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Gaming with my brother pt 2

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Hey guys! It’s Jess again back with another time with my brother, this time I’m telling you about how he had taken my anal virginity by accident.

This was a couple of weeks after he took my virginity and we shared our first experience together, my parents traveled a lot so me and my brother spend a lot of alone time together.

I had woken up late around 1pm and had gotten comfy on the couch in attempt to binge watch my favorite series on Netflix, and in that time my brother had came out his room and went to get something out the fridge.

I jumped off the couch and sat on the kitchen island, and talked to my brother about random stuff which eventually ended up on the topic of our last altercation. He smirked and said “What’s a matter Jess? Eager to have me fuck your brains out again.” I instantly felt myself start getting horny as I shifted uncomfortably on the table squishing my thighs together.

He walked in-front of me and placed himself between my legs placing a firm grip on my hips and pulling me to him as he started kissing down my neck, quickly letting go of me and pulling my shirt off of me and pulling down my pants leaving me in my bra and thong.

He then pushed me back letting me stretch out on the table before pulling my thong aside and getting on his knees to take a long lick up my pussy causing me to gasp and try to close my legs, he forced my legs open and continued the abuse on my pussy by licking and fingering my Pussy. I soon became undone squirted which took both me and him by surprise, after that he flipped me over on the table onto all fours and pulled me to the edge so I was bending over the table. He rubbed himself up and down my pussy getting himself lubed up before sliding into me and both of us settling with a loud moan, he then picked up the pace going faster and faster as I screamed his name and begged him to fuck me harder and faster.

His balls smacked my pussy as he pounded me gripping my hips certainly leaving bruises, suddenly he slipped out and went to push back in when I felt this forceful feeling in my ass. I immediately yelped and tried to push him out but he held me “no no no, I’m sorry Jess but please” he begged I whimpered and laid my head down, the pain was so intense it felt like the room was spinning.

He slowly thrusted in again as I had a firm grip on his wrist ready to shove him away again if it hurt too much, he slowly picked up the pace as I moaned his name. The pain slowly dulled into pleasure and soon he had me bent over the kitchen table fucking my ass as I played with my pussy, It felt like I could feel every curve and bump of his cock as he throbbed inside of me his cock not used to this pressure.

After a couple of minutes a ball in my stomach formed and our breathing sped up as his thrusts became weak and sloppy, before he let out several strokes of hot cum filled my ass. He gently pulled me up so my back was against his chest while he was still in me, and slowly rocked himself and clung to my body before bending me over again and pulling out as all of his cum spilled out of my tight hole.

He kissed my shoulder and left to take a shower, I laid there for a couple of minutes weak and shocked. I finally lifted my body up and limped to my bathroom using the bathroom before throwing myself in a much needed steaming shower. Soon after I got comfy and walked to my brothers room seeing him playing and crawled into his bed and fell asleep.

Hey guys I hope you enjoyed my experience! Everybody stay safe and happy jerking! –

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  • Reply Anonymous

    Stop talking birth control and let your Brother get you pregnant

  • Reply Mikeyt

    Very nice jess. Reminds me of the fun I used to have with my stepsister, which im planning to post here soon. Make sure you love your brother as much as you can!

  • Reply Martin-the-perv

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