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Amy Tale/s – Miranda v. Kelly

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Kelly turns and looks at me and says, oh, Miranda is using your alter ego Maria against you, how ironic, and Kelly laughs.

Since we were at Janet’s, we were going to spend the night there anyway, now we had Amanda and Miranda staying too. Paige drove Amanda to her house to pick up clothes for them. Amanda brought back all girl clothes for Miranda, and Amanda was amazed that Miranda put them on. Miranda hung on me all night, and I wanted to go to bed. I was going to sleep with Janet, and Miranda said to Janet, why are you in here? Janet said, this is my bed. Miranda asked me, who this girl, and I said this is my girlfriend Janet. Miranda said, I am your only girlfriend, not even that bitch Lisa is your girlfriend anymore either.

I was about to say something, and Amanda was watching at the door, and she stopped me and whispered in my ear. Amanda said, you should do what Miranda asks, she just acknowledged Lisa, and with the exception of you, Lisa is only the second person Miranda has remembered by name. I say to Miranda, this is Janet, my lover, and she is going to sleep with me. Miranda said, okay, I can except that. Amanda was quietly celebrating by jumping up and down. I had no idea how to deal with this disorder. Amanda went to one of the guest rooms were Lisa and Paige were sleeping.

Miranda started kissing me and I wasn’t in the mood. Miranda removed her sleep shirt and panties and removed my nightie. Janet kind of propped up on her side and watched. Miranda kissed my breast, and Janet leaned in and kissed the other one. Miranda kissed across to the nipple Janet was sucking, and she kissed Janet. Jane laid back and Miranda moved her body over me to keep kissing Janet, and she turned her pussy into my face. Miranda has no hair on her pussy, and to say it is shaved means a razor cuts a few stubbles once a week, but she was smooth. Miranda’s pussy is different, and only Bada’s is somewhat similar, but Miranda’s inner pussy lips extend to the outside of her outer pussy lips. They are not big, and they do not look like they were run though a meat grinder (Janet had a girl at her party that had pussy lips that protruded, and they looked beat to shit). Miranda’s are elongated, and they are actually very sexy.

With Miranda’s shaved pussy, the lips sticking out was kind of hot and she was wet, and it is fun to place your mouth over her pussy lips and play with them using your tongue. Janet turns and eats my pussy and Miranda eats Janet and we daisy chain. Janet gets me off first, mainly because I spent so much time playing with Miranda’s pussy lips in my mouth. After I settle down, I focus and get Miranda off, and then I help her get Janet off. Miranda lays down in between us and says, I guess Janet can be my lover too. Janet looks at me and smiles like she just accomplished something and says, how do you like that magic pussy? I say, if she attaches to you instead of me then I will acknowledge it.

Miranda is skinny but actually has a nice sexy little ass and cute hips, and her little 28A’s are fun to suck. We fall asleep, and in the morning, I wanted to go home and then to Kelly’s who has been texting me. I wanted Paige to take Amanda and Miranda home, but Miranda wanted to go with me. I talked to her mom on the phone, and to Amanda at length. They said until now, the most Miranda had remained Miranda was a few hours. Miranda usually had to be sedated and entered into therapy until she reverted back because she was so violent. Knowing she could get violent was troubling me. They convinced me to take Miranda with me and I went home, and I was taking a shower, and Miranda just had to take one with me.

I douched, and Miranda had never douched before and was curious, so I helped her douche. We got dressed and I told Amanda and Miranda that I was going to Kelly’s to spend the night. Miranda wanted to go, and Amanda begged me to take them or at the least take Miranda. I said, fine, but only Miranda, and if she has a breakdown, I am done with being your family’s experiment. I get to Kelly’s and introduce them and explain everything to Kelly in private while Miranda watched TV. Kelly is a bit of a brainiac, and she is an attorney, and she had a better comprehension of the situation than I did. Miranda seemed to be occupied watching TV, so we slipped into the bedroom for some milf-on-milf action. After we got off, the door opened and Miranda said, is this another lover Maria?

I tell Miranda, yes, and Kelly slipped into her sexy robe, and I put a nightie on, and we ordered some food. After we eat, Kelly is wanting to dance in the sheets some more, and we were going to the bedroom, and Miranda wanted to come. There was no way Kelly was going to expose herself to having sex with a minor (Miranda is 16). In Kelly’s opinion, I was already way over the line even bringing Miranda here. I tell Miranda she can’t come, and she gets mad. Kelly says, if she has already begun to accept a reality as Miranda, maybe she understands lawful and unlawful. Kelly asks Miranda if she understand that sex between minors and adults is forbidden. Miranda says, yes, but Maria is different, she was dating Lisa.

