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Brother Swap

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My next door neighbor came over to ask mom if I could come out to play.

She’s older, but because we live right next door to each other, we played together all the time. Mom called me, and said who it was, so I came out to the living room.

“You done with your homework?” I nodded, but I could finish it later. She came over, and took me back to the kitchen by the hand.

‘come on.’


‘i can’t tell you in here,’ she unlocked the back door, so I stuck my toes in a pair of mom’s flipflops, and followed her out to the porch.


‘sh,’ she touched my lips, and pointed another finger, back in the corner. ‘there’s boys back there.’ I had to be careful, so the flip flops didn’t clap against my heels, but she snuck through the grass. Carefully, not on tiptoes, but she had on flats. So, she put her toes down first, then carefully put down her heel, and picked up her other foot. To sneak, we played all kinds of games like hide, and seek, but with a twist.

You don’t tell everyone you’re coming. They sneak up on you, so they can surprise you, before you get a chance to run.

When she said boys, she didn’t say that she ment my brother, and some boy from school. We’d been introduced, but that was about it. Not naming names, but he hung out here from time to time. They were bent over, breathing heavy, and you couldn’t see between their arms together.

“Yeah, suck that dick.”

“Hnhm!” I couldn’t help it, but my brother almost dropped the computer, and his friend barely hung onto it. They both covered up their groins, but then she stepped in front of me. “What’re you looking at?”

“None of your business,” my brother said, but then I looked around behind her.

“We better go ask mom.” I took her hand, but I didn’t pull it.

“No don’t!”

“Maybe his dad wants to know what 2 boys are doing behind his shed.”

“Guys,” his friend started backing away. Sideways along the fence, because the shed was so far back, you could barely get 3 2x4s in there, side by side. So, about a foot away from the fence? “Quit kidding around.”

“We just want to see,”

“Go back inside.”

“Okay,” I took a deep breath, and then she covered my mouth. “MWM!”

“Okay, okay. If we show you, will that make you happy?” The other boy came back, and unfolded the computer. There was this girl on there, with her mouth wide open, and a plastic dong, pointed right at it. A black girl, but really skinny. She had her legs crossed, too.

“What’s all those buttons?” My friend tapped the screen, but it didn’t do anything.

“It’s jerkmate, but you have to use the touchpad.”

I pulled it down, where I could see better, but he had to hold the computer in both hands.

She moved her finger around, and hit a button on the bottom.

“Oh, you want to see my pussy?” She leaned back, and spread her legs. “Huh, I’m so wet, and hungry for you.”

I looked down, and I couldn’t tell if he still had a boner, so I reached up under the computer to check.

“Watch it, man!” He almost dropped it again.

I giggled, “I’m not a man.”

My brother said my name, but then my friend grabbed him, and hugged them. “Hey, let them have a little fun. We can have a little fun, too.”

“You’re gonna jerk off, huh? That’s why it’s called jerkmate, right?” He backed up. “Good idea, you don’t want my brother to see it, but it’s not gay if you let a girl do it.”

“Sh,” she kissed him. “It’s okay, nothing to worry about.” Rubbing my brother through the front of his pants.

I knew that she had the hots for him. She told me, she thinks he’s super cute, and she asked me all kinds of stuff. I don’t know the answer to, what am I gonna do. Sneak in his room with a ruler while he’s asleep?

“Yeah, but it’s still child molesting with a little girl.”

“Not if you don’t touch me, it isn’t. Just get it out, I just wanna see it.” I already got to touch it, but he didn’t have a stiffy. “Come on, that’s what you’re gonna do anyway, and it’s not like she’s not older then you. Oh, it’s because I’m not black.”

“No, but you’re.”

“I know who I am. Come on, what’re you afraid of? I won’t tell, if you just get it out, and show me.”

He really didn’t want to, but finally he gave up. “Here,” handed me the computer, but I just folded it back up. I don’t want to play some robot girl sex game. I mean, she’s not a robot, she’s a real girl, but she doesn’t even have any pubes. I bet she shaved them, or got a Brazilian, for cam-whoring.

I guess it’s just not good enough to just take off your clothes, and spread your legs, for some boys. You have to make it like a video game for them, but whatever. “Huh, let me try something, okay?”

Once he got his pants open, he didn’t try to stop me. He let me come closer, and move his hands so I could pull his pants down. “You wanted to see her, do this?” I picked it up, but I didn’t have to tell him. He just said it, Suck that dick. It’s not even a real dick, but at least you don’t have to worry about a toy one going soft.

“Mhn!” It’s warm, and squishy. So, I squished it with my tongue, and rubbed it up on the top of my mouth. “SNH!” Took a deep breath from his sweaty pubes, and held it. Felt his heart beat, and the blood pump into it. It getting thicker, and fatter. Longer, and harder until I had to back up before it tickled the back of my throat.

