you open your mouth again. Now turn around and get on your knees.” The bitch coach did as he was told, and I shot his ass in the back of his head, and his brains and shit went all over this one young cheerleader. All the girls started cryin and shit, so I turned to the cunt I was eying and said, “BITCH! I swear to God if you don’t stop that crying bullshit I will slit your mother fucking neck.” Of course, she followed orders like a good bitch always does. I called over one of my buddies from the team and said, “Hey Kevin, fuck this bitch. NOW!” He turned to me and asked,

“Man, are you sure? What the fuck is going on? Who shot the coach?! What the fuck is happening?”

I said, “Bitch. I’m fucking pissed off! Now fuck her or I’m gonna shoot your fucking ass!” That bitch whipped out some small ass 4 inch cock and as soon as her touched her pussy with it, I yelled, “WHAT the FUCK do you think your doing?!”

“I’m doing what you said man,” he replied.

“Bitch! That’s my woman!” And with that, I shot his ass 3 fucking times! He was bleeding all over my bitch, but I didn’t care! I whipped out my monster fucking cock and slid it in her pussy that was full of Kevin’s blood. I fucked that bitch so hard, but I wanted more. I rolled her over and said, “Hey whore, you ever taken it in the ass?”

“No, she said, PLEASE not there!”

“BITCH! Don’t tell me what the fuck to do!” So i got my gun back out and shot her fucking finger off. Showed that bitch who’s boss. Anyway, I rammed my cock straight in her ass. NO LUBE! I cummed all in her ass and she liked it! Because if she wouldn’t have, I would of killed her. Actually, I decided to shoot her in the legs anyway, because her cheer shit was pissing me the fuck off. She bled to death or something, I don’t care.

All of the sudden, my phone rang.


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  • Reply Yoi

    Lol this fake ass shit

  • Reply Fetishforsitters


  • Reply AP

    Props for even daring to post something like this in the hypersensitive age we are in.
    That said, someone only knows how far they can go when they have gone too far. Imo, this may be too far.
    Nothing forces anyone to read anything but I’ll be taking a pass on part two.

    • Psiberzerker

      It’s pretty clearly marked. If you don’t want to read something like this, you can’t say he didn’t warn you. It has nothing to do with being too sensitive. If you don’t scream, he’ll just rape you harder.

      It may be too far for you, but some people like this sort of thing. To me, it’s bog standard Power Assertive fantasy. It makes him feel special.

    • Just this once

      Psi… no such disclaimer on this post, and I agree with AP On this, it’s gone way over the line and I too won’t read a part 2 if there is one.

    • Psiberzerker

      Well, I read it again, and I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t already stated in “So I fucked some bitches, and taught the mouthy ones how to respect men with huge cocks.” That, and the title, “My Right to Rape.” So Trigger Warnings: Rape, Machismo, Misogyny, Huge Cocks, punishing mouthy bitches, and Entitlement? I thought that was pretty clear in the title, and the description. Not really sure how much farther you’d have to read to pick up on the pattern, and realize what kind of asshole wrote this twaddle.

  • Reply F

    Yo someone get this 12 year old out of here

    • Me

      Right like damn that shit scared me a little crossed way to many lines