Daddy fucked me better (Incest)

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One day when I was 16 I wasn’t feeling well so I had skipped school and was bed bound, I wasn’t able to keep anything down and my head throbbed. My dad was a Doctor and thankfully took the day off to take care of me since when I get sick I turn into an absolute baby.

I was laying in bed watching Hulu and my dad came in with a tray with a bowl of chicken soup and Gatorade, I groaned and rolled over knowing that any smell of food make me gag.

My dad cleared his throat and I looked up and quickly covered myself I had forgotten that I was laying in bed with no pants or underwear on since I had cold and hot flashes, my cheeks burned a Crimson red and I sputtered apologizes at my father and he shook his head and laughed.

“It’s okay princess, just be careful” he said with a smile and set down the tray on my lap, he made sure I didn’t need anything and went to leave but not without me getting a glimpse at the tent in his shorts.

I bit my lip and looked down at the bowl of soup stirring it around a couple times before putting the tray aside and getting up out of bed, I practically ripped the door off the hinges and bursted into my parents room just as my dad moaned my name.

His head snapped to me and my eyes were glued to his thick shiny and hairy cock, he quickly ripped a pillow from the bed and covered himself “Ann I’m dowry I didn’t mean to-“ I cut him off by rushing over to him and grabbing his face and kissing him.

He grabbed my wrist and pushed me away as I whimpered “ daddy please, I need you” I begged he stood there having a mental battle with himself before he picked me up bridal style and carried me back to my room laying me gently on the bed before laying Gently ontop of me.

He leaned down and kissed me before leading a trail down my body leading to my stomach before getting up and leaning between my legs to run his thumb up and down my glistening pussy, I moaned his name before he took two fingers and dove into my Pussy slowly at first immediately hitting the right spot over and over again.

I was a mess in utter bliss, my dad was fingering his sick teenage daughter in the same home he created me in. I cried out and clawed his forearm as I got closer and closer, I felt the knot in my stomach getting bigger and bigger until the feeling suddenly stopped I whimpered and tried to pull his fingers back into me.

“No princess, your gonna cum on my cock” he choked out as he took out his cock again and tapped it on my wet Pussy. I groaned impatiently and grabbed his cock guiding it into me, he made one hard thrust and he was fully balls deep inside of me.

I moaned and put my hand on his chest stopping him for moving, before letting go and letting my hands travel up to my breast before pulling my shirt up letting my tits be exposed and I grabbed one of my boobs and used my other hand to bite my finger to stop me from screaming.

He lifted my legs high up and pushed them back before pounding me making his balls clap against me, I screamed his name and he covered my mouth and slipped his thumb in my ass.

I moaned and cried out his name as he fucked my pussy with his throbbing cock as he slowly started to finger my ass, he soon pulled out and jerked himself off cumming all over my pussy.

He then puts his mouth over my pussy and starts fingering me fast making me and the bed shake, as my eyes rolled to the back of my head my toes curled and I let out a blood curling moan and released into my dads mouth. He then lifts the back of my neck up before spitting my juices into my mouth and choking me lightly as i swallowed a mix of our juices.

He then leaves the room and comes beck with pants and and shirt on and a rag and started cleaning me up careful because I was still extremely sensitive, he then helped me slide on some shorts and tucked me back into bed before kissing my forehead and left the room.

I sighed feeling content and tired but alot better, my dad fucked me better.

– Anna <3

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    Can i be your daddy one night sweetheart email [email protected]

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    I like reading your story about you and your Dad and I would like to know is he your Real Dad and after that first time the both of you made love did the both of you continue carry on a fathe Daughter sexual intimate relationship till this Day I would like to know and I would like to text with you more about that story about you and your dad and do you have a few other story’s about the both of you and if so I would like to know about those story’s you could send me an invite on Hangout so we can text more about you and your Dad and my hangout information is [email protected] and if you do decide to send me an invite I will be waiting for your invite Annaa

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    My guess is it stand for your name?

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      woaw! And the pathetic losser is back! Someone writing comments while pretenting to be me. I believe we have found the winner of the biggest losser of the year and even if we not even in the middle of the year i do not believe we can find a bigger losser then that person.

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      I had the namw before you even got on this sitw.

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    I actually feel like thats a great dad

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    Goid story sgare more

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      woaw! thats sooo pathetic! Someone writing comments while pretenting to be me. I believe we have found the winner of the biggest losser of the year and even if we not even in the middle of the year i do not believe we can find a bigger losser then that person.

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      Vive-la-baise, it happens, I know. It’s not like the board has login id’s so roll with it and have fun with it.
      Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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      It’s short for the name I occasionally write under, Absinthe Pen.

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      all right A.P. Tank you, i have a very curious mind, sooo much that if i did not needed to work to have a roof over my head and food on the table and we could live for a very long time i would have spent a good part of my life in school, univeristy and library.

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      Curious minds are good. Most people make the mistake of leaving school and never picking up another book to learn anything again.
      The fact is you’re either growing or dying, there is no staying in place. Keep being curious and keep being a student of life.

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    Fun story!