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Gaming with my brother

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This happened around the time I was 15 and my brother was 18. My brother was always obsessed with video games and spent thousands on buying and upgrading his pc. I on the other hand was much happier with my Xbox and PS4 and a selection of COD Games.

My parents left on a business trip so it was just me (Jess) and my brother Kal, after an all day binge of GTA heists and such I took a stroll down the hallway in hopes of bothering my brother. I opened his door and sprawled out on his bed “what do you want Jess” my brother whined I shrugged my shoulders and snuggled into his bed, me and kal had always been close but recently we started falling apart. “Just hop off my dick Jess, I’m in a match” I sat up and walked over to his desk and leaned over his shoulder my boobs making they’re appearance well known. I was always a early developed girl with double D’s and an ass you can put a cup on, he cleared his throat and nudged me off his shoulder and I saw him adjust himself in his swearing pants.

I smirked, I never thought I’d have an affect on my brother but I was really enjoying it. I leaned forward and whispered “you want some help” and he smirked grabbing my waist and pulling me onto his lap so i was straddling him in his chair. I started kissing his neck as he groped and smacked my ass taking full advantage, he reached over to shut down his pc so his friends couldn’t hear him and I stopped him. I wanted them to enjoy the show and hear him fuck his little sisters brains out, I quickly unzipped his pants pulling out his semi hard cock and massaging it. He threw his head back and moaned softly as I heard his friends through his headset question him, I stood up practically ripping off my leggings and thong before sitting back on his lap. He lifted me up and guided himself to my entrance before slowly lowering me down on him, I was a virgin so the pain was horrible but soon was overwhelmed by pleasure.

I lifted my body up only to slam back down causing a loud slap to echo the room and our moans, the feeling of his hot stiff cock stretching me out and his bushy pube hair against my shaven pussy only intensified it. I let out a loud whimper as he repeated to thrust his hips up his balls smacking my ass, as I dug my face into his neck and letting him take control and fucked me as he pleased. After a couple minutes I was lifted and thrown onto his bed immediately sticking my ass out begging to be fucked like a little whore, he then slowly entered me again grabbing my hair and pulling it into a makeshift pony tail before practically fucking my brains out. I did nothing but scream his name and cry for him to fuck me harder like a slut, and he did just that he fucked me. Kal knew i was on birth control for my extremely painful periods and he took that to his advantage and he thrusted as hard as he could and as far in as he could before he shot his hot cum in my pussy stroke after stroke, he laid us down on our side keeping himself inside of me for a couple minutes before he lifted my leg up and pulled out so he could watch his cum drip out of me.

He quickly found my thong and put it back on me so I could walk around with his Cum in me all day, kissed my forehead and left the room. From that day on he wasn’t just my brother anymore he was a lot more

I hope you guys enjoyed this is my first time sharing my experience and I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did at the time and happy jerking! – Jess

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    Great story are going to let him fuck you up the ass do a part 2

    • Heyitsjess

      He already has fucked my ass a couple times, stay tuned for part 2 😉


      Would you let anyone else fuck you

  • Reply Anonymous

    Are you planing on letting him get you pregnant

    • Heyitsjess

      Maybe, he’s filled me with cum multiple times knowing I was on birth control. Maybe ill skip the birth control pill for a couple days…

    • Anonymous

      You should stop taking them and let him fill you up until you get pregnant and Just blame that the pill must of failed

    • AP

      Skipping your pill for just a few days isn’t going to change anything radically. Your pill adjusts the hormones in your body and it would take a couple of weeks for you to have any significant chance I’m getting pregnant.
      Ask him to trim or shave his pubes. Because you are smooth, the field will be totally different for you both and you’ll love it.
      I don’t know how long ago your story was set but fucking bareback has a definite thrill. If you’re the kind of person who likes risky sex, going unprotected makes it even hotter in your head.
      You start wondering how potent is his precum, how deep is he getting in you, will he come in you, and where in your cycle are you.
      For your brother he’ll have the rush of knowing that at any time he might be breeding you. Expect him to beat the crap out of your cervix as he tries.
      For both of you it’s a control issue which also can be very erotic.
      Keep reality in mind though. You’re talking about another life so be prepared to be a mom or keep the morning after pill close at hand.

    • HeyitsJess

      Thanks for the advice AP, he tends to get quite rough as he gets closer so I think I will ask him to trim down a bit. I am well aware of the risk of becoming a mother, and due to the genetics it could lead to deformities so I would indeed take the morning after pill even if he does pull out.