“Smuip! There. Huh, is it okay, if I just.” I gripped it, and let it slip through my fingers, and thumbs.

“Huh, yeah. Uh, god you’re such a little. UH!?” He shook his head, when I stopped, and gripped it.


“Nothing, you’re good. You’re a good little girl, just don’t stop. Hurry up before somebody sees us.”

“AGHL!” I heard a loud cough, around the corner. They backed up too, but they had a lot more room on that side. “Ag guk guk guk guk guk!”

“Huh!” I rolled my eyes, “Oh kay.” He lied, I’m not a good girl any more, but I got a naughty little giggle. “Just watch what you say to me.”

I could guess where he was going with that. It doesn’t matter if you use the S word, or the W word, that’s no way to speak to anyone you want something from. Lucky for him, I want it too. No way it’ll fit, but I’m not on birth control. “You don’t have any rubbers,” I just kept slipping it back and forth, rubbing his balls through the crotch, but I didn’t pull down his underwear.

He shook his head, “What for?”

I just rolled my eyes, what else do you use them for, dummy? Oh well. It’s starting to dry up, so I held it out. “Don’t shove it in, let me.”

“Okay.” He just held his pants up. So, I could wet it with my mouth, and try to remember how the porno girls do it.

There was this one lady, actually a whole bunch of older ladies, but one in particular. Uhm, back alley stranger hand job, and cum compilation. I think, maybe it was Cumpilation, I’m not sure. “Huhlulalalal!” Either way, I licked it all over, and looked up to see if her liked that, but I couldn’t tell. He had his eyes closed, but a pretty smile on his face.

“Huh, you better look out, just in case. I can’t really see anything down here. Just his wand, but I had a little spit in my mouth, so “Ptooh!” I tried it in both hands, but that didn’t quite work. He had more than a handful, but I could barely get the other one around the end, so I tried swirling it around like a doorknob.

“Stop,” he brushed my hand off, “Don’t do that.”


“Where’d you learn to suck cock, anyway?”

“I’m just trying to see what works. Sorry.” I looked down, and chewed on my tongue. Concentrating on the rhythm. Careful not to pull it too far, so my hand didn’t slip off, and stopping right at the neck, since he doesn’t like the head touched.

“Suck it some more.”

Well, it was still pretty wet, but I shrugged, and figured it didn’t hurt any. To add some more, but then he took my hand, and put it back up. “Don’t stop stroking it. Huh, yeah. Just like that.”

I nodded, and just sucked the head.

“Uh ah ahn neah! AH!” I blinked, but then I just guessed. Maybe she’s faking it? I don’t know what a real one sounds like. I always held my breath, so nobody heard me, and caught me playing with myself. So, I just shrugged, and closed my eyes.

“Huh, faster, yeah faster. Jerk it, ngh. Jerk it off.” What does he think I’m doing here? “UGH!” he even whined a little, but as soon as his hand went weak on my wrist.

“POP! Nghm!” I got down, even lower, and closed my eyes. As soon as I saw the first white shot, across the sky like an airplane making clouds, but before I got any in my eyes. “Hmmmn!” I licked my lips, when a little ran across them. Sideways, but then it seemed like forever.

I’m sure it was only a few seconds, it’s usually only about 10, or 20 seconds in the videos, but I hoped it would just keep splashing all over my face, in an endless stream.

“Uh, god!” Huh!” He finally slipped out of my grasp. Flopped, and the last drop hit his pantleg, but he pulled them up, and I touched my cheek. Grinning, my mom yelled his name out the back door.

“What did I tell you about pissing back there, we’ve got a bathroom, just come in and use it!”

“Sorry, mrs…”

“Hihihn!” She grabbed my shoulders, and turned me around. I started giggling, and jumping up and down with her.

“I got my first facial!”

“Oh, you won’t believe what your brother did to me!”

“That was real?”


“Your O. It sounded like a big old O!”

“O, yeah!” She grinned. “That was real, all right.”

“So, what did he do, to give it to you?”

“Oh, you better wipe off your face, before we come out.”

I giggled, but she was right. As much as I wanted to run up there, yelling mommy, mommy, look what I got! I know that my dad probably would not be amused, if he didn’t call the cops, and lock him up for molesting me, so I’ll never see him again.

“God, did he have to take forever?”

“For what?” I just assumed she ment my brother.

“For anything? Jesus, you’d think after 5 years of flirting over the fence, he’d come over and make a move.”

“Oh, you don’t like that?”

“I shouldn’t have too!”

“All right, I’ll have to tell him that.” he left his computer here, so I’d have to take it in to him, so he can give it back to his friend.

“Thanks,” she hugged me, and then we went back inside…

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