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Flatfish Pond

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Mom, and I were headed home after a trip, but she couldn’t make it, so she made me pull over to a rest-area.

I got to drive, but mom crossed her legs in the passenger seat, until finally she said “Pull in up there.” Ran in, and locked the door to the girl’s room, but I just got out to stretch my legs.

I wasn’t really sure about driving in city traffic on my learner’s permit, but we weren’t going to get in before rush hour now. The restrooms were just like a double lavatory? Little more than portapotties with indoor plumbing, and a sink to wash your hands in, but they had a great view of the swamp around back.

I guess if it filled up with more water, it would be a pond, but it was just a place for the rain to go from the parking lot. Behind the building it was mowed right up to the overgrown grass down to the swamp, but then I saw a bunch of flatfish.

I friend of mine went to Jersey on vacation, and she called them that. “Ocean City flatfish” because she saw them floating from the pier, and that’s what her dad called them. He was from New Jersey, and that’s why they flew back there on vacation to visit his parents, brothers and sisters, but that’s just a clever way of saying rubbers. I still can’t drive by Flatbush without at least smiling, but I don’t giggle any more. The same thing with Flushing Queens.

Used condoms floating out from under the boardwalk, because that’s what people do under there. They even made a song about it you probably heard, but it was more romantic, because it’s from the 50s. So, they didn’t come right out and say it, “Let’s hang out under the boardwalk, and wait to see if anyone shows up to have sex with,” but there were a lot of them.

Some of them were fresh, but most of them were dried up. Even cracked, or falling apart in some melted goo that clung to the grass. I don’t know when the last time they mowed it was, but that probably chopped even more up. The grass was all dried out, dead and brown for summer, except the stuff down in the swamp, but that just tells you that a lot of people cum back here all the time, probably for years.

So then mom came out, and got in the car. Called me, “Jenny?” and asked me where I was, but I told her “Just stretching my legs.”

I was 14, and barely in high school. Taking Driver’s Ed, and working on my learner’s permit. So, I told my friends, and we giggled about it, but that was all for about a year until I turned 15, and got my full license. So, I could borrow the car and go out. With my friends, and on spring break, I guess you could say I struck out.

I should have called, but when I got to their house, they were gone, and their mom didn’t know where. She wasn’t worried, her daughter had an older brother who could drive, and keep an eye on her. So, I had the car for the night, it was a nice night, and I had nothing to do, but I was lonely. So, I went out for a drive, but then I remembered the rest area, with all the flatfish.

I didn’t think about it, or honestly I thought about girls meeting guys back there, to get them drunk, and have sex with them. I got there early, so there was nobody in the parking lot, and not a whole lot of traffic on the highway.

So, I got bored, and looked around. The girl’s room was just a toilet, sink, and dispenser for hygiene products. You had your choice of a maxi pad for $1.50, Tampon for half that (All in quarters) mini rinse for freshness was fifty cents, and I had some change in the bottom of my purse, so that turned out to be the tiniest douche I’d ever seen. The 4th one was a spermicidal douche, for $1.50 again, but I didn’t bother trying that.

It turns out I had a lot of change in the bottom of my purse, because I hadn’t cleaned it out, or changed it to a new one in a while. It just piles up, but I just tossed the tiny douche in there in case I ever got that not-so-fresh feeling, in the future.

The boy’s room turned out to be pretty much the same, only with a urinal, and an actual stall around the toilet. I guess so someone could come in, and take a leak without you looking at your dick from the toilet, but the vending machine had a different selection. A rubber was 50 cents, or 75 cents if it was ribbed for her pleasure. They didn’t have any French ticklers, but instead of the douches, they had 2 kinds of lube: Spermicidal or Hot and Spicy Cinnamon.

I don’t even want to think about that, but there was a hole in the wall, in the back. “Huh!” The same wall, with all the rubbers getting chopped up by the mower, or drying up to rot in the sun if they weren’t washed down to float away in the pond. I got down to look, but sure enough there was this metal plate over it. Somebody wrote:

[Ass Hole:
Lift for Service]

They drew the ass, dick, and balls in the middle, but I just made do with letters, and punctuation. You get the idea. It was a glory hole for sex, gay sex between men, and they even had a vending machine to sell rubbers. 2 different flavors of lube, convenient!

Still, hot and spicy cinnamon lube, really? Who would even like something like that, inside them? Figgers, I guess. I heard of that too, peeling ginger to masturbate with, but I sure wasn’t going to try that!

So, a long story short, I had to wait around, a while. I got bored, and climbed down to check out the pond. At least that had filled up, because it was spring, and it rained for months. The grass was alive, and green. It even looked kinda nice if you forgot where you were.

