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I babysat my future wife

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I met my wife when we were just kids, I used to be her babysitter and this is the story of our first sexual experience together.

This is the story of my first sexual encounter with my now wife and mother of my children, the following happened over 30 years ago.

“Careful.” I laughed, as Isabel jumped off the steps and leaped on to my back.

Her mom kissed her as she was about to leave, “Bye, mommy.” She said, and her mom left the house for a long night out with friends.

I put my arms behind by back and held her bum to support her so she didn’t fall off of me, she was naked apart from her pink flowery knickers, her bum was nice and soft, “I want a drink.” She requested, so I carried her on my back in to the kitchen and sat her down on the counter top, “What do you want, orange or grapefruit?” I asked.

“Orange.” She replied, excitedly, so I got her an orange juice box and put the straw in to it before handing it to her.

“There you go.” I said.

She sat on the counter drinking her juice, wiggling her legs over the side and slowly dancing her body around enjoying the orange, I was leaning on the counter next to her and watching her drink, I couldn’t help moving my eyes up and down her body, she was cute naked, her long blonde hair hanging wildly over her shoulders, her small petite figure, as she swung her legs around, swooping them open and closed I caught the occasional glimpse of the outline of her pussy behind her tight knickers, I looked up to her eyes and smiled, “Aren’t you cold?” I asked.

Sucking on the straw and slurping the final drops of orange from the juice box she just shrugged her shoulders and mumbled, “Nope.”.

“Want to watch TV?” I asked.

She nodded, “Okay.” She replied.

I stood up and held her around her waist, lifting her up and off the counter top, as I stood her on to the floor her body gently slid through my grip and my hands rubbed up the length of her body until her feet reached the floor, her skin was really smooth and delicate, “Okay, go choose something to watch and I’ll be there in a minute.” I told her.

When she left the kitchen I stood with my back against the counter, I had a slight boner, that’s never happened to me before, at least never around Isabel, I’ve been babysitting her since I was 10 years old, in this story I was 13 and she was 8, I’ve seen her grow up and seen her naked quite a lot in the last two years but it’s never given me a boner before, maybe now she’s older and I’m in my teenage years I’m finding her attractive, I stayed in the kitchen and took deep breaths until my boner disappeared, then I joined her in the living room.

We were watching a cartoon movie and Isabel sat next to me on the sofa, she had her feet up and leaning against me with her head against my chest, I had my arm around her as we watched the movie, half way through she slid herself towards me and ended up laying down on her back with her head on my lap, she looked at me smiling, “Do you kiss girls?” she asked me, it was completely out of the blue and totally unexpected, but probably due to the characters in the movie we were watching and what they were doing and saying somehow influenced her question, “No.” I replied, then she just turned her head back to the TV and remained quiet.

She had her head in my lap laying across the sofa with her knees raised up, swaying them opening and closing them, banging them together, I tried so hard not to look but I couldn’t help myself, after a minute or two I turned my head and Isabel was looking at me in a knowing sort of way, “What are you looking at?” she asked, with a cheeky little grin, I shuck my head, “Nothing!” I replied.

“Liar.” She said, putting her hands over her crotch, “What are you looking at my fanny for?” she giggled.

“I’m not!” I replied, totally embarrassed and shitting myself.

She pulled herself up and then sat on my lap facing me with her hands on my shoulders, “Yes you were.” She said, then she looked down at her crotch, it made me look too, her knees were spread, one either side of me, she was sitting directly on my crotch, it’s a good job I was wearing pants, “Okay, I’m sorry.” I replied.

“Do you really want to see it?” she asked.

“No.” I said, shaking my head, I was lying, I did want to see it.

“It’s okay.” She said, then she leaned back, I had to grab hold of her as she was about to fall off the sofa, she lifted her legs up either side of my face and clumsily pulled off her knickers, they smelt nice as they brushed by my face, then she put her legs back down and raised herself back up to sit on my lap, “Look.” She said.

And there it was, she was fully naked with her fanny in full view pressed against the crotch of my pants, as you can imagine my cock became instantly hard and as it grew and throbbed, it pushed against my pants and lightly lifted Isabel up in the air, I saw that she felt it, so I lifted her off of me and sat her in the seat next to me, then I jumped up off the sofa.