Kelly turns and looks at me and says, oh, Miranda is using your alter ego Maria against you, how ironic, and Kelly laughs. I say, well, her split personality is madly in love with me, kind of like you but insane. Kelly pounces on me and bites my lip and we kiss. Kelly tells Miranda that she is different than Maria, and she could lose her law license, so it is not going to happen. Son of a bitch, Miranda accepted what Kelly was telling her, and Kelly’s explanation was a lot more in depth than what I wrote. Kelly says to Miranda, you can use my guest room, and you are going to have to learn, like me, that you don’t get to sleep with Maria every night (and again, there was more to this conversation). Me and Kelly had another romp, came out and watch some TV with Miranda, order supper, and went and fucked some more. I slept with Kelly, and Miranda slept in the guest room.

I had to go to work in the morning and I called Paige, and Amanda was still there, and I said I am dropping Miranda off and going to work. I got off work and Amanda and Miranda were still at my place, and Miranda gave me a hug and kissed me when I came in. Amanda told me her parents had removed all the boy stuff from Miranda’s room, and they wanted me to bring her home and explain that I had to work, and Miranda had to stay there.

I arrived at their house and I took Miranda to her room and they had dolled it up real good. I said, you have a pretty room precious. Miranda hugged me and cried. I said, you can spend the night with me Friday, and I will give you a surprise. Miranda said, precious, call me precious again. I said, I will have you a special surprise Friday, precious, can you be a good girl until then? Miranda said, yes, I am better now because I love you. I asked, and what do you want for a surprise precious? Miranda whispered in my ear, I want to lose my virginity to a boy, because Amanda has lost hers already. Shit, fuck, what the hell [my thoughts], and I said, I will see what I can do precious, but you have to be good.

Paige and Amanda brought Miranda to the department store on Friday. Amanda hugged me and said, Miranda has been good all week, she fussed a few times, but mom and dad reasoned with her and she stopped. Paige and Amanda left, and I bought Miranda four outfits and some shoes. Miranda had some girl clothes, but she was mostly sharing with Amanda. I got off work and had a guest room at the Resort, and we spent the night. It was just me and Miranda, and I had sex with her, and after sex Miranda asked, where is my surprise? I said, it will be here in the morning, but you can never tell your parents, or tell them about us, okay? Miranda agreed.

We woke up and I ordered breakfast and we ate, and then we showered together. It did not take long to dry Miranda’s short hair, and we laid on the bed naked, and I rubbed her with lotion. At 10am, Rasaun showed up. Miranda whispered in my ear, he is black. I whispered back, yes precious, and he has the perfect size big cock, and I wanted you to have the best for your first time. Miranda kisses me and says, okay. I lay Rasaun down and he is naked. I begin to suck his thick 8.25” uncircumcised black cock, and Miranda joins me. Rasaun must have used hair remover this morning, because his balls and pubic area are smooth. He is hard as a rock, the advantage of being 20 years old. I put a condom on Rasaun, and I tell Miranda to get on top of Rasaun, and I get in between his legs.

Miranda positions her pussy over his cock, and I guide it in. Miranda squeals when just the tip goes in. I was worried she would bleed. [I found out later from Amanda that they had used her mom’s dildos together, when Miranda was Mark, thinking it was his penis when fucking Amanda]. Miranda was going up and down slowly and had worked about half of Rasaun’s cock in her pussy. Miranda was yelping, and Rasaun has a thick cock. Miranda got into a rhythm and was fucking about 6” of Rasaun’s cock, and she laid down on his chest. I started licking Rasaun’s balls. After about 15 minutes, Miranda had all of Rasaun’s cock in her pussy, and her pussy juice was running down Rasaun’s balls, and I licked it up.

I was focused on licking Rasaun’s balls like I was licking a pussy, and listening to Miranda grunt and moan, and Rasaun came and pulled Miranda’s ass down against him as he vibrated and throbbed in her pussy, and she screeched. When Rasaun’s movement stopped, Miranda kissed him with his cock still in her pussy until he lost his erection. Rasaun left about 30 minutes later. I spent the rest of the day with Miranda and then took her home.

In my opinion, the episode with Lisa kissing Maria and then bragging about it to Amanda subconsciously affected Miranda’s feminine side. Miranda wanted to be a girl like Amanda and Lisa. Miranda was 16 and getting urges too. Miranda has not reverted into Mark since, and she started her junior school year as Miranda. I still had sex every now and then with Miranda, but she began to welcome other girls (and some boys) into her sexual explorations. Kelly’s advice about Miranda regaining cognizant abilities to reason turned out to be spot on. I just hope Miranda does not brag like Lisa that Maria is her girlfriend now, if so, it might become a school tradition for a junior girl to date Maria…

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