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I wanted to be raped

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“You wanted this, whore, you leave your door unlocked and sleep in only panties? You’re begging to be raped.”

I wanted to be raped. Not really raped. Just pretend, fun raped. So like everything you want these days, I looked online. Nothing. I placed an ad asking for what I wanted. Just like that. I can’t remember what I wrote now, but I imagine it was some approximation of my fantasy. Or…not really my fantasy because only someone special could have made that happen. To pretend to rape me and make it seem real and then cuddle and laugh with me later? That person does not exist, I am pretty sure. Or if they do I won’t be into that person otherwise than sexually, and that gets boring. Anyway…
So I got a response. Maybe several responses but I only followed up on one. He was married, so he probably would not be able to get too attached after the fact. He was older, which is better for this scenario. Because rape is all about power, after all. And who wants to lose power to a peer? It’s demoralizing and that’s not sexy. Also he was semi-attractive. Or attractive enough to do what I wanted him to do, anyway.
We e-mailed back and forth a few times. I never spoke to him on the phone. I didn’t want to become too friendly. I planned it out and he agreed to follow the rules. He told me I was hot and seemed pathetically grateful that I was willing to let him touch me under any circumstances. I began to doubt he was into rape fantasy so much as he was into touching female flesh which did not belong to his wife. I shrugged it off because I didn’t have the courage to start again. I wanted this to happen and he was already in. So we set the date and the time it was to happen.
I was so keyed up the night before I couldn’t sleep. I tossed all night until about two hours before. I got up and showered and did my hair and makeup. I unlocked the front door and put on some panties and arranged myself under the covers so that my bare breasts showed. I pretended to sleep.
The front door opened. My heart was audibly pounding against my sternum, but my face didn’t give me away. My eyes remained closed and I controlled my breathing. I looked serene, unworried that a complete stranger was in my apartment, in my bedroom ogling my naked breasts. I felt his hands on them, grunting appreciatively under his breath as he fondled me. I felt him pull back the covers and heard him take a sharp breath in. His hands wandered all over my body, groping from my thighs to my breasts and back again. His hands left me and I waited a beat before I peeked through slitted lids. He was undressing. I took in his suburban dad windbreaker and his New Balance sneakers and smirked before I forced myself back into my peaceful pretend sleep. I felt his bare skin rub along mine as he climbed into my bed. I felt his legs on either side of me. I thought maybe he would just start fucking me while I pretended to sleep, but he moved up along my body until his thighs squeezed my ribcage and I felt his head poke my chin. I chose to pretend to wake up then. I stretched and opened my eyes, and seeing this man, gasped and tried to struggle. He grabbed my wrists and held them over my head. He took advantage of my gasp to shove his dick into my mouth.
“Shhh,” he said. “You’re all right, just be a good girl and this will all be over soon.”
I have to admit I was incredibly turned on. Of course I was, I was having my fantasy come true. He held me down and gagged me on his dick for a few more thrusts before I started raising my head to suck it more.
“Oh my god you want to suck it, you’re so fucking hot you little whore. Keep sucking my big dick, slut.” He grunted the words through gritted teeth.
He fucked my mouth with such enthusiasm that it popped out and I gasped the only word that came to mind…
“Please more or please stop?” He moved so that he was stretched out on top of me, his cock pushed into my belly.
“Don’t rape me. Please.” I tried to make my eyes looks wide and innocent and pleading.
He kissed me hard, sucking my tongue into his mouth and stabbing my mouth with his. He tasted of toothpaste and coffee. Maybe I was the only woman he’d ever kissed besides his wife. Maybe his wife wouldn’t blow him or even have boring vanilla sex with him…I brought my mind abruptly back to the present…
“You wanted this, whore; you leave your door unlocked and sleep in only panties? You’re begging to be raped.” He reached between us and pulled my panties down enough for him to rub his cock between my labia, which were quite slick already from my arousal.
He groaned and closed his eyes “So fucking wet already, you’re a bad girl who likes being raped by strangers, aren’t you?” I shook my head. “Aren’t you, whore?” I shook my head again. He reached behind my head and grabbed a handful of hair, pulling my head back. He bit along my throat and kept asking me if I was a bad girl who liked being raped by strangers. I said nothing, I couldn’t move my head because of his grip on my hair.
“Admit it, whore.”
I said nothing. Until he got to my breasts. He sucked my nipple into his mouth and bit it hard, rolling his tongue over the sensitive tip. I moaned with pleasure, wanting him to spend hours, days just torturing my nipples like that. He did the same to my other nipple and then stopped and looked at me.
“Say it. Say it or I’ll stop.”
“I’m a bad girl who likes being raped by strangers.” I finally said, in a small, little girl voice. That must have really turned him on because he went back to licking sucking and biting my nipples and thrust his hard, bare member deep into me. Wait a second, this guy agreed he’d wear a condom! Maybe he put it on when my eyes were still shut.
“Are you wearing a condom?” I asked in my normal voice.
He tightened his grip on my wrists, remaining all the way inside me and looked up from hi assault on my breasts long enough squint his eyes at me and say “Nope. I’m going to shoot my cum deep in you, whore.” I have to admit part of me really wanted it, but the bigger, more practical side said no.
“Whoa whoa whoa, wait right there buddy, that wasn’t the deal, you agreed…” He moved up to look me in the eye, his face hovering centimeters above mine and clamped his hand on my mouth.
