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Amy Tale/s – SB-08 (Mother Daughter)

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Paige would say stuff like, damn I love big black cock, all I want is nigger dick, damn it makes my white pussy feel so good.

By the next Saturday everyone but Courtney was off the rag, and Ken and Greg had a strange request from Aunt Bethany. Bethany wanted us to dress up nice and come to a suite at the Resort. She wanted me to bring everyone that was here last Saturday. Courtney was out (on the rag), and to be honest, I did not know what kind of game Bethany was playing, so I invited Ethan and Emma.

I found out more from Paige about her family. Her stepfather (Bethany’s 3rd husband) was rich, and he owned a manufacturing company with three facilities. Bethany and her 3rd husband were high society swingers. Paige said that threatening to tell on her mom’s affairs was an empty threat, except, he was prejudice. In fact, that is where Paige picked up using the “N” word as slang. I say prejudice because it is really hard to find true racists today. Sure, the media will hype racism to keep people fighting each other, but the vast majority of white people today are not racists. You will find some who are prejudice.

Prejudice people think white girls should marry white guys and they frown on cross race dating, but they have no problem with black people. They will blame blacks for the violence in inner cities (which they cause most of the time), but they have black friends and skin color is not the reason for the dislike of those causing violence. To them it is just a demeaning categorical statement to use the “N” word for those causing violence again. If Paige were to tell her stepdad about Ethan fucking her mom, that was a genuine threat that could cause Bethany trouble.

We show up to the suite, and Bethany is with a white couple, and they are wearing like evening gowns and jeweled and made up to the nines, and the man is in a suit. Very sophisticated and typical of high society. We are wearing dresses, and the boys were in slacks and polos, and we look good, but not rich. I look better in shorts and a t-shirt; I am just sexy that way because I don’t act sophisticated and uppity. Bethany corners me and says, I told you the people there Saturday, these people are not going to want to have sex with black people. Again, this was a question of status, not skin color. To them it was like stooping down to a lower level, it could have been white hillbillies and they would have said white trash.

I said, these are my friends, and I don’t know what the fuck you are doing right now anyway. My friends are not for your entertainment, so if this is a problem, we can leave. Everyone but the couple went into the second bedroom and I found out what was going on. The couple (the husband) was an investor, and apparently Bethany and her 3rd husband had sex with them before. Some wife swapping and watching the women do each other, or women doing each other while the men fucked them, but no gay sex. Bethany found out from the wife that the husband was bi-curious, and for a bonus, he wanted to fuck a mother and her teenage daughter (the fantasies people have). My sex circle of friends was being used to garner Bethany and her 3rd husband more green and influence among their high society swingers.

I was going to leave, and Paige was pissed, but Paige talked me into staying believing she could fuck up her mom’s friends (and I do like a game to break boredom). The arguing really involved more than this, but I want to get to the sex. Bethany went and schmooze with the couple and took Ken and Greg. A few minutes later, Ken and Greg are going gay on the bed together in front of the couple, because ken and Greg will do anything for Aunt Bethany. Paige wants to play, and she gets naked, and mounts Greg’s 9” cock and gets her pussy going on all of it. Paige and Greg suck Ken’s cock together. The husband gets undressed and starts sucking Ken’s dick, and after a bit, Ken gets him to lie down on his side and Ken sucks the husband’s dick.

Me and Clair get the wife naked, and she is a tall blonde (5’ 10”), and I get on top of her in a 69, and me and Clair eat her pussy together. This woman has a great body, and the couple are probably in their early 40’s. Her name is Patricia, and you can tell that professional attention goes into the upkeep of her body and looks. Patricia has a great tan, but no tan lines. Her pussy is waxed, and she does have a hair pinstripe on the top of her pussy. Hair, nails, all of her spends time in beauty shops. Paige brings Emma to the bed and they get in a 69 with Paige on top.

Patricia stops eating my pussy and is watching Paige and Emma. I just realized that Paige and Emma have never had sex together. Emma has been to the apartment when Paige was there, but they never hooked up. I asked Paige, is Emma your first brown sugar? Paige says, yes, and sugar is right, she has a smooth sweet pussy. Patricia seems enthralled by either Paige or Emma’s pussy, so I ask, is there something over there you like? Patricia says, I just want to know what a black girl’s pussy looks like. I tell Paige to move, and I move Patricia on top of Emma in a 69 and Emma starts eating her pussy.

