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I raped my sil and got her pregnant

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I raped my sil and got her pregnant for the 3rd time

Me 28, wife 26, sil, 21.

About 4 years I raped my wife at my apartment. About a week later she came back calling me a asshole for raping her, and she told me that she was going to go to the police. I cornered her and gave her a peice of paper that had all my info on it (name, number, address, etc). I told her that she can take the paper, and go to the police or she could get on her knees and suck my dick. Well she started sucking and I started raping her everynight for about a month. One night she told me that she had a sister, and I convinced her to lure her to my apartment were I raped her for about 2 nights. my wife developed a rape kink, but my sil not so much. About 1 week later my sil told me that she was pregnant and my wife got pregnant a week later. I decided to marry my wife. Since then my wife gave me 2 more kids and my sil gave me one.

A couple of months ago my sil started staying with us because she got evicted. When she first arrived she told me that she wasn’t gonna tell anyone about how I raped her and got her pregnant twice but I had to promise not to do it again. I promised and that was that. Well 2 weeks ago my wife went on a business trip. One night when our kids were sleep I saw in the bathroom pulling her pants down to piss and I couldn’t resist. I dragged her out the bathroom and on her bed and as I started rubbing my dick against her pussy she started crying and begging me to stop and said that she was on her cycle and didn’t want to get pregnant again. My sons was on the bed sleeping and I told her that if she woke them up then I was gonna cum inside her and get her pregnant. So when she shut up I thrust my dick in her with everything thing I had and had her screaming. My sons started moving around and i told her to stfu and she started silently crying. After about 5 minutes I told her that I was about to cum she begged and cried for me not to do it inside. I told her that if I didn’t then I wouldn’t be able to get her pregnant again. I thrust a few more times and came. She was balling her eyes out and when I pulled my dick out she started pissing like crazy. Before I left her room I told her that I had fun and I wasn’t going to stop until I got her pregnant.
So I fucked her for about a week until my wife got home a few days ago and yesterday she came to me crying showing me a positive pregnancy test. I told her that it would all be ok and said that she could stay permanently.

I told my wife what happened and she begging for a threesome were I rape both of them and as I’m typing this my sil is sucking my dick.

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  • Reply Tg ID:bgggn0bv4

    Mate learn basic human knowledge. You can’t tell you are pregnant after 2 days you fucking moron 🤣

    • Shitty Buttocks ID:1e6m41z6uc2g

      Lying asshole. The only thing you rape is your fist. Fucking prick!

    • Mary ID:2dd190uzrb

      I wish to get me pregnant 🤰🏼.

  • Reply Pulling it hard ID:n4n90i3hl

    I fuck my sil regularly, when I get through fucking my wife I go to her room and make her lick my dick clean from both our cum.

  • Reply g ID:7zv38yz8rk

    I wish I can get all my in-laws pregnant

  • Reply ID:7zv1lceu41

    Same on “sil”

  • Reply Dan ID:3057hz2fii

    Would absolutely love to hear more

  • Reply TM ID:pvnsxy6ij

    Lucky bastard

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

    Is “sil” short for “Sister-In-Law?” I’m guessing, but it helps to make these (Crucial) details clear, for your readers. Trying to figure that out distracts from enjoying the story. (Unless it’s a Mystery.)

    • Me ID:5z1ks5mm2

      Right i was finna comment “wtf does sil mean”