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my feral niece

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My niece is a messy scruffy little thing with a nice tasting pussy and she gives good head.

Claire was a tiny little thing, 12 years old, no taller than 4 foot, noisy, irritating, she was wearing a white vest and flower patterned little knickers, her vest was covered in dirt and chocolate, her face had melted chocolate all over it because she ate her food like a two year old, her parents were good people but they didn’t really care about their kids too much, they were basically feral.

I was watching her while her parents popped out to the supermarket, sitting in the torn and dirty arm chair I watched her lay on the floor chomping away on her chocolate bar and humming some annoying tune to herself that made no sense, she had her knees up and legs spread apart swinging them back and forth, I had a perfect view of her knickers.

I don’t know if they were wet because her body was changing, hitting puberty, or if she’d pissed herself, because they were wet they’d turned translucent and I could see her little pussy, this little bitch was giving me a right stiffy, “You. Come here.” I demanded, she pushed herself up and crawled over to the chair where I was sitting.

I reached down and lifted her up and sat her on my lap, “Look at the fucking state of you. You scruffy sod.” I said, she didn’t care, she laughed and told me to fuck off, “Why are your knickers wet?” I asked, she looked between her legs and then shrugged her shoulders, “Dunno.” She replied.

“Well you can’t wear them.” I said, then I pulled them off of her and tossed them over my shoulder.

She just sat there stuffing chocolate in to her mouth and getting it all over her hands and face, a bit of melted chocolate dropped on her leg, right next to her pussy, she tried to pick it up with her fingers but it melted from the heat of her pussy and smudged everywhere, “You messy sod. Here, let me get it.” I said, I lifted her up and stood her feet on my legs, her pussy was right in from of my face, I licked the chocolate off her leg and then off her pussy.

It tickled her and she giggled, even when all the chocolate had gone I continued to lick her bald juicy little pussy, “You’re giving me a ride fucking boner you are.” I said, I unzipped my pants and set my boner free, Claire giggled some more, I took the chocolate from her hand and placed it down on the arm of the chair, she complained but then I told her, “Put this in your mouth for a while.” I said, then I flipped and held her upside down and she happily accepted my cock in to her mouth.

While she sucked on my cock I continued to click out her pussy, separating her flaps with my hands and digging my tongue deep in to her void, “Hold it there..” I said, I held her still as she sealed her lips around the head of my cock, and then I blasted my spunk in to her mouth, “Oooow. There’s some cream to go with your chocolate.” I said, she thought it was funny, she pushed my cock out of her mouth with her tongue and I turned her the right was up, she gulped down my spunk and then started to laugh, “You’re nasty, uncle Joe.” She said, she picked up her chocolate and started to eat it again.

“Stop flashing your little pussy then. You know what it does to me.” I joked, I lifted her off my lap and stood on the floor, after I slapped her on her tight little ass I told her to get upstairs and put some fresh knickers on and wash her face.

Kids these days, where would they be without us to take care of them.

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  • Reply Perver Uncle

    little girl pussies are the best in this world so fresh and so soft. I love my nieces pussies better than my girlfriend i can lick them all day smell so good too

  • Reply Tj

    Mmmmm that’s fucking hot, email me at [email protected]


    Great story do part 2