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Finding a sex partner

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I’ve been in a dead-end marriage for a decade. It was satisfying for the first two or three years, and then we started having sex less often. We did the whole thing – got married in a church, honeymooned in Europe, bought a house, had a kid, and took many trips to Orlando. You hit so many of those milestones, and you start to get bored. If you don’t add spice into your life, you hope for another dick. If your man is average in bed, this happens sooner. Last week, I decided to change things up.

I went on site and created a free profile. I’ve always been somewhat curious about women (and younger guys, if I’m being honest), but I’ve been dealing with my husband mostly. He’s was packing a 6.5-inch slong of average width, so you know what I’m working with. Average with good cunnilingus skills, nothing more, nothing less. He can make more things happen with a good vibrator. I wanted something different.

I was attracted by these requests: a girl is looking for a girl, a couple seeking woman, but still I decided that I wanted to try a girl. I started searching for an Asian girl who wants a casual yet discreet affair. So, I styled myself as a gal seeking women. The first girl that caught my eye was Yoko. She’s Filipino but has been living in Florida since the nineties. She wants to cheat on her husband too and, like me and every other wife who doesn’t want to change her situation, not get caught by her man. We started messaging online and flirting for several days. But, I knew my husband’s business trip was coming up, so things had to speed up quickly.

I know this little town called Nokomis, about an hour drive north of me. I booked a room at the Travelodge on 41. It’s only 60 bucks a night on weekdays, and he was gonna be gone Tuesday through Friday. I booked Wednesday and Thursday night. Yoko lives north, not far from there, and her husband works evenings, so it was perfect. I went for a Brazilian wax and a hairstyle and bought Yoko dinner at the crab shack across the street.

By 8:00 pm, Yoko and I were back in the motel room. The lights were on, and I put on an HBO movie. I was all nervous and fully clothed. I didn’t dare go down to the pool too early, so I blabbed an excuse and drove up to the liquor mart to snag a bottle of rum and two liters of Coke.

When I got back, Yoko emerged naked from the bathroom. She dropped her towel, and I sucked in my breath. Her body was petite, about 5 feet tall, 90 pounds, 34B boobies, and dark, perky nipples. She was fully shaved and had some cute tan lines. If you wanted a nice clean body for the first bi-curious experience, Yoko was your girl. So, I laid her down on the bed, and I took my clothes off. I put some Latin love songs on my Pandora, and it played quietly in the background.

I started to use my fingers to explore her body. I got the lotion out of the motel bathroom and started smoothing it over every inch of her. Her sun-kissed skin was very soft, but I found teasing her a big turn-on. Every so often, she would stop me and start making out with me. It made me very wet in my vag, but she couldn’t tell.

Pretty soon, the music seemed far away, and I was rubbing my index finger and my middle finger up and down inside her soft wet pussy. After about four minutes, the cum was dripping onto the sheets, which I hastily threw back because it was so cold. Yoko had been moaning for a while, so she decided to start touching me as well and sucking on my big 38C breasts. I am pretty white, but I have a bald pussy and lots of muscles, so she was squeezing me hard on my legs, thighs, and ass. She was rubbing my shoulders and massaging the back of my neck. I was moaning too, although, admittedly, I was getting so excited and definitely much louder than her, and I was worried one of the hotel guests might complain. It felt so right when she began fingering my pussy and my asshole too.

At one point, we got so sticky that we decided to take a shower, and then we dove naked back into bed, smelling of soap and hotel shampoo. We kept teasing each other and watched a cable movie. I would like to say more happened that first night, but it was all so new for me. She said it was also new for her and that she was game to meet me back there at the same time tomorrow. By Friday, my spouse would return home. Meanwhile, I asked her if she knew any younger guys, maybe even a lawn guy, who could come to our little stranger-danger party. Fortunately, her old boyfriend was a short Colombian guy of 35, and he agreed over text to come the next night. I told him to come at 9:30, so we could have our private playtime first.

I was ready and waiting at 7:30 and naked in the sagging queen bed at 7:50. Yoko was on time, which I love, and we got quickly down to 69. I was already addicted to the taste of her vagina, and I knew that I had her pungent cum scent all over my face when we heard the faint knock on the door. I looked at the TV clock in haste. It was already half past 9. I couldn’t tell you where the time went. We had fingered each other and eaten each other out several times over. I could see a sexy smile on her face, and her nipples remained hard the whole time, which made me strangely very proud. We had explored other parts of each other’s bodies, and I was growing in confidence about this lesbian love stuff. However inexperienced I was, it was like high school again and having sex in the car outside my boyfriend’s parents’ house. We tried rubbing our mounds against each other at different angles at one point to get the best sensation.

