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Down at the local chippy I got more than I bargained for

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Down at my local chippy I was served extra portions off the menu by the shop owner.

After the earlier lessons off the arabs, i was 15 by this point in my life and my hormones were running rampant, my sex life was about to go up a notch or two, we had moved to a shithole of a town called Oldham in the UK, after 3 years in Oxford this was like something out of Hobsons choice, horrible place to live, the good thing near where we lived was the local chip shop, owned by an unusual man, who was called Jeff, wasn’t sure if he was like the ginger fella out of the full monty, a bit camp but not so sure about where his preferred sexuality lay. I would go to his shop and spend time chatting to him after his shop had closed for the day, I never thought anything of it and enjoyed his company, after a couple of months he just dropped in the conversation,nudist holidays, he pulled out a photo of him starkers with his arms outstretched, holding onto a tree branch with the biggest cock I’d ever seen, almost like a babies arm and nearly down to his knee, I was agog at the size of his dick, Jeff, the owner asked, did I like what I had seen and would I like to see it in the flesh, his question had my hormones raging and I told him I couldn’t wait to see his mighty, throbbing member for myself, he was so pleased as he told me that he had had his eye on me from the first time I went into his shop and wanted to get me in the back of his shop, on hearing this my tongue and mouth became incredibly dry, my heart pounding in anticipation at what was about to unfold, my head almost at the point of popping, I think we’ve all experienced that feeling, he walked towards me, reached out his right hand and gave my crutch a good squeeze, happy with what he found he pulled me into him and kissed me, full on the lips at first, his tongue forcing my mouth open, then lust kicked in and we were kissing like two lust filled lovers, we tore each others clothes off, standing and staring at each others manhood, his massive cock standing in front of him like a jib of flesh, all 11 inches of meat, my modest 6 inches looked like tiny in comparison. I grabbed hold of this meat feast of Jeff’s and proceeded to work my hand up and down his length, his premium glistening as it leaked from his beautiful cock, I was so horny as I stroked him and he fondled me, my fingers wiping his precum off his cock, I sucked it off my fingers and kissed Jeff, he couldn’t suck enough of it and told me that he would let me dribble it into his mouth after he came in my mouth. I dropped to my knees, held his hips in my hands and was fed inch by inch this meat feast of a cock, I could only manage about 5 or 6 inches at first, but over time I managed to deep throat him everytime, he was gentle with me and would take his time, mouth open, tongue out, I greedily sucked him off and looked forward to him coming in my mouth, after he had come, we lay down and I dribbled his come into his mouth, he didn’t always swallow as sometimes we would 69 and he’d lube my arse up with his come, as it was a prelude to us trying out some anal, not always easy but depended on how horny I was feeling. Our party piece was for me to lay out naked on top of bags of potatoes, an ideal height for him to fuck me, but also for him to suck me off, he used to love licking the underside of my cock, working his way down to my sack, sucking each bollock as he probed my anus before lifting up my legs and rimming me, my God, what an experience that was, he taught me an awful lot and we were intimate for about 3 years until I moved away, I have many more tales of me and this teacher of all things gay if you would like to hear more.

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