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my big sisters boyfriend gave me a ride

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I was late for class and my dads car had broken down so my sisters boyfriend gave me a lift, and a really good ride.

I was in the front garden practicing my routine and waiting for my dad to sort the car out, mom was going to drive me to my dance class but the car won’t start and dad’s got the hood up tinkering away, he’s been at it for nearly half an hour and I’m going to miss the warm-ups, “Hurry up, daddy.” I yelled, my patients wearing thin.

Mom was sitting in the driver’s seat turning over the engine as dad commanded, it sounded like a dying dustbin, oil shot out of the engine and sprayed in my dad’s face, he rushed around the drive away shouting and swearing wiping it off his face with a rag, it was clear the car wasn’t going to start any time soon.

I’d just about given up, I was walking slowly and disappointedly back towards the house when I heard loud music coming up the road, it was my sister and her boyfriend returning home from a trip to the beach, her boyfriend’s white BMW convertible screeched to a stop by the curb, it was perfect timing, he could give me a ride, I raced over to the car just as my sister stepped out, I put my hands on the top of the door to stop myself when I reached the car, “Hi, Matt. Can you give me a ride in to town?” I asked.

My sister and Matt both looked up the driveway and saw mom and dad waving back at them, “Car trouble?” asked Matt.

“More like a car-tastrophe.” Replied dad, always trying to be funny.

I started bouncing on my feed and begging, “Please, Matt, please take me to dance class. Please. Pleeeeeaaaase.” I said.

“Fine, come on.” He replied, waving me in and starting the engine, I opened the door, threw my bag on to the back seat and sat in the front passenger side as my sister ran around to the driver’s side and gave him a kiss, I put my seatbelt on just as he pulled away and drove off with the music still blaring out.

We reached the main roads and stopped at a traffic light, Matt put his sun glasses on, he was shirt-less and I assumed he was wearing shorts having just been to the beach, he had a blue towel draped over his lap, he reached down and pulled off the towel, he was naked and I saw his entire package before swiftly turning my head to look away, “You see some shorts back here?” he asked, as he turned and leaned over the seat and began to rummage around the back seats.

“No.” I replied.

He must have sensed my embarrassment or something, “What’s with you?” he asked, I looked at him but my eyes drifted quickly to his crotch area and I looked away again, “Nothing.” I replied.

“Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you’re embarrassed. You’ve seen one before…right?” he said.

I shook my head, “Nope.” I replied.

“Well, you’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about. Have a look. Come on, don’t be shy.” He said.

When I turned to look at him he had his legs separated as far as he could and he was rubbing his cock, the lights changed and we starting moving again, when he put both hands on the wheel his cock remained standing straight up, “How old are you anyway?” he asked.

“I’m 13.” I said, then he lightly nodded and smiled while looking at me strangely but with intensions, he suddenly pulled off the main roads and he drove towards our school, he drove towards the sports field and then parked up under the shade of some trees, I wasn’t naive, I knew something was about to happen here, we sat for a while in silence and I just stared at the dashboard.

Matt started to play with my hair and brush my cheek with his fingers, “You ever been with a boy, Sophie?” he asked.

“No.” I replied, always whispering while blushing with shyness, he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock, “How’s that feel?” he asked.

“Feels fine.” I replied, I don’t know why but I started to rub it and I chuckled with nervousness.

Matt leaned back and spread his arms along the top of the seats, he stroked the right side of my head and then I felt him gently push, he was pulling me towards him but leaning over at the same time, as my head neared his crotch, he took hold of his cock, lilting it towards me, then he pushed my head a little more and his cock went in to my mouth.

I was very nervous and a little scared and didn’t know what to do, but then something just took over me, I began to suck on his cock, sliding my lips up and down his shaft and licking his salty tip, “Ooh yeah, that’s it, baby.” He groaned, folding his arms behind his head and relaxing himself while I sucked him off.

