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Amy Tale/s – SB-09 (Coco)

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I bend over and run my tongue all the way up inside Tina’s pussy lips, and she is so fucking wet it is all over my face.

The next work week passed and on Friday after work I wanted to go out to eat. Paige did not want to go (we went out almost all week to eat). Courtney was spending the night as well, and Paige wanted Courtney to stay with her while me and Ken went out to eat. We took our time eating and drank some wine, and we got back to the apartment just before 9pm.

I walk in and Paige and Courtney are naked on the couch, and Courtney is painting Paige’s toenails. I don’t say anything and walk over to the counter and set my purse down, and I see they have ordered takeout from the Notorious Place. I turn around and say, who delivered this? Paige smiles at me and says, Celestina. I say, is that the same delivery girl that saw y’all naked? Paige says, yes. I say, what did she see this time? Paige says, both of us naked, and she got to cop a feel.

I notice Courtney has the gold slave collar on, and I say, Courtney why did you let Paige put that collar on you? Courtney does not answer me or look at me. I say, Courtney…Courtney! Ahhhhhhhhh! Paige, why will she not answer me? Paige says, because I change her name when she is in pet mode, and she only responds when you use it. I say, what is the name? Paige says, you have to kiss me nicely and make me know that you love me Queenie.

I storm off to the bedroom and come back and say, where is the key to the collar? Paige says, I hid it. I sit down in a living room chair, and I compose myself. Courtney has finished Paige’s toes, and I wait calmly. After 10 minutes I tell Paige to, come over here Princess and sit on my lap. I rub her naked body, and breasts, and up her neck and turn her lips into mine and I kiss Paige, and I say, I love you Princess.

Paige jumps up and says, Courtney’s pet name is Coco, and Paige says, go put the nail stuff back Coco, and Courtney says, yes Princess Paige. I laugh shaking my head and I say, you are full of yourself, aren’t you? Paige says, I am just having fun, and Paige lunges between my thighs and works my skirt up and takes my panties off and rubs the hair on my pussy. I say, I need to take a shower. Paige says, you better hurry, I have a surprise. I say, what surprise? Paige says, if I tell you, it would not be a surprise.

I shower and slip into a nightie and get a wine cooler and sit on the couch, and I watch my two naked beauties fondle each other with their toes. The doorbell rings, and Paige says, get the door Coco, and don’t respond to my orders anymore, just do what I say. Courtney answers the door, naked, and it is the delivery girl, but she is not in uniform, and she has a duffel bag with her. Paige says, come in Celestina. Paige just sits on the couch and says, Celestina…Celestina says you can just call me Tina…Tina, this is my Queen Amy, you can call her miss Amy. Tina says, hi miss Amy, thank you for letting me spend the night.

I look at Paige and she is grinning at me, and I say, your welcome Tina, nice to meet you. Paige says, Tina, this is a naked party, and you are overdressed. Paige crawls down to me and takes my nightie off and kisses me and says, you too Madam. Celestina is not really my type, she is cute, but she is Latina, 19, and about 5’ 2 or 3”, with black hair down to the middle of her back. Tina is probably a “B” cup in the 32” range, and her hips are probably the same. 32”, and she has a small waist. Her skin is a medium-dark brown, and her nipples and areola together are about the size of a nickel and a darker brown. So, the hips not big (2” to 4” makes a difference), and she is a slim girl with a totally shaved pussy. I guess she had an average body type for her size.

Paige asks, how many girls have you fucked Tina, and what color were they? Tina responds, two, and they were Latina also. Paige says, how do we compare in looks to the Latina girls you fucked? You girls are gorgeous, that first night I saw Courtney I almost fingered myself on the way back from the delivery. That night you kissed me and put my hand on your pussy, I wanted to quit my job and stay and lick your pussy all night. Tonight, when you girls let me taste your pussies, and said I could come back after work, I had to wear a pad in my panties just to keep from soaking my uniform.

Paige says, come over here beside the couch Tina, and stand between miss Amy’s legs and put your right foot up on her thigh. I look at Tina’s brown shaved pussy and say, Coco, go get a couple towels. Courtney says, yes miss Amy, and Paige says, just do what the mistress tells you Coco, and no more responses until we say otherwise. Tina had pussy juice down to her calves on both legs. Courtney is on her way back and Paige says, stop right there, Coco. I say, we need those towels. Paige says, don’t you want to taste it first, come on, one taste. I bend over and run my tongue all the way up inside Tina’s pussy lips, and she is so fucking wet it is all over my face.

Paige jumps over and dives into Tina’s pussy and gets her face washed in pussy juice too. Paige says, Coco, come taste Tina’s pussy, and Courtney get drenched. I take the towels and wipe my face, and I dry Tina off some, but she is so aroused she is trembling. Paige lays Tina on some towels and eats her pussy, and Tina orgasmed in two minutes, no shit. I tried, and she last 4 minutes the second time, and when Courtney ate her, she was up to about 8 minutes the third time before she orgasmed. I told Courtney to get my 8” dildo, and I slide it into Tina pussy, and it was effortless smooth because she was so wet.

I said, let’s go to one of the guest rooms. I laid on my back and Tina was going to eat my pussy, and I said, no dear, turn on top me in a 69, or you are going to soak the bed. Tina was short, but shorter in the upper body, and although I could eat her pussy, I let her rest on my breasts, and she washed them in her pussy juice as she ate me. Tina was inexperienced as a pussy eater, and Paige started fingering me and I got off. Paige made Courtney lick my breasts while they were wet with Tina’s pussy juice. Tina did the same thing eating Courtney’s pussy, and Paige’s pussy, and we took turns licking each other’s breasts to remove the moisture left by Tina’s pussy.

It was so easy to bring Tina to an orgasm that I bet we did it 20 times between us. It was pushing toward 1am, and Paige was wanting all of us to sleep naked. We all got in the shower and washed off. I said, let’s use the guest room, because I can just pull the sheets and leave it for the maid service Monday, if we mess up the master bedroom sheets, I have to change them to use the bed again. I said, maybe Tina should wear panties and a pad. Paige said, no, I don’t care if she wets the bed with her cunt. Paige and Courtney had Tina in between them and was kissing on her “B” cups and on her lips when I fell asleep.

Tina had to work Saturday at 11am, but Paige exchanged numbers with her. Tina was different and my first Latina girl. I believe there is a difference in body types, and I think Anglo American girls are hotter, and I think Tina would agree. Maybe Paige is on to something, and I think it would be cool to find other nationalities to sample.

Paige took over ownership of Coco. It was fun for me to play a dominance/submission role game with Courtney, but after Paige leaves next week, I never put the collar back on Courtney. It just wasn’t the same without my Princess around. A lot of games lost their meaning to me.

I am going to sum up the summer break, but I have one more party I will write about where both Paige and her mother Bethany attended it. There was more sex in the next week, but Janet planned a pool party for Paige on the coming Saturday because Paige was leaving Sunday. This Sunday we went over to Sophia’s, and Courtney and Clair came with me and Paige. Paige made out with Tiffany and Sophia, which is something she had not done yet.

Paige was looking forward to the pool party on Saturday, but almost every night during the week in between this Saturday and the pool party, Paige cried herself to sleep in my arms not wanting to leave. Paige was the only child of Bethany and her 2nd husband, and he was married again and had another son and a daughter now. Paige did not like the woman he married. Bethany’s 3rd husband (current husband) had two teenage boys from a previous marriage, and he had a prenuptial agreement with that wife (and Bethany), and the sons lived with him mostly. Paige did not like living with them either, which is probably why she had such an attitude when we first met.

Paige made me cry some of the nights of that last week because she had become so attached to me. I was going to miss her, but at the same time, she was a handful. I will share Amy Tale/s – SB-10 (Paige’s Pool Party), and that will conclude the month that Paige stayed with me on her summer break.

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