The moon came out, it was only about half full, but it shone down on the water. I could lean back on the hill, and now that I knew what to expect. I guess, I thought I knew what to expect.

Okay, truckers right? I mean, it is on the side of the highway, and the tractor trailers kept driving bye, but I could hear them. The rest of traffic just sounded like white noise, I could even imagine being on the beach at night. Not the Jersey Shore, with Ocean City Flatfish floating by in the waves, but the cars going by could have been gentle surf rolling in, and out.

In, and out… “Huh!” I put the rubber on my fingers, just to see what the ribs felt like. Honestly? I couldn’t feel them with my pussy. Not really, with my my tongue, sure. If I rubbed them with my thumbs, I could feel them. Rubbing it up and down my slit, maybe? A little, but inside me I think they stretched out flat, and just felt like wet rubber.

If it says “For her Pleasure” on the box, could you at least check to make sure she can actually feel them? I mostly thought about truckers, or my idea of truckers. Big fat gay guys, in trucker caps with Mac Truck logos. Whatever those look like, and Peter. Short for Peter Built. Big Mac, and Peter with the sleeves ripped off so you can see his muscles, and a trucker tan on 1 arm. Sucking dick out at the glory hole, until someone showed up.

“Oh, huh!” I slipped them out, and just ditched the rubber. I know littering, but if anybody knows how many millions of them floated down to that water over the years, don’t tell me. I’m not about to try drinking, or swimming in it. Probably just swimming with free range sperm, and HIV. “Uh!” I had to pull my underwear up, my bra down, and shake the twins back in their cups. They’re not identical twins, but I figured if I was going to get to watch gay guys sucking, and fucking, what do they care about tits?

I even heard butt smacking when I got closer, so I slowed down to push the grass out of the way. Careful so it didn’t swish against my dress, sneaking up on them. Then, I got to the top so when the last of the grass parted, I saw him. Bent over, with his pants down to his knees. Holding them both hands, and spanking himself up against the back of the men’s room wall.

“Huh!” That wasn’t me, I covered my mouth before I giggled out loud, but then I heard her. “Huhuh!” Breathing out loud, and peeked out to look over at Autumn. My jaw dropped, but I knew her. My friend Autumn for years. I guess if I do the math, we started hanging out in 5th grade, so about 5 years. She was in 10th grade with me, and we went to the girl’s room to talk.

Oh, and she was there when we got back from summer vacation. I told her about finding this spot, and she had a boyfriend. With a driver’s license, and a cute haircut. Short all around, except the bangs. Those were long enough to tuck behind his ear on one side, but they were hanging down.

Bent over like that, with his head hanging, and getting buttfucked at the glory hole. Autumn just held her fists up, pumping them excitedly, and almost clapping them together, watching her boyfriend get buttfucked at the glory hole.

You know what? If I remember correctly, she was one of the girls that made a face, shook their heads disgusted, and comments like ew gross. Gay sex, gay guys, cock sucking butt fucking fags. Ew, gross.

Yeah right, I didn’t think she doth protest too much at the time, because she was just one of the girls, and about half of them acted like that. I didn’t know whether she changed her mind, or fake it, but then I heard a muffled voice. Inside, Jerry got off the wall, and turned around with a quickness, but not before I got to see the rubber sticking out. It wasn’t ribbed for her pleasure, pretty sure. Then he pulled back, so the light could shine out the hole, and then he stuck his dick out bare.

“Uhn!” Jerry grabbed it, and rubbed it with his thumb. He didn’t have enough sticking out to pump it, but he didn’t have to rub it very long, before I hear the man yelling in the bathroom stall. “UHHHHHHH!”

Really loud, and Jerry turned his face back and forth. “Oh! Huh! Mhn!” Aiming it blindly, but he missed a lot because he had to close his eyes. Getting a facial, I got cum in my eye once, just because I stupidly looked right at it. My first blowjob, but when it started shooting, I pulled it out to watch it, and got it in my eye. I jerked him off too, so I can’t even blame him for bad aim, but I learned my lesson. Close your eyes, keep it in your mouth, or put on glasses first, one. It didn’t hurt, but it got crusty, and why am I still thinking about this?

Finally, the toilet flushed loudly, and then the plate scraped down over the glory hole. So, I guess that’s how it’s done here, but I didn’t know what to do next. Finally, Jerry stood up, and turned around with his back to the wall. Autumn practically skipped over to him, but he still had his pants down. His shirt tented out by his boner, but she pulled that up, and felt his tummy going down…

“Uh, babe?” He pushed her off, and bent to pull his pants up.

