My desire

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I’m 14 and I really want to get fucked. I dont care how I just want to be pounded.

Lately I’ve been really horny and no one around me can satisfy me.
One time I was hanging around my neighborhood with my friend when I looked at a window and saw a man across the street jerking off to us! At first I was weirded out but now its all I can think about. My pussy is aching and I really want to just knock on his door and ask him to fuck me. But I don’t know what I’ll do if he says no.
I want to knock on his door and tell him that he can pound into me for hours and hours until I’m sore.
I want to cum for the first time!
I also wish that he would rape me.. I think I’d really like to be grabbed and be used forcefully. I’d moan out for him as he takes me..
I’d do it in any position he wanted too.
I just really want somebody to take my virginity but I don’t know what to do.

My pussy is just aching thinking about it.
Do you think if I start hanging around his house more often he will see me again? I really want to go in his house and let him take me. I want to cum so badly but he’s the only who’s showed desire to fuck me. I just get so hot thinking about it

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  • Reply Yoi

    Do you have kik or snap

  • Reply AP

    Assuming that this isn’t just a nicely written fictional narrative, it’s very unlikely that any advice that we give BieBerry will be taken seriously. She’s already brain damaged (decision-making skills don’t develop until 25) and now has buckets of hormones flooding through her, so she’s a sexual eruption waiting to happen. At 14 you and I weren’t much different.
    With access to hook up apps so easy now, she’ll probably find a way to get what she wants anyhow.
    I suggested the nipple clips because they’re easily obtained on the net & better to play with than the clothespins when we were young. Also because very few people, men and women, really know how much of a turn on it is to have their nipples played with.
    BieBerry is a great example of the contrast of our times. We’ve trivialized sex while at the same time vilifying males so much that they are afraid to get sexual experience or share it with others in a casual or semi casual relationship. What she could use is a weekend at the lake with a college boy who was raised in a healthy sexual environment & open to having a fling with a sex crazed teen. If he was really well hung that would help too.
    What are your thoughts, BieBerry?

    • Psiberzerker

      My experience with Nipple Clamps is the cheap ones suck, and can deal lasting damage if you don’t know what you’re doing. Can you recommend a specific Adjustable nipple clamp? Don’t go to Spencers, or Hottopic. In fact, just about anywhere like that is going to have novelties that look like nipple clamps, if you don’t know what you’re looking for. They’re better than closepins. I have to agree on that. A good keyword to add is Adjustable Nipple Clamps. That means you can control how much stimulation we’re talking about here. I’m not going to gaslight her for her age. Girls develop at different rates, in pretty much every facet of girlhood-to-childhood, including mental development. I see nothing here to suggest that she’s anything but slightly sexually precocious, and bothered by darkish fantasies. as usual, I’d rather cooperate so that these girls get the best possible advice from both of us. It’s not a competition.

    • AP

      Psiberzerker, totally spot about compeating in giving advice, be it in writing or sex. We may not always agree but we’ve always discussed it openly.
      I admit that I try to push the edge & spice some of my remarks because folks came here for erotica. I’m also quite sure most people that post they are 14 or some crap are sad old men having a fantasy or LEOs. If I can inject a few smart ideas, sure, I’ll play along if there’s no harm.
      As for sex toys I find it’s easiest to shop AliExpress. They’re accepting of any customer & the prices are a fraction of the costs once it get marketed in the US. You may get a dud item now & then but you are only out like $5 and not $50.
      Yes, adjustable nipple clamps are best, the sort like little C clamps with rubber contact points.
      As an alternative I have a friend who has three sets of rare earth magnets like 7mm marbles. She’ll get aroused & place one each side of a nipple & they grab on firmly. The third pair goes on her clit hood, keeping her clit always slightly exposed when wearing them. Her clit is under constant rubbing, especially when dancing or running, and will have her cumming repeatedly over extended periods.

    • Psiberzerker

      I kinda have to wonder why 14 is the magic number, but I don’t make any assumptions about them. It’s a little weird that there’s that many 14yos that aren’t thinking about ever being any older, to the point of having 14yo Boy as a user-name, and not having any 16 year olds. You would think that just naturally, all of them would become 16 year olds, every 2 years. Since that’s what happens in the real world. I (Vaguely) remember being a freshman in High School, and it kinda sucked.

  • Reply AP

    BieBerry, puberty is hitting you hard, huh?
    Leave the jack off dude alone. You could get him in a lot of trouble and he won’t give you what you want.
    Go read the piece I wrote called, “So, You Want to be Raped”. You don’t want raped, you want rough, forceful sex. Have you had your cherry broken or your ass popped or a cock ream your throat? If not then you need someone who will play rough, not rape you to try and hurt you and ruin sex for you for the rest of your life.
    Being 14 you are only safe for guys under 18. But most guys under 18 may have crazy stamina but crap for sex skills.
    Your best bet is to get on the pill, then go online, buy a couple good sized dildos, a clit clip, and some nipple clamps. Practice with those and that way when you find the right guy you’ll be ready for the pounding you crave. Maybe your friend you mentioned can help you have fun with your toys, too.

    • Psiberzerker

      +1. Good advice as usual. (IDK about the Nipple Clamps, but she can experiment on her own.)

      Just 1 thing: Check your local laws for Age of Consent. On sites like this, it may be as low as 10 (Or less than twice her age) and 16 (Unless he’s less than 5 years older) is not uncommon, but it can vary so wildly, and this information is easy to find on the internet.

      Your best bet is still to experiment with your fantasy, and refine it until you’re about 16-18. That way, when you do find someone to play with, you can tell Him exactly what you want, if you know better yourself. If he has no idea what you want, there’s no way he can give it to you. Without fucking up, and hurting you in the attempt.

  • Reply Tony

    You have a Snapchat?

    • Wow

      Tony mate chill