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Amy Tale/s – Jim Teacher Man

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I stand him up and remove the rest of his clothes and he has a hard thick 10-inch big black cock. Paige gets a gold star for finding this one.

I come home one day from work and Paige tells me that one of teachers is going to call because she is in trouble. Later that evening the teacher calls and wants me to meet with him to discuss Paige’s behavior issues. I told him I worked during the day and it was hard for me to leave. He said he would accommodate my schedule if I could come by in the evenings because he also coached sports after school. What I was saying was directed by Paige, and I said, well, can’t you just come by my home?

I convinced him and he agreed to come see me after he completed his other duties. After the call I asked Paige, now, what the hell is going on? Paige hated her PE class, not the actual class, but it was in the morning during 2nd period. Paige hated it because you get sweaty, and only have 5 minutes to shower and change, so your hair is fucked up for the rest of the day. I said, just have your mom get you a doctor’s excuse or something. Paige said, kids that have excuses get a passing grade, but not an “A.” Paige was a straight “A” student.

So, what do you want me to tell your PE teacher Paige? Paige said, well, I am in trouble because I have been flirting with him, and not wearing a bra during PE, and stuff like that, trying to avoid running around and getting sweaty. Paige has firm “C” cups. I mean, me or Courtney in a t-shirt running around will be the only sport happening, but Paige’s tits bouncing around with hard nipples could not be ignored either. I say, I still don’t understand what you want from me Paige? Paige says, lets seduce him, so I can blackmail him for an “A,” and not have to run around getting sweaty. I know how to do this, and Paige sets her plan in motion. I talked to Sophia and she confirmed gossip that the PE teacher had been talking to some of the other male teachers about Paige being a bit of an exhibitionist in class.

The day the teacher visits, Paige tells Ken to go to Greg’s, and Courtney is here. The teacher will be here at 7pm. I am wearing a t-shirt, loose knit shorts, panties, and no bra. When I am standing, my t-shirt covers my shorts. Paige is only wearing a t-shirt and she makes Courtney wear only a nightie and sit on one end of the couch with Paige sitting next to her toward the middle.

I answer the door and stick my tits out to see his initial reaction. Jim Teacher man sees my tits before my face, and we introduce ourselves and he comes in. I make sure to shake my tits as often as I can, and my nipples are hard. He is looking, and I know this is going to be easy. I sit on the other end of the couch and Jim sits in a chair and asks about Courtney, why is she here? Paige says, she is my cousin, [and I can see Courtney’s hairy pussy which means Jim can see her hairy pussy too]. Courtney’s pussy is a work of art, she does not shave it and the way the hair grows on the sides of her pussy lips is the best hairy pussy I have ever seen that is not a picture of one. Paige says, I can ask her to leave if she is bothering you, Mr. Coach? Jim says, no, she’s fine, and Paige says, she is fine and rubs Courtney’s thigh.

Jim says, miss Amy, this is what I mean, Paige makes comments like this all the time and it is distracting, and she uses it to avoid doing the exercises or activities. I really don’t want to talk about this shit, so I say, can I get you something to drink? Jim says, okay. I say, a beer? Jim says, oh, no ma’am, anything nonalcoholic. I go into the kitchen and grab myself a wine cooler and him a sports drink and I take my shorts off. I sit and Jim jabbers on, and he says, as Paige’s mother you should deter her from acting the way she does. Paige butts in and says, Mr. Coach, she is my stepmom.

I am sitting with one leg under my other, and as I lean toward the table on the side of the couch to reach my wine cooler, I lift my knee so you can view my see-through panties and hairy pussy. I take small sips, and many, and I can tell he is watching me, and Courtney. There is condensation under my bottle, and I say, excuse me Jim, and I go into the kitchen and grab a paper towel and remove my panties. I sit, and sip, and he stares at my hairy pussy that is free to be admired. Jim is still yakking about Paige and I say, do you have kids Jim? He says, no. I ask, are you married? Jim says, no, but I am engaged. I say, well, you are good looking, and Paige appears to have you between a rock and a hard, place; and you have been working hard, all day; and you are driving a hard, bargain; I just want to make your hard, feelings go away.

I reach over and lean down, and Jim can see into my loose collar, and see my picturesque busty breasts, and I put my hand on his thigh and say, do you understand what I am talking about, it can be hard, to understand my meaning sometimes? Jim is nervous and his leg is shaking, and he is frozen, he doesn’t know what to do, it is like his mind has been overloaded. I have seen it before, and men well run away but regret it later. I run my hand inside his thigh and rub my finger across his balls and say, you are not going to be a hard, nut to crack, are you Jim? I rub my hand up his crotch and with both hands I unbutton his pants and slip my hand inside, and say, oh my, this is hard.

Jim is wearing a polo and I pull it off and he is muscular and smooth, and I rub his nice chest. I stand him up and remove the rest of his clothes and he has a hard thick 10-inch big black cock. Paige gets a gold star for finding this one. I bend down and suck his big cock and gently push him back in the chair. Courtney gets up and removes her nightie and helps me lick his smooth balls and suck his dick. Paige takes her shirt off and is naked too, and she sits in Jim’s lap and kisses him as we rub his cock against the crack of her ass and suck it. We take Jim to the bedroom and lay him down and Courtney 69’s on top of Jim and he eats her delicious hairy pussy and rubs her ample thighs, hips, and fucking hot ass. Just seeing Courtney’s body can make a guy cum. Jim Teacher man is in white pussy paradise.

Jim is immersed in Courtney’s pussy, and Paige straddles his cock and starts fucking it as she moans and groans from the feel of that big black cock penetrating her wet pussy. I push Jim’s legs open more and lick his balls and exposed shaft as Paige paints his pole with her cunt juice. Paige has most of his cock in her pussy and I push Courtney off and take her place, and Jim licks my twat and I pull his head into it deeper. Jim is aroused and I can tell he is about to cum, and I push Paige off his cock because I want it. I fuck that 10” black snake and swallow his balls with my pussy as I gobble it all in, and his cock feels so good. Mr. Coach is very good looking and well groomed, I am in love with his Jim equipment.

I motion to the girls and they lock up and eat each other’s pussies for Jim’s viewing pleasure and I rock my hips as he gets faster and cums. I push down hard on that throbbing nightstick, and I rub my ass back and forth and let him know that he has no more yardage to gain. I wait until his dick goes limp in my pussy, and I lean down and kiss him and whisper in his ear, does that take care of the hard, problems you are having with Paige? Jim says, yeah, I think our hard times are behind us.

We took turns fucking Jim, in all the positions, and we ate each other’s pussy and orgasmed for a few more hours. I made sure Paige quit sexually provoking Jim by not wearing a bra, and to stop making lewd comments, and she did so without any fuss. Paige got by doing light activities with the nonparticipants and still received her “A.” A couple of weeks passed, and Sophia called one night and wanted to know what we did to Jim Teacher. I said, we did what we do, so what’s the news? Sophia said, Jim pulled a 180 on Paige in front of the other male teachers and had nothing but praise for her new attitude. We talked some more, and I filled her in on the specifics, and Sophia found it arousing to know Jim had a big cock. That is a tale for another time, so keep reading to find out what happens next.

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