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Amy Tale/s – Handyman’s Douche

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He dropped his pants and hammered at my ass until his geriatric pecker unloaded its cum in my pussy.

I bought this douche/enema kit that attaches behind your shower-head and it had several attachments all made from surgical stainless steel. The product was nice but the rack for the shower had suction cups, and it was made for people that did not have a handyman. Jim had one of those over the shower-head racks, so I bought a nice rack that would have to be attached through the tiles. In other word, it had to be installed by a professional.

I met Beatrice at Jim’s place one Saturday, and Jim was away at some summer training camp for football kids for the upcoming school year (they had a new head coach). I got to Jim’s house first, and I have a key, and Harold (Jim’s old man white neighbor) was in his yard and walked over and greeted me. I opened the hatch on my car, and said, can you carry this inside for me, and Harold grabbed the new shower rack. I took my douche/enema kit to the bathroom and Harold followed me. Jim’s shower stall is separate from the tub, and two people can get it in comfortably and it is all tile. It has a few wall insert compartments built in for products, but not enough, hence the over the shower-head rack (which I hate).

I laid the kit on the counter and showed it to Harold, and I started to take my clothes off while I talked to him, and he inspected my product (and my products, wink, wink). Beatrice entered the bathroom and was shocked that I was walking around naked again in front of Harold. I said, get undressed and put your pussy on the bed and I will be right there. I opened the shower and Harold was determining what he needed for the rack, and I step in naked behind him and said, can you put the rack here? I reached across his shoulder to point and my tits hit his back through his shirt. The place I wanted was on the wall opposite the shower-head. Harold kind of turned sideways, and the back of his hand brushed across my pussy hair.

I stepped out of the shower stall, and Harold said he had the tools, but he needed to double check on fasteners, and he would have to buy some sealants. He was still looking and inspecting the douche/enema kit, and I said, well, I will be in the bedroom fucking my girlfriend. When you are done figuring out what you need, just come in there and let me know? I sat on the corner of the bed with my feet on the floor. Beatrice straddled my face with her pussy, but she was facing the opposite way than the way you do in a 69. She was on her elbows with her hot firm ass, big hips, and ample thighs providing the background for my supple soft 34DD tits as I ate her pussy. My trim hairy pussy and sexy legs were spread over the corner of the bed with my feet on the floor.

I heard a, huh um, as Harold was trying to get my attention. I looked and he said, I will need to buy some stuff to install the rack. I said, can you get everything you need, and I will pay you, and you can install it next week? Harold said, yes. I said, can you hand me that vibrator on the dresser? Harold handed it to me, and it was my “G” spot vibrator. I rubbed it around and got it wet, and I slid it into my pussy and turned it on. I said to Harold, can you hold this for me? Harold’s eyes were already wide, but I swear, when I said that, his fucking pupils and irises took over the whites of his eyes.

I would reach down often, and move his hand around to get the vibrator in the right position, and I went back to eating Beatrice’s red hot firebush pussy until she orgasmed. Her hot ass and thighs shook in excitement to Harold’s visual delight. I turned Beatrice, and she began to lick my tits, and I bent and lifted my legs, and spread them wide so that my pussy and ass looked mouthwatering to Harold as he toyed my pussy with the vibrator. I was rocking my hips as Beatrice licked my tits, and I held Harold’s hand on the vibrator, and I orgasmed, and I shot Harold in the face as I squirted. I don’t know if I can capture his expression in words, but his mouth was open in amazement, and his eyes were wide, and he had a surprise, surprise, surprise, look on his face. I said, I am sorry Harold, that happens sometimes, I hope it did not spoil your experience, and I handed him a towel. Harold stood, but he did not wipe my ejaculation off his face.

My pussy secretion was running down his goatee and he licked it and said, damn I wish I was 40 years younger; I never dreamed this stuff was real, I thought those porn women were just pissing. I said, well, I guess I will see you next week then? Harold handed me the towel back like he was on Pluto, and he did not wipe his face and he said, yes, next week sweetie. I guess he was talking about how I tasted? I said, okay then, and he left. Beatrice had never seen a girl squirt either, and she licked my pussy and said, you are sweet, how did you do that. I said, I don’t exactly know how to tell you, I just did it once, and after it was easy to do it again if I focused on it. Me and Beatrice fucked some more, and she left. I stayed the night and Jim fucked me with his thick 10” big black cock when he got home.

I showed up at Jim’s the next Friday night and spent the night, and I got a good big cock dose. The utility room with the washer and dryer is on the back of the house at the end of the hall. You have to step through a door and down 3 or 4 steps into it. It is lower than the house and has windows all the way around. I was naked and Harold has a window in his house that can view the utility room, and I believe it is their laundry room. Harold was watching me, and I waived, and he waived back. He disappeared, and I saw his wife. I was standing with my profile to her, so she did not know I saw her, and I started messing with my hair and readjusting my ponytail. My tits were bouncing around, and she had to see them, but I did not look to see if she did. Anyway, I bet that was an interesting conversation.

Jim left early Saturday morning for sports stuff at the school, and Beatrice showed up again, and Harold. I was naked, and I led Harold to the bathroom so he could watch my ass. I was having fun teasing Harold, and I said, how’s your wife Harold? Mad that I am over here installing your rack. I said, oh, you are not in trouble are you, for looking after my rack? Harold laughed, and said, your rack has caused me some arguments with my wife, but at our age, she is not really worried about it. She has received some additional affection from all this. I said, well that is good to hear. Harold went to work, and I fucked Beatrice.

We were on our third or fourth orgasm apiece, and Harold came in the bedroom and said it was finished. I led Beatrice by the hand naked to see Harold’s work, and Harold got a picture of her tight body and 30G firm tits. I looked in the shower and Harold had covered the rack in plastic and he said, let that dry for a day before removing the plastic. [When I saw the rack again after it dried it was well attached and a very professional job]. I said, can we try the shower attachments? Harold said, yes. I turned the shower on and there was a separate lever for the hose, and I turned it on with the ribbed douche attachment on the hose. It had four holes in the head to shoot out the water, and I tried it, and it not only worked well, but it felt good.

You could shoot the stream on your clit and get off, and after I made Beatrice get in and rub me, I did that. Harold was watching us. I ran the wand up in Beatrice and she was jerking around and saying, fuck, that feels good. I tried to estimate her “G” spot and the water jet was hitting it because she was squealing and saying, shit, damn, that feels awesome. I started holding it hard against her upper pussy wall and short stoking it fast, and Beatrice grabbed my shoulder and said, I am going to cum. I said, relax your pee hole, and see if you can squirt. I rubbed and the water jet did it’s magic, and both Beatrice’s hands clamp down on my shoulder, and she orgasmed and the went ahhhhhhhhhh! And she squirted, and I caught it in my mouth and licked her pussy.

It really did not have much of a taste, but sweeter than piss, because Natalie had actually peed in my mouth before. There