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Amy Tale/s – Scuttlebutt

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There was a small scandal at the school, and I was concerned that I was going to get into trouble for fucking a minor.

My secret affair with Jim Teacher was ongoing for months now, and I started getting more daring with my secret to see how long I could keep it. I was having fun pretending to be cheating on my sex circle of friends, specifically Janet. Janet burst her way into my threesome relationship with Ethan and Emma, and I was playing a long game with her now. Janet could not figure out what I was up to. She knew I was not spending as much time at the apartment, that is, when she would pull her little surprise visits.

Janet thought I was just there when she needed or wanted me for her thrills (much like my ex-husband). Janet was the primary target of my drawn-out game. I dreamt this game up when I learned Aliya wanted to leave Jim. Jim knew the stakes if anyone found out about us, that I would end it. So, I raised the stakes. I left my car at work one day and left an hour early by cab, and I went to the high school. Janet has my car bugged, so I started leaving it places to fuck with her, and I took cabs.

I always let Ken know not to worry, that I was just with friends, and he did not care what I did anyway. Ken loved me for my sex circle of friends, that netted him big black cock and monster white cock to suck and fuck, and more pussy than he ever wanted. I removed my bra in the cab to the delight of the male driver, and I put my trench coat back on. I arrive at the high school around 4:20pm, and I go into the gym where they are practicing basketball. I guess the head coach came up to me as I was removing my trench coat, and he said the practices are closed to parents. He was white and in his 40’s and fit and decent looking.

I shake my tits and put my hand on his chest and say, oh, I am not a parent, my name is Maria, and I am here waiting for Jim to finish. I say, wow, you are in great shape, as I squeeze his chest and shake my tits. I remove my hand and say, the cab dropped me off and my car is in the shop. He says, well Maria, I guess you can wait, and I will tell Jim. Jim already saw me, and after he made the boys practice something on the own, he came over and wanted to know what I was doing here? I reminded him of our agreement and told him to call me Maria.

I sat on the bottom bleacher and tried to look sexy as hell. The boys were having a hard time concentrating on their basketballs, and they were scratching their other ones. After Jim and the other coach stopped glancing my way, I slowly removed my panties, and a number of the students saw me, and they would tap other boys on the shoulder saying, look man! After my panties were off, the coaches notice the distraction in the players’ ranks, and were looking at me again. I just fiddled with my phone with my legs crossed shaking one leg slowly like I was not even paying them any attention.

Paige probably knows all these boys, but they do not know me because I only went to that one sport’s rally, and I didn’t interact with any students. The coaches return to their instructions, and I uncross my legs, and I pull my skirt up some, and no balls were bouncing as the periphery of players stared at my hairy pussy. I watched them do it, eyeing them, and when the coaches looked, I closed my legs. This went on for 20 minutes and the coaches told them to run laps. I stood up and moved away from the court and held my panties up as all the boys ran by me, and some white boy took them. Jim came over to me, and we moved back further to the side of the bleachers so the boys could run, and they were still looking, and I hugged and kissed Jim and lifted one leg. I whispered in Jim’s ear, when Paige hears about this, you better just say it was your girlfriend Maria.

Jim knew my affair with him was secret, but he did not know the scope of my game. Jim was a pawn, a toy piece I moved on the game board. I went home with Jim after basketball practice and fucked the shit out of him. I returned to my car by cab and drove home at 9:30pm. Janet called my phone and wanted to know if everything was alright, and I said, yes, why? She said, my tacking app just showed that you stayed late at work. I said, yes, it was inventory, I hate that shit. She bought it, and she wanted to know what I was doing this weekend, and yada, yada, yada.

Paige said she heard Jim had a new girlfriend named Maria. Maria was a smoking hot blonde milf, with nice tits and a sexy hairy pussy and legs, and she gives her used panties away. I said, how do you know what her tits and pussy look like? Paige told me she heard from some boys that Maria showed up at a practice not wearing a bra, and she removed her panties and flash her pussy at them. A boy named Alex was showing everybody Maria’s panties which she gave him as a trophy. Paige said, I ask Mr. Coach, and all he would say is that it was his new girlfriend Maria. Paige says, I think I want to meet Maria after hearing the basketball team talk about her. I said, good luck Princess.

A few days later Sophia told me a similar story about Maria. Then a day after that Aliya mentioned Maria when her and Courtney were at the apartment. Courtney was looking at me with a mischievous grin, because of Aliya’s curiosity about Courtney’s secret errand with me that Sunday Courtney and I fucked Jim. Janet’s going around and asking my girlfriends what I have been up to? Courtney had put it all together, and I could see it in her eyes, and I smiled at her. Courtney figured it all out, she knew I was fucking with everybody for some kind of thrill.

