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Amy Tale/s – Shesquatch

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I tell Alyson, now you are going to see what real pussy eating feels like, and I set Carla to eating Alyson’s shaved pussy.

I was reclining against the headboard naked watching TV Sunday around 10am, the day after Rasaun was here. Lisa showed up Saturday after Rasaun left, and she spent the night. She is laying naked in between my legs with the back of her head resting on my pussy. Lisa is messing with her phone and rubbing my leg while I play with her hair. Every now and then, Lisa will turn into my thigh and kiss it. Paige is probably in her room, and Clair, Ken, and Greg are in the living room.

My phone rings and I look and I do not recognize the number. I answer and say, hello? YOU WHORE! YOU BETTER STAY AWAY FROM MY BOYFRIEND OR I WILL KILL YOU! Click, I hang up. Lisa sits up because the girl on the phone was loud, and she wants to know who it is? I say, probably Rasaun’s girlfriend. It rings again, I answer but don’t speak. DON’T HANG UP…Click, I hang up again. Third times a charm? I answer in silence and they are silent too.

After they figure out I am not going to hang up, she says, who are you? I say, now why would I tell someone who I am that just threatened to kill me, who are you? She says, I’m Rasaun’s girlfriend Alyson, and I will find you BITCH! I find out later that Alyson went through Rasaun’s phone, but he had erased my texts. I left one voice mail message that he forgot to erase, and Alyson found it. The voice mail extended an invitation to Rasaun to spend the night with me. I say, well, Alyson, if you come near me with the intent to do me harm, I will make sure you get some new playmates to fight with.

Alyson says, are you going to leave my boyfriend alone? I say, no. BITCH, I WILL PULL YOUR…Click, I hang up again. I am not going to be screamed at and threatened. I answer again and Alyson says, I want to meet you? I say, okay. Alyson asks, what is your name, where do you live or work? I say, I am not telling you that. I was actually encouraged she asked me these things, it meant Rasaun has not told her, and he knows the answers to all three of these questions. Alyson says, well, where can we meet? I say, the food court at the mall, tomorrow at 6pm. Alyson asks, how will I recognize you, what do you look like? I say, bring Rasaun. Alyson ends the call with, you better be there, BITCH! I hang up.

I know most of the full-time employees around the mall, especially the security staff because we have needed them on occasion. There is 26-year-old 6’ black guy named Nathan, and he is good looking, and I have flirted with him a few times. He is married and will not take the bait. However, he is really friendly to me when we talk (it is just a matter of time). I show up at the food court at 5:30pm and Clair, Paige, Lisa, and Courtney are with me. Janet shows up with Carla (aka Less Than Beautiful). I will have to pay Carla in pussy tonight. Carla would stop chopping down trees to trim my bush, and she loves me, and wouldn’t let anybody harm me.

I see Rasaun and I guess that is Alyson, and oh my, she is a big girl. I would say 5’ 11” tall and pushing 190lbs+ in weight, and she has huge titties, but she is not just big, some of that is fat weight. Rasaun walks up and knows everyone but Janet, Carla, and Lisa. Alyson says, which one is it Rasaun? Rasaun does not answer her, and I say, you are looking for me. Alyson raises her voice and says, BITCH I WILL STOMP YOUR ASS! I look over at the security guard and wave and say, hey Nathan! He waves back and says, hey miss Amy. Alyson says, so your name is Amy, I am not scared of that guard, or your friends.

Janet walks between me and Alyson and sits in a chair, and she places her purse down on the table, and she crosses her sexy legs. Janet is dressed hot and expensive, and her hair and makeup looks good. Alyson looks at Janet and says, you don’t intimidate me either goldy locks, I will snatch that hair out of your head. Janet says, if you so much as look at me again cross, my lawyer will see to it that your next fights will be with the dykes in the penitentiary. Janet tells Carla to sit and tells me to sit in Carla’s lap. Alyson says, is that your bodyguard? I say, yes, and Carla will she-man dozer you into the ground, and all we will need to get is the tombstone.