I continued to suck and suck and my enthusiasm grew and I really got in to it when he suddenly pulled my head up, he lifted me over the seats and put my on the back seat then he climbed over the driver’s seat and kissed me passionately as he forced me to lean down on to my back across the seats.

He reached up my summer skirt and pulled off my panties, then as his tongue tickled my tonsils I felt the enormous girth of his hard cock push through my hole and enter my pussy, it was actually really nice for the first 10 to 15 minutes, sweet, slow, he was sensitive to my age, height and lack of experience.

Then he changed without warning, he lifted me up, sitting me slouched on the seat with my back against the back of the seat, he was in front and he pounded his cock in and out of my pussy while leaning over me with his arms spread across the boot of the car, fucking me like a hammer drill, I was screaming, he was groaning and wahoo-ing, he gave me an orgasm that was so overwhelming it made me dig my fingernails in to his tight buttocks, he continued to fuck me for 5 more minutes and then he almost split me in two when he rammed his cock deep inside me and came with force.

I enjoyed it so much I pulled myself up and sat on my scorching hot metal of the boot and kissed him like he was my lover and I fondled his hairy balls and tugged on his softening cock like it was all mine, “Do it again.” I said, he smiled and seemed as eager as me for a second round, and I really thought he was going to do it but instead he pushed my hands off of him and got back in to the driver’s seat.

I was confused and rushed in to the passenger seat, “Matt, what’s wrong?” I asked, “Don’t you want to do it again?” I added.

“Yes I do…” he said, having found his shorts and slipping them on, “…But I need to get you to your class before someone misses you. Your parents will be wondering why you weren’t there.” He added.

“Matt…” I said.

“Yeah?” he questioned.

“Can we do it again? Some other time?” I asked.

He leaned over and kissed me passionately, “Any time. Just – don’t tell your sister, okay?” he replied, “You’re so hot.” He added, then he started that car and drove us away from the school and back to the main roads.

I put my panties back on and jumped out of his car when he dropped me off at dance class, he returned a few hours later to pick me up, instead of driving me straight home we drove back to the school and had sex again, twice, this time with the roof up, I hope my sister doesn’t find out I’m fucking her 21 year old boyfriend.

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  • Reply Wolfman64 ID:7zv1ki1dzml

    Love 13 yr old pussy

  • Reply Anonymous ID:n4n9b7a443

    Are you on the pill. Cuz if he keeps coming in you like that he’s going to knock you up is that what you want. I’d love to know if he knocked you up and how long it took

  • Reply Allison ID:1i2kovirk0c7

    When I was 12 I was over at my sister and her bf place. They said they were going into the bedroom for a bit. I said for sex right? Then I said what it’s like. She whispered to her bf then told me to come watch but I have to be naked.

    I went in bedroom with them I was shy about taking my clothes off but my sister encouraged me. We were all naked on the bed she taught me how to jack him off and then to give a bj . If was weird but he said I was doing ok

    Next she had her bf licking my pussy after a little while my sister said he was going to fuck me that it will hurt a bit. When he hit my hymen it hurt and I jumped and he pushed all way in
    After awhile wasn’t bad then he came in me.
    After my sister licked the cum from me.

    She told me this is only time her bf would have sex with me. Then her bf said he has a friend that would like me. Next time I went over there his friend was there. It turned out that my sister and I had sex with both guys

    • Dazzle ID:19ywqwo89

      You are so hot
      Way are you from

  • Reply Your Inner Lust ID:fzq71mw8ll

    Do what makes you happy, and keep letting him cum in you. You guys have a really special connection.

  • Reply David kenya ID:mzgdgcd0p

    Part two plzx dia

  • Reply PUSSYWANTED ID:bo201mkjh3

    You got snapchat or kik

  • Reply Anon Killer ID:145e852um9bp

    Got snap?

  • Reply Nathan4886 ID:nnmnhdkk89

    This story was so hot when is part 2