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Amy Tale/s – Paige Meets Terry

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Terry is very sexy looking, like drive you crazy with kinky force sexy.

Me, Ken, Greg, and Clair had spent a Friday night at Janet’s and Terry was there. Terry is a transsexual girl who has been on hormone therapy for more than three years. Terry is a cute brunette with long hair and 34B natural breasts and pink nipples. If you sucked her uncircumcised penis for three hours straight, you might get a slight change in size but nowhere near a hard erection. I actually love sucking her penis because I love sucking soft cock. One of my other likes is sucking and playing with foreskin in my mouth. Guys I have given oral to who are uncircumcised usually get hard fast, and it is not as fun. That is why I love to give Terry oral, because she does not get hard.

Me and Ken wanted to surprise Paige with the revelation that Terry was a transsexual girl. So, when Terry came by the apartment Saturday night and we introduced Terry to Paige, we never let on that Terry was transsexual. On the couch, me and Clair were kissing on Terry and we removed her top, and we were kissing on her B cup breasts and Paige was wanting in on it. I said, let’s go to the bedroom. Paige was naked, and I made her sit against the headboard like Janet had done with me and Terry [see Amy Tale/s – Transsexual]. Clair and I undressed Terry, and we made sure to tuck her penis when we removed her panties. Me and Clair kissed up and down Terry’s body (she is fucking sexy), and on her hairy pubic mound and soft thighs.

Terry spends a lot of time on grooming and makeup, so her pubic hair is trimmed well, and she stands knee over, and her hairy pussy looks good. Terry is very sexy looking, like drive you crazy with kinky force sexy. I rub across her hairy pussy and Clair kisses and sucks her small nipples. Paige is so excited by our antics that she is rubbing her own pussy watching, but I keep telling her to stay there and wait. Terry moves onto the bed concealing her pussy and penis and starts going down on Paige. I kiss on Paige’s breasts and lips, and Clair eats Terry from behind as Terry lies flat on the bed. Ken and Greg come in and take turns with Clair eating Terry’s ass and penis from behind unbeknownst to Paige.

Ken and Greg both like fucking Terry. For a bisexual guy, a transsexual girl that still has a penis is like the best of both worlds in one package. Also, Terry has a soft supple feel as opposed to a male body. Terry actually prefers group sex, and the more people trying to get her off the better. Terry eats Paige’s pussy to orgasm, and she eases up Paige’s body and kisses her, and Terry rolls Paige over as they embrace and kiss. Paige begins to slide down Terry and Paige’s pussy feels something a little weird, and she leans over and looks beneath her and sees Terry’s flaccid penis. Paige cries, Holy Shit! What the fuck, that’s a dick! We are laughing and Paige moves to the side of Terry.

Ken starts sucking Terry’s penis and fingers her ass. I tell Paige Terry is a transsexual girl and explain a few things. Clair has moved into a 69 on top of Terry, and Terry is eating Clair’s trim hairy pussy while Ken sucks Terry’s penis. Greg has love gloved up and Ken moves, and Greg fucks Terry missionary, and I can’t stand watching Terry’s soft uncircumcised penis flop around and I start rubbing it. I let it go and watch it flop and I want to swallow it. I force my way down on it stopping Greg’s motion. I stop sucking and Greg goes back to fucking Terry’s ass.

Terry’s penis flops and Paige says, it is cute, and she rubs it. Greg gets off, and Paige starts sucking Terry’s soft penis. Paige looks back at me and says, this does feel nice, when it is not hard. Ken puts a condom on and fucks Terry until he gets off too. Ken and Greg turn Terry on her side and spread her wide between them, and Greg licks Terry from the rear while Ken sucks Terry’s penis. Greg is pushing Terry’s small ball sack and licking beneath her taint, and Terry’s ass. I know now what Greg was doing, but I didn’t fully understand it until Chris, and he comes later in my tales.

I had licked my ex-husband (and other guys since) beneath the balls because they seemed to like it. Greg tells me later when I see him with Chris that it is the gooch, and it is like the male “G” spot. Right now, I did not understand this in its full context, and gay sex with guys was a turn on, but I did not get as excited by it as Sophia did. After Chris, it took on a whole new meaning to me, and it aroused me more. Tonight, I just thought they liked gay sex, and getting their cocks off with boys because they had a cock sucking kink. Like a guy does when he cums in my pussy, it was just another way to cum by having a guy suck you off or fucking his ass.

After Chris I saw a more romantic element in gay sex. Terry was eating my pussy while Ken and Greg were giving her some serious oral on her penis, balls, and ass. I got off, and Terry laid her head back and enjoyed what Ken and Greg were doing. Terry was excited and I asked her, can you cum? Terry said, it feels real good, but I don’t know. I got the vibrator wand Terry showed me a picture of and I bought one, and I plugged it in. I said, will this help? Terry said, yes. She rolled to her back and started vibrating her soft penis shaft.

Paige straddled Terry’s penis and sat down on top of the vibrator and it was between her pussy and Terry’s penis. Paige orgasmed, and then Clair did it, and so did I. Terry said, I am going to cum. Ken moved in between her legs, and Terry was using the vibrator. She was kind of rubbing more with her fingers and her penis was not entirely soft. Terry started moaning and moved the vibrator and Ken sucked really fast and she orgasmed, and Ken swallowed what she ejaculated.

Ken said it wasn’t much, but she did get off. Getting Terry off is a project, but it is fun to see her get off. Terry says it can take her hours alone with a vibrator to get off, which is why she loves group sex. Terry says she loves eating pussy and sucking cocks, and she likes to have anal sex. The more people in a group adds to her excitement and helps her get off.

Terry gave Ken and Greg head while we played and sucked on her soft penis. Terry loves swallowing cum too. Most of us got off three or four times, but Terry only got off the one time. Terry comes by for group sessions every now and then. When Amy Tale/s ends, maybe I will share some of those Encounter/s.

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  • Reply AP

    Reading your stories are great. I am excited for the next part of this story!

    • Maxdefault

      I become more involved with Paige’s high school life in the next part. I met several new people during this time, a few of which are still very close.