    • Anonymous

      Jess dont take the morning after pill i got my twin sister pregnant and we have a healthy baby boy No problems at all

    • AP

      Jess, theres few things hotter than the feeling of fucking bareback without any protection. Depending on where you are in your cycle, the thrill of going bareback is kind of like sexual Russian roulette.
      Unless your in your fertile part of your cycle you’re pretty safe if he cums in you. Depending on whether you want him to pull out or he wants to pull out, it can get pretty hot if you lock your heels behind his back and force him to stay in as he cums or he drives deep & cums as he’s pressed hard against your cervix. Want proof? Next time he’s deep in you, gasp out that you want his cum because you quit taking your pill last month & see how how he reacts.
      Also, the chances of having a kid with deformities is greatly exaggerated unless your family already has a genetic disposition towards something or it’s several repeated generations of incest.
      After you’ve crossed the line you’ll be amazed at how many more kinky, risky things you both will be willing to do with and to each other. My sister got really good at throating my cock and taking it up the ass during the week that she was fertile.
      Sex is supposed to be noisy, messy, and exciting, so I hope you guys are having a lot of fun.

    • Psiberzerker

      You’re rolling dice here. The more times you roll the dice, the more likely you’re going to come up Snake Eyes, at some point. Get on some other birth control ASAP, but until then IDFK. It’s a big thrill, it’s hard to resist, and in the heat of passion, you tend to push it as far as it will go. I know that (I’m more of an exhibitionist myself, but I know the feeling.) Might want to make some preparations for if it happens. There’s a chance, every time you risk it. Same with condoms, used correctly, they’re up to 98% effective, but if you fuck 50 times, that means essentially 1:1.

    • AP

      Psiberzerker, your advise is proper but a little inaccurate. If there was a chance, every time as you put it, then fertility docs would go out of business.
      Women have a window when they’re fertile & I don’t care how much cum a woman gets pumped into her, if the egg isn’t there she’s not going to be a mommy.
      (From a family clinic)
      Ovulation lasts for 12 to 48 hours, but you are potentially fertile for up to seven days, and maybe up to 10 days, according to the most optimistic studies. This is because sperm can survive up to five days in the female reproductive tract. Ovulation is when an egg is released from an ovary.
      – – –
      If Jess tracks her cycle & keeps a plan b around so if she gets a deep cum injection near her window (even then it’s not a guaranteed thing) she’s safe.
      We don’t know how old Jess is currently, but even at age 15 that she writes about, her cycle should be regular.
      Jess, have some fun , fuck with your bro’s head. Figure out when you’re cycle is & when you’re not fertile ride him. Edge him. As he’s getting close tell him you went off the pill weeks ago & when he is deep in you if he comes he cums he might knock you up.
      Ride him & make hi cum. You both will love it.

    • Anonymous

      My twin sister is pregnant again and we are having a girl this time and the baby is healthy Just like our son so we both say you should let your Brother get you pregnant

    • Psiberzerker

      If she tracks her cycle, it’s dependable to the day, she keeps teasing her brother, he doesn’t lose control, they’re not caught, and nothing else happens at random, it’s still incest, and there’s still the psychological affects of that. Pregnancy, STIs, and birth defects aren’t the only thing that could possibly go wrong here, and her brother could go to jail.

    • Anonymous

      The chanced your talking about is really low unless your family have a Long generation of insest and inbreeding the chance of having any birth defect is low i should know got a son with my twin sister and we are waiting for our daughter to be born both are as healthy as they get

    • Psiberzerker

      It’s the opposite. The reason why Incest can lead to birth defects is it reinforces Recessives. Like Albinism, if you have 1/2 of the Albinism genes, then you’re not an Albino. If your parents are both Albinos, then you’re more likely to be Albino (Or blonde)
      Or Hemophilia, or any other recessive combination. The more generations of inbreeding, the more concentrated the 2 (Or more) alleles are in that family. Which is why the Hapsburgs developed recurring Hemophilia, and where names like White come from. If you flip a coin, the odds are even that it will come up heads, or tails. The more times you flip the coin, the more times heads, or tails will come up. If heads is Albinism, and Tails is Hemophilia, every time you get Heads twice in a row, you get white hair. Every time you get tails twice in a row, you get “Blue Blood.” If you keep flipping the coins together long enough, eventually you get a white haired hemophiliac.

    • Anonymous

      Birth defect are rare to happen Even if your family tho the rush is higher its still low i’m the one Who got two Kids whit my twin sister remember