Alyson outweighs Carla, but it is fat weight. Carla works in a warehouse loading heavy boxes in delivery vans. The only workout Alyson gets is the lifting of her fork to her mouth. Janet says to Alyson, are you going to sit and talk, or continue to bark, because to be honest, you do not concern us, not…even…a little bit. One phone call and I can have your ass in jail, and just so you know, I can afford a team of lawyers, that will make your public defender drown in paperwork for two years just trying to get you to a trial. So, for you to keep threatening us with violence is the best possible outcome we could hope for. Why do you think we agreed to meet you, are you really dumb enough to think threatening us will work?

Alyson and Rasaun sit, and the other girls get some food for everyone. Janet tells Alyson, Rasaun can fuck whoever he wants, and trust me darling, he has tasted the honey barrel. You can either get on board, or leave. Janet tells Rasaun, it is obvious you love Alyson and don’t want to leave her, and that is your choice, but that does not mean you cannot see other people too. Alyson says, no he can’t see other people. Janet says to Rasaun, your problem is her bossing you around, do you want to see other people? Rasaun looked at Alyson and says, I don’t want to break up, but I am going to continue to see Amy.

Alyson yelped at Rasaun and some more at us, but we started ignoring her and ate, and they ate too in between her barking (Alyson was passing up a free meal). We finished and Janet stood and said, you are both welcome to come with us for some fun, and Rasaun, you can come alone if you want. We are not intimidated by threats, and this is not high school. The rest of us stood to leave as well, and Rasaun asked Alyson if she wanted to come, and she protested. Rasaun told her he was going, and she reluctantly came along.

Lisa wants a spin on Rasaun, and her, Paige, and Courtney whisk Rasaun away to the bedroom as Clair and Carla follow them. Alyson is agitated at what is happening, and me and Janet take Alyson to the shower. I want to provide a more detailed description of Alyson.

I am sticking with my 190lbs+ weight estimate, 5’ 11” height, and she has black hair down past her shoulders, and she curls it with an iron probably. She is attractive, and she has a big shaped mouth and nice lips. She has a couple of fat rolls, but they are kind of sexy, and she has huge natural tits that sag, but it is also sexy. Her bra size would be an E cup, and her measurements are estimated at 46-38-44. Michelle has a slim waist, and she is fit, but Alyson is like a walking jello farm, she has fat dimples on her ass and the back of her thighs. She has big calves too. Her pussy is totally shaved, and I first I thought she might benefit from some hair to distract from her weight, but the more we rubbed and washed her, the sexier her squishy body felt, and her pussy was starting to make my mouth water form staring at it. I think I understand what Rasaun sees in her.

We get her to the bed, and she sees Rasaun fucking Courtney, and she realizes that Rasaun is fucking some hot chicks when she looks around. I tell Alyson, now you are going to see what real pussy eating feels like, and I set Carla to eating Alyson’s shaved pussy. Me and Janet, and some of the others rubbed Alyson’s big squishy titties and sucked her nipples, and we rubbed her stomach and ass, it was erotic touching her. When Carla made Alyson orgasm, her body rippled as she shook. I got on top of Alyson and said, eat my pussy, and I ate hers. I was her first girl, and Janet helped her get me off licking my asshole and directing Alyson.

Alyson liked it, and she ended up eating most of the other girl’s pussies too. We played with our boy toy Rasaun, and I fucked Carla (aka Less Than Beautiful) …the end. No, it is nice to have sex with Carla, but it is a bit like medicine, it’s bittersweet. Carla was happy and she made me cascade orgasm, and I got her off eating her big smelly pussy. When Alyson found out what real fucking was, she accepted Rasaun’s new lifestyle. Alyson is the biggest girl I have slept with, and I liked it. I want to have sex with her some more.

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