When Yoko’s ex came inside, he introduced himself as Isaias and briefly explained that he was married but separated from his wife. He had a shot of rum with us, and we talked for a few minutes. They had no kids, but he loved her. It had been several years since he had seen Yoko or fucked her. He was only 5 foot 3, taller than Yoko but three inches shorter than me. He had a huge serpent dragon tattooed across his chest and lots of body hair, but I didn’t mind. He had a handsome face and a nice dick.

I instructed my new boytoy to lay down on the bed and eat me out while I sucked him hard. This was gonna be better than any porno movie I had seen if I had anything to do with the outcome. Once you submerge yourself in a threesome, you soon forget your anxiety and just experiment. You realize your new sex buddies are also human, and they want to be pleased like you. Nobody expects perfection on the first few tries. You get creative at the moment and find what works, just like with any other sex date. If something isn’t working, you change it up. Ask questions along the way and keep doing things when you get moans or heavy breathing. When in doubt, inflict small amounts of pain here and there to keep things spicy.

Then, Yoko broke in and started taking turns licking her ex’s ass and blowing him. Then, he pushed us both down on the bed. He turned Yoko around, so her pussy was next to my head. He entered me from the front, and he started pounding away. He was moaning but doing long strokes, smooth enough to make me very, very wet, but not so hard as to cum all over himself or inside me.

He bent across me and buried his face in Yoko’s pussy. She was crying out like I’d never seen her do, and then I realized I had more to learn here about orally pleasing a woman. He sucked hard on her clit and took it in between his teeth at a few points. I noticed for the first time that her hardened clit was about double the size of mine. Under his manipulation, it was growing even bigger. It was throbbing, and she was into it. She kept her eyes closed, and her lips parted. At one point, he had to sit back and take a rest. Then, he said he was really into a doggy style more than missionary. This was the way I wanted to remember Yoko, my first casual girlfriend from dating site.

He instructed Yoko and I to crouch at the end of the bed. We were side by side with our bums in the air. He then told us to grab each other’s breasts and make out while he took turns doing us doggy from behind. Every time I thought I was gonna cum, he would pull out his 7-inch fat cock and jab it back into her. She would wince a little and bear it. We were glad he was using a condom, but he was also going back and forth between two very wet pussies. At one point, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I asked him to rip his condom off and ejaculate inside my mouth.

Yoko was getting sleepy earlier than the previous night, so she excused herself to go shower and get ready to leave. I informed Isaias that I wanted to do 69 again. We did that for about 20 minutes. When Yoko came back out, she laid me down on the bed and started making out with me and fingering my ass while he penetrated her in the butt. She winced at first, but he was still wet from my pussy, and she slowly relaxed. I was actually able to stop making out with her and watch as he stroked her ass with his cock. It seemed like every time he pulled out of her and plunged in deeper, his cock got a little fatter.

Strangely, Yoko seemed somewhat uncomfortable because of her size and the angle of the anal sex, but she took some deep breaths and let him finish that round. All in all, it was a very satisfying threesome, and it went differently than all my previous fantasies.

Yoko had to leave at 11 to get home before her husband, and I begged Isaias to stay the night. Since he was estranged from his wife, he agreed. He spent the night in my arms, and he fucked me again reverse cowgirl style in the morning before showering and leaving for work. I knew I would find it hard to sleep the next night when my husband was beside me, but I had many hot memories to replay in my mind as I finger myself in the shower. We are talking weeks of material. I also have fresh ideas for how to clandestinely meet up again with Yoko and Isaias during my husband’s next trip. Discretion is key!

I was terrified it would be hard to find a sex partner online, but it took opening myself up to the type of scenario I wanted and seeking it out. Just imagine that you can have sex with a stranger, and then you definitely can. There is a little guilt, but that’s part of the thrill of the experience. Each sexy conversation in a chat room is nothing more than asking for what you want and finding time to make it happen with a willing partner. When you create an online profile, be yourself, and you’ll feel less anxious because the person on the other side of the computer screen is too! Most people seek a decent match in the sack, but they don’t expect perfection.

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    I got excited

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    Huh, I used to live in Sarasota, so I used to drive down to Nokomis for work. (Residential Construction. People around there on the waterfront remodel like most folks move furniture.) Small world, I guess.