“What was that?” Isabel asked, I knew she felt it.

“Nowt.” I replied.

She started to giggle and she got off the sofa and started pulling at my pants, “Let me see.” She demanded.

“No!” I snapped, keeping a firm grip of my pants.

She continued to pull on my pants, “Let me see.” She demanded, I managed to pry her hands off my pants and push her away gently, “No!” I repeated, “Show me… or I’m telling mommy you looked at my fanny.” she said.

I gave in and pulled my pants down part way, my erect cock sprung out, “There.” I said, she covered her mouth with her hands and giggled again, then she came closer and leaned down, having a good long look at my cock, her face was so close I felt her warm breath on my balls, “Why does it stick up like that?” she asked, briefly prodding it with her finger.

“Just does sometimes.” I replied.

“Do you play with it?” she asked.

I wasn’t sure what she meant by that, I don’t think she knew what wanking was, “Sometimes.” I replied.

“Tim at school plays with his in the playground all the time. But it’s smaller than yours.” She said, then she looked up at me with a smile, “Can I see you play with it?” she asked, then she grabbed my hands and pulled and pushed me back over and on to the sofa.

“Only if I can see you play with yours.” I replied, thinking she’d say no then I wouldn’t have to wank myself off in front of her.

She shrugged her shoulders, “Okay.” She said, then she took a cushion off the chair and laid herself down on the floor and started to rub her fanny, her head was on the pillow so she had an angle to watch me, “Now you.” She said.

I didn’t want to do it but I knew what she was like, I knew that look she gave me, if I didn’t do it she’d tell her mom on me, no doubt, so I sat on the sofa and started to slowly wank myself off while staring down at her laying naked on the floor, “Have you played with yourself before?” I asked her, curious to know how she knows how to do that at her age.

“Yeah. It feels nice.” She replied, then she pushed herself up off the floor and shuffled over to me on her knees across the carpet, “Can I try play with yours?” she asked, looking very cheeky but cute and innocent, “Pweeeease.” She added.

I told her she could as long as she promised not to tell her mom, she agreed, then she gently put her tiny fingers around my cock and copied what I was doing by rubbing it up and down resting her elbow on my knee, she was giggling all the time and blushing, her tiny hands felt nice on my cock and she was rubbing it quite nicely, I never would have thought Isabel had wanking skills, but she did, “Mmm” I sounded.

“Is this right?” she asked.

“Yeah. You can go a bit faster if you want.” I replied.

So she did, a little too fast but damn it was nice, she started using both her hands and rubbing my cock really fast, she thought my happy groans were funny and she continued to giggle, a couple of minutes afterwards, my sperm shot out of my cock really high in to the air, because she moved my cock around while rubbing it up and down, my sperm went all over the place, on the floor, on me, on the sofa and all over Isabel.

Isabel screamed playfully when my sperm splat on her face, she let go of my cock and had one of her eyes closed, my sperm hit her in the eye, “Get it off.” She shouted, but still giggling, I ran to the kitchen and got a dish towel then brought it back and wiped my semen off of her and off the furniture and myself.

“Boys are messy.” She joked.

“Did you know that would happen?” I asked.

She nodded, “I seen it come out of Tim’s willy when he’s playing with himself in the playground.” She replied.

I pulled and fastened up my pants and Isabel put her knickers back on, then I playfully picked her up and sat on the sofa tickling her, then she sat on my lap again and we had a few sweet little kisses.

That was my first sexual experience with Isabel, it would get more intense as the years went on until we eventually got married, we had three children and ours is truly a loving relationship that began when we were kids.

I may tell you more later, but for now, thank you for reading one of my most precious memories.

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    Bom, eu sou de outro pais e leio a versão brasileira do site, o estilo de escrever é diferente e mais exitante, se quiserem, traduzam contos de la, em breve irei traduzir para o ingles e postar aqui

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    What a nice story. I would like it if you shared more stories with us.

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      +1, I’d read more if he wrote it, too.

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    Do part 2 and great story

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    Damn thats soo hot and cute please keep adding more stories