“Look bitch, you wanted to get raped, and it’s not rape if you’re calling all the shots. Now shut the fuck up.” And with that he took a scarf I had laid on my bedside table so that he could tie me up if he wished and used it. He tied my wrists together tightly and then tied them over my head to my headboard. I didn’t know if I was more scared or more aroused, but I think the fear fed the arousal. I didn’t fight him off at all. I let him tie me up. He moved off me and I feebly kicked at him but missed. I didn’t really want to hurt him and make him angry. He took my panties the rest of the way off and shoved them in my mouth. I didn’t open my mouth for him but when he pinched my nose shut, I opened my mouth right away. I didn’t even try to hold my breath. He opened my drawers and found a couple of pairs of tights he used to tie my ankles to opposite posts at the foot of my bed. Now I was lying face up, completely naked and spread eagle on my bed with a stranger who was going to really rape me. He knew I had no plans until later that day, because I had told him after he asked how long we had.
“You really are a sexy whore, I’m really glad you put that ad up. I can’t believe I’m going to get to fuck a hot piece like you, baby.” He ran his hands over my stomach and up to my breasts, cupping them, pushing them together letting them go, bouncing them up and down. I was powerless to stop him, and even if I hadn’t been tied up and gagged, I don’t think I would have stopped him anyway.
He got back into bed next to me and sucked my nipples some more, sucking harder and harder, until I thought he might actually suck them off. The pain was intense but also unbelievably arousing. I became wetter than I can ever remember being before. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the sensation. Before too long I felt him on top of me, felt his cock pushing inside my pussy again.
“You’re so fucking wet baby. After I rape you and shoot a few loads up in your wonderful pussy, I wanna make love to you. Would you like that baby?”
I had to be honest, so I nodded. He pulled my panties out of my mouth and kissed me. This time he wasn’t so sloppy or eager, he took his time and took control of my mouth, while his cock took control of my pussy. I was more turned on than I had ever been. I felt his cock jerking as it pumped semen into my womb. I hadn’t cum yet, but I didn’t care.
“Oh my god, you’re a good whore baby. You wanna be daddy’s little whore, don’t you baby?”
I moaned as I felt his cock get hard inside of me again and nodded. I looked up at him with big innocent eyes and moved my hips up, trying to make him go deeper inside me.
“Is daddy’s whore on birth control?”
I shook my head no, and he grinned.
“Good. I want to make my whore fat with a baby so these will get bigger and start giving milk,” he said as he started pulling on my nipples with my teeth.
I moaned again and threw my head back, but he pulled me back with his sharp, commanding voice.
“You are to keep your eyes open and keep watching what I do to you until I say otherwise, understood?”
I nodded.
He pulled his cock out of me and I gave a small sigh of disappointment. He moved so that he straddles my chest and put his cock between my breasts. Using my nipples, he pulled my breasts together so they created a nice little valley for his cock to push through. I had never had someone use me for a titty wank before, and I quite liked it. Not that I got off on it, but I liked being used as an object of pleasure. He pushed my breasts together harder and harder as his hips picked up their pace and soon he was shooting more spunk all over my face. I had to close my eyes momentarily while he wipe it out of that area, but I opened them again and looked up at him, my face dripping with his cum. He held the fingers he used to get it out of my eyes to my mouth and I opened up, licking his fingers clean. He left the rest of his cum where it landed and rolled off me. He spent maybe a half hour suckling at my nipples, alternating back and forth. I still hadn’t spoken. Eventually he raised himself up on one elbow and looked me in the face.
“Are you all right with what we did?”
I nodded.
“I really do want to keep this up with you on a regular basis. I think we want the same things sexually. Do you want that? Do you want me to be your daddy and you can be my slutty baby girl? You can talk again.”
“Yes, I want to be your slutty baby girl, daddy.” I couldn’t even believe I was saying those words and meaning them, but I did. The way he went off script and really did make the rape a little more real just made me really crazy about him.
“I think my little whore deserves an orgasm.” He got up and untied me, allowing the blood to flow back into my limbs. He lay on his back and ordered me to get on top of him. I don’t know when it happened, but his cock was hard again and ready to go. I straddled his hips and let his cock slide into my pussy.
“Ok, baby, you go to town on daddy’s hard cock; make yourself cum as much as you want. You deserve it, baby.” He reached up and fondled my breasts while I began to ride my new daddy. Pretty soon he moved his hands to support his head and just watched me as I rode him.
“Look at my baby’s tits, the way they bounce. So sexy. How big are my baby’s titties?”
“40DD, daddy.” I answered.
“And my baby is sure she’s not on any kind of birth control?”
“None, daddy, I swear.”
“Oh baby, daddy is going to take such good care of you. You’re going to make daddy rich, baby, but we’ll talk about that later. You keep riding daddy.” His hands wandered back to my breasts and he kept tugging on the nipples harder and harder, making me gasp every time.
I had been riding him the whole time he was talking to me and was close to an orgasm.
“Oh god, oh god daddy I’m gonna come”
“Me too baby, come on daddy’s cock baby girl. Oh fuck!”
I came just as I felt him shooting another load into my womb. I milked every drop of semen from him before I collapsed on top of him. He rolled me to the side and put his arms around me. He kissed my forehead and smoothed my hair back. We lay a long while in the afterglow, while he absentmindedly plucked at my nipples. At some point we fell asleep and when I woke up, he was gone.
I looked around and saw all his clothes were gone too. I got up and walked naked into the livingroom, where I saw a note on the coffee table.
“My slutty little girl—
Had to get back to the wife for a little bit, but I took your number from your phone and put mine in under Daddy. When I call, you should be just as I found you today within the hour.
I felt his semen leaking on my upper thighs and felt the soreness of my nipples when I touched them. I padded back to bed and put a pillow under my hips so as not to lose more of his semen. Somehow I knew he would want me to do that. I rubbed my clit and twisted my nipples until I came again and fell asleep wondering when he would call again and to a lesser extent wondering what he meant about my making us rich.

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