“What’s wrong?” She practically whined, that she wasn’t going to get a blowjob, but she loves them. Too, in fact between us, we’re probably the ones that like giving head best of all. Other girls might do it, to get him wet for fucking, or in exchange for him eating her out. I don’t know about Amber, but I’d rather suck a dick than some boy trying to pick a lock with his tongue, but I guess 69ing is okay. Maybe just something quick you can do before you drop him off, so he doesn’t go home with a hardon, then never calls you back.

A blowjob on a first date? Yeah! What are you more worried about: A) Him thinking you’re a slut, or B) not calling you back, because you won’t suck him off? Okay, I guess you can just let him go with a tugger, but you know they can do that too, right? If you don’t, he’s just going to give himself a hand job 5 minutes later when he gets in the door.

Jerry wiped his face off on his shirt, because it was still plastered. “I think someone’s watching.”

Amber giggled, “Good, Neffer?” She guessed.

“Huh!” Just stood up. I know, Neffer rhymes with Heifer, but I kinda like it, when my friends call me that. It also rhymes with Effer, of course. The grass was only about waist high, but bent over, on the hill. “How’d you know it was me?”

“That’s your dad’s car out front, so unless he came out here to suck off hustlers.” Not like Hustler magazine, but gay prostitutes. Especially young ones, they’re called Hustlers.

“Yeah, I’d suck him off in a minute!” He said, and grinned wide enough to see his teeth, in the shadow.

“Jerry! Why didn’t you tell me he was bi?”

“Uh, that’s the point?” She shook her head.

“Yeah, it’s hotter if they don’t know it’s you.” He grinned, but he missed a little on his forehead. His emo bangs stuck to it too.

“Oh, so. Let me get this straight, no pun intended.” I shook my head, because I didn’t even get it until I said it. “That’s why guys come out and do it in dirty bathrooms?” i thought it was because there was a toilet right there, so after you got your ass blasted, you could just sit down, and flush the evidence. Like flushing the rubber, instead of throwing it out so it might wash down in the pond, if it’s still raining.

“Well, I don’t know. I guess it depends on who you ask, and the closeted guys’ll just lie about it anyways.”

“The other closet bi guys.” She slapped his ass.

“Huh yeah. But she’s cool.” He shook his head, and finally picked the hair out of the cum wad on his forehead, to tuck it back. “How did you hear about this place anyway?”

Autumn laughed, “How do you think I heard about it?” She pointed, “She’s the one that found it in the first place!”

“Oh huh!” We all laughed.

“So,” I was afraid to ask, but still too horny not to. “You still want your dick sucked?” I’m a big cum hungry cock slut, but don’t tell anyone.

“Get your own!” Amber pulled his shirt down.

“Well, what do you think I’m waiting around here for? But, while we wait…” I looked down, and raised my chin, so they both saw my eyes looking down.

He laughed, “You want to watch?”

“Hihn!” I even balled my fists up, and pumped them watching. I knew she just loved sucking cock. Almost as much as I do, but I never got to see her in action!

At least until another guy pulled up, and stuck his dick out, with a rubber. I’d rather not, and that’s one of the things I love about oral. You can’t get pregnant from a blowjob, but especially when it pops in my mouth. I’ll take a facial, if I have to, but that just makes me want to gobble it up even more. Every last drop, but you can still get some nasty stuff, from a blowjob. Especially blowing the kind of guy that sticks his dick in any hole in a men’s room.

So, I finally settled for bending over, and getting fucked instead. That way, it doesn’t matter if he has a rubber on or not, it’s just like a dildo. I can’t feel it, but at least I don’t have to taste it. It’s not the rubber, but the lube tastes nasty.

“Oh!” Now I get it, “Duh.”


“That’s what the hot and spicy lube is for, to make it taste better.”

“Duh! What did you think it was for?”

“Spicing up sex, especially anal.”

“Ew, no!” She covered up her butt, and giggled, shaking her head. “Doesn’t that hurt?”

“Anal? I don’t know I never tried it.”

“Me neither.” So, we both looked at Jerry. “I’m a little scared too, what if it burns your butthole?” Then he told us how they used to have cool mint ones called Condom Mints. I shit you not, and he loved those. They made it tingle, but then they took those out, and put in the spicy hot Cinnamon flavor lube.

“Kinda makes you wonder if you use Condom Mints with spicy hot lube, does that make his dick icy Hot?” We both got a big laugh outta that, but a long story short: Autumn and me aren’t even a little bi-curious. Never have been, “Pretty sure,” but bi guys? Mmmh, yeah, where are all the bi guys, anyways?

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