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Amy Tale/s – SB-05 (Work Week)

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I opened the door and Paige was all up in Sherry’s brown hairy pussy. Paige looks at me and says, I have not finished helping the customer…

At work Monday, Paige spent the morning on paperwork for the apprenticeship program. Ken’s dad (William) set it up so that I had to sign everything as the overseer. Paige would get paid, but it was hardly anything. It was designed to give her experience for college applications. I had to occupy Paige, or she would just follow me around. I used several associates through the week, and I tried to keep her out of hard departments like electronics, or furniture, and so on, because customers will ask things that you need to know, and she did not have the training.

There is plenty to do, and if I find someone doing nothing, I find them something to do. There are always clothes to fold, shelf sorting and cleaning, clean up in dressing areas, housekeeping, etc. Monday passed with no fanfare, and while there were sexual activities at night at the apartment through the week, I would just be regurgitating sex acts to fill space. Tuesday was the first time Janet attacked. Janet knew Paige was working with me, and she wanted to cause me problems just for fun.

Janet dresses in ways flirting with the line of being too skimpy for public. There she was in high heels and looking hot, but her dress only had an inch to spare from showing her pussy, and it was low cut and open on the sides, and it was a body conform. Janet looks nice, and if someone were to tell her it reveals too much, she would probably just say, what am I revealing, my thighs, my shoulders and chest, my side. So, no one is probably going to call her out to expel her from their store. The worst part was she found Paige, and she was going through a clothes rack, no doubt to take Paige to the dressing room.

I said, what are you doing Janet, several of the associates know you, and the manager definitely knows you? Janet says, well, I can shop, and Paige said she would be glad to help me try this on. I snatched it out of Janet’s hand and said, come on, I will help get you and your clothes off. I slam Janet against the wall in the dressing room, lift the conform dress an inch, she is wearing no panties, and I eat Janet’s pussy until she gets off. I am kneeling, and I look, and Paige is watching under the door and she sees me. Paige says, oh, that is how you help customers try on clothes, I will remember that lesson miss Amy, and she leaves? We leave the dressing room and Janet says, see you girlfriend, and laughs her way to checkout with some items.

The next day Janet sent Sherry in, and before I could get to her and Paige, they were going into the dressing area. I got to the dressing area and stopped, because there were women shopping right outside. I walked calmly down the hall and I knew they were in the back, and I started hearing noises, the kind that can get you in trouble. I knocked on the door and said, is everything alright in there? Paige says, yes miss Amy, the zipper is stuck. I opened the door and Paige was all up in Sherry’s brown hairy pussy. Paige looks at me and says, I have not finished helping the customer try on clothes like you taught me yesterday, but I am almost done.

I shut the door because I know fussing will probably be heard. I guard the entry way like a look out for a dirty deed, and 10 minutes passes, and they come out laughing. I tell Sherry she is going to get us in trouble, and Sherry blames Janet, and there she is, concealing herself with a hat and sunglasses. Janet had been watching from a distance, and because I was so focused on the dressing area, I did not see her. I go over and fuss at her, and Janet says, relax, I am just having fun, you are not going to get fired, that little girl has corporate protection. I still fussed, and Janet and Sherry purchased some stuff and left.

Nothing happened the next day, but that did not stop me from worrying that is would. By the end of the day, my nerves were shot from trying to keep an eye on Paige. I figured Janet was done, maybe she felt bad for causing me problems, and she gave up on messing with me at work. There was nothing the next day too, and I thought it was over. I received a phone call from a number I did not recognize Thursday, and it was Aunt Bethany checking on Paige. Bethany said she was coming down Saturday, and she would be spending the night at Ken’s. We were not exactly cordial, but she had already told Ken, so I had little to say about it.

I contacted Janet because we told Paige that we would grant her big black cock fantasy this weekend, and Janet said we could come Friday night and she would make sure Anthony was there. I felt that Janet was done messing with me this week at work, and I relaxed. I shouldn’t have, because Friday Janet played the same trick on Paige that she played on me. I was at ease, and it cost me. From a distance I saw a black man from the back, and Paige was walking with him. I should have run, but I walked fast. When I got there, it was too late.

Janet was playing her shoe gag, and I looked around and found Janet in baggy clothes, a hoody, and sunglasses watching. Paige was helping Anthony with shoes, and he was wearing loose shorts, and mother fuck, Paige was sucking his cock up against his leg as she pretended to help with his shoe. There are cameras, but it might be hard to tell what they were doing, but I stopped it. Janet came up and was laughing as usual.

Paige asks, is that the cock, for tonight? Janet says, yes Princess, do you like? Paige said, hell yes. Janet says, well, I will see you later then. I walked with Janet and Anthony and begged her to quit this, it was driving me crazy because Paige is just so unrestrained. Janet promised not to bother Paige anymore. The rest of the workweeks with Paige passed without any more interruptions from Janet.

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