Courtney cornered me and kissed me and said, you are doing all this for fun aren’t you, you’re Maria, right? I said, no baby, I don’t know who Maria is, I thought you were smiling because you remembered our secret fuck with Jim. I said, you have kept my secret, haven’t you? Courtney said, yes, I have not told anyone. I said, good, that is why I was smiling baby, because I knew you kept my secret. [I was not ready for someone to know my game, this was my game, mine! I did not want to get caught by a pawn in my plan, I wanted Janet to catch me. I was playing against Janet, or at the least, Paige].

Next, I started spending weeknights with Jim and leaving my car at work. I would suck Jim’s cock and give him a super milf fuckings with my luscious body. Jim was in love with me, and my often visits were making Jim think I was in love with him too, especially when I would spend the night. He could hold my hot body all night and sleep next to me. I was kind of fond of Jim in a way, but I wasn’t going to marry him, the poor guy. The scuttlebutt spread in the school and beyond, and Jim told me that teachers were wanting to meet his new girlfriend Maria. I said, to bad, if they find out, you are cut off, and that includes my pipeline of pussy as well, and Paige. I left the school to Jim, I used it for a purpose, and I could not afford to be seen there anymore until their memory faded, and they forgot about Maria.

I was on the couch drinking a wine cooler with Courtney laying in my lap one Friday night; and we were in nighties watching a movie. Aliya was at Courtney’s apartment, and wanted some privacy to grade some tests and prepare some lessons for her students. Paige was out on a date. I did not know it was to a basketball game. Ken was at Greg’s, and it was just me and Courtney at the apartment. Paige comes in with a boy and a girl (who were a couple at school, and Paige was going to have a threesome with them). They were both white and both were cute, and the boy played on the basketball team and when he saw me, he said, your Maria, Mr. Coach’s girlfriend.

Courtney sat up fast and glared at me as I bit my lip. Paige said, I knew from the description of the boys it was you Queenie. Alex said, she is the woman that came to our practice to see Mr. Coach, and I saw her kiss him, and I have her panties. I said, I don’t know what you are talking about, you must have me confused. Alex said, no ma’am, I jacked off thinking about you and your pussy and smelling those panties. I am glad to get a refresher image. I got up and grabbed Alex by the wrist and took him to Paige’s room. I mounted Alex and I said, listen, I cannot let my boyfriend find out about this, do you understand? Alex said, well, I guess, but I don’t see how that is my problem. Paige and Lisa (Alex’s girlfriend) followed us, and Courtney was standing in the door.

I pulled my nightie off and I pulled him into my supple tits, and I said, how would you like to have free fucks with me and my girlfriends? Alex said, sure. I said, will you keep my secret? Alex said, yes ma’am. I told Courtney to take her nightie off and undress Lisa. Lisa was on the bed and I said, and you Lisa, can you keep my secret too? Lisa said, yes, I will keep your secret. Courtney and Paige made Lisa orgasm long and hard the first time, and many single ones for an hour afterwards. I fucked Alex’s 7” pecker front back and sideways, until he got off three times, and I sucked his 17-year-old dick and swallowed his cum a fourth time for good measure.

I explained more in detail how they could not reveal Jim Teacher’s relationship with me to anyone. They understood, and now I know I will have to fuck them until my game is up. Paige is an easy fix, and part of me was glad she was the first to really catch me, although Courtney actually figured it out first. There is no way Paige would say anything, she is very smart, and she loves the game as much as me. For Paige, this was instruction into how the masters play, so she could use it for her high school games. Courtney berated me for lying to her, and I told her it was a game, and secrets and lies are how you play. Courtney kissed me and said, it was exciting, I was so shocked when that boy said, your Maria; I knew it was you when they started talking about Jim’s new girlfriend being a hot blonde milf.

The game was over, Paige won. It was a game between royalty, the Queen was playing with the Duchess and the Princess. I waited a few weeks and the inevitable happened, lose lips and all, and Alex bragged to his teammates that he fucked Maria. Sophia got wind of it, the gossip spread, and Janet found out from one of my girls, probably Tiffany. Jim Teacher was her teacher once upon a time too. Janet was impressed with my game, and conceded defeat to Paige, but Janet said Paige had an unfair advantage, and she only discovered the truth by accident (but it wasn’t an accident, Paige bought that boy there to see me to verify her suspicions). I said, well, accidents are how people who are cheating get caught.

There was a small scandal at the school, and I was concerned that I was going to get into trouble for fucking a minor. Paige waved her magic pussy and made it all go away. Paige destroyed Alex with little pecker gossip. It eventually turned into hearsay, courtesy of Lisa, who Paige seduced and fucked on the regular, and Paige included a lot of my playmates in the mix. It helped that my name is Amy and not Maria, this assuaged rumors and turned them into teenage fantasies.

I kept spending 1 or 2 nights a week with Jim and inviting him to the apartment, and he would cum and fuck the girls. I wasn’t done with Jim, and I didn’t think I would ever be done. I liked that I had a place to crash in private, and I had already stocked his place with my clothes and supplies. Jim was good looking and straight, and he singularly loved me, and I did not care if he fucked other women. He was a good fuck, and under my tutelage, he got better. Maybe he will be good for some future games – sports’ fans…

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