I look back and the husband is fucking Bethany, and sucking Ken’s 8.5” cock as Ken stands over them. Greg is not on the bed, and I look around and he is sucking Ethan’s cock on a couch. The husband is watching his wife as she sits on top of Emma, and she bends down and looks at Emma’s totally shaved ebony pussy. The husband quit sucking Ken’s dick and exclusively watches his wife. Patricia moves her finger around in Emma’s pussy, investigating, curiously examining something she has never seen before. Patricia gets close and she can tell it smells like pussy, and she kisses around on the outside, and the husband is short stroking in Bethany’s pussy. Patricia licks it with her tongue a few times, and then she opens and gets a mouthful of Emma’s pussy, and she begins the necessary process to get a girl off orally, as she grabs around Emma’s ass and goes all in. The fucking husband explodes in Bethany and cums, and you can hear him grunting in pleasure.

Paige does not like to be left out, and I look back and she has locked up with Clair eating each other’s pussy. Emma gets Patricia off, and I roll them onto their sides, and I help Patricia by licking Emma’s ass while Patricia eats Emma’s pussy. Patricia looks at me with a bewildered look as I eat ass. It is short lived as Patricia closes her eyes and moans and I look, and Emma is eating her ass. [I asked her later, and Patricia said that was the first time someone has eaten her ass, and she has never done it herself to others]. Emma gets off, as well as Clair and Paige.

There is a break and snacks and drinks, and Bethany is trying to convince Paige to fuck the husband as part of his fantasy fulfillment. They argue in the other bedroom and Paige says ok, but Paige had her own plans. Paige lays on the bed and the husband is standing near by and Paige says, Queenie (Paige’s new nickname for me), would you call that a cock (talking about the husband)? I say, I call that a pecker. Paige laughs and says, what is a pecker? I say, well when it is around 7” or shorter, and average thickness or less, that is just what I call it. The husband was probably a little over 7”, but at least an inch or more shorter than Ken, and the husband was average thickness at best. Paige says, what about dick and cock? I say, well, a dick is bigger than that, and a cock is Greg’s size and up, but dick and cock are interchangeable to me in some instances.

Paige laughs and says to the husband, well come on and stick your pecker in some teenage pussy while my mom watches you fuck her daughter. The husband fucked Paige, but Paige laid there and was the most boring fuck a guy could get. Paige started criticizing him. Are you hard? I see you moving but I can’t feel anything. The husband eventually quit without getting off. Paige said, I need some nigger cock. I grabbed Emma’s hand and I said, I am sorry, she doesn’t mean anything, it’s just her way. Emma said, it’s okay, she is entertaining. Paige said, bring me some big black cock. We laid Ethan down and Paige mounted him and fucked his thick 12” big black cock, grunting and squealing. Paige would say stuff like, damn I love big black cock, all I want is nigger dick, damn it makes my white pussy feel so good.

Paige was grunting and moaning for real as part of her vocal consort, but she never got more than 9 or 10 inches of Ethan’s thick 12” big black cock in her pussy. I grabbed Paige’s wrist and pulled her off Ethan, and I said, let me show you how to fuck a big black cock. I got on my hands and knees, and Ethan knew what to do as he fucked me doggystyle. I grunted and moaned, and they could hear Ethan’s pelvis slapping against my ass, knowing that all 12” of his cock was inside my pussy. Ethan cums in my pussy and drives it deep, and he shakes against my ass as I collapse down and grunt and almost piss myself, and he is laying on top of me. Ethan knows to keep it deep until the erection fades, and when it does, he gets up.

I run my finger through my cum filled pussy and walk over to Paige and rub her lips with it. Paige opens her mouth and sucks my finger and jumps around my neck and kisses me hard. I say, that is how you fuck a cock my Princess. Paige says, I will get there, Queenie, and she rubs her nose on mine.

Patricia approaches me and says, does it hurt, fucking a dick that big? She had fucked Greg before I put on my show with Ethan, and I said, did Greg’s cock hurt? She said, a little, but it felt good to fuck a cock bigger than my husband. Her husband comes over to see what we are talking about. I say, a bigger cock can hurt, I have had it hit me deep and it hurt, but the more I fucked it the better it felt. The best part is how much it stretches you; it feels so good. I say, do you want to try it? Her husband says, no, we need to go now, and they finish dressing and leave.

Bethany fussed at Paige for acting like she did with her high society friends, especially about being a wet rag when she was fucking the husband. Ken, Greg, and Clair stayed the night with Bethany at the Resort, and Ethan and Emma dropped me and Paige back at the apartment. Next is Amy Tale/s – SB-09 (Coco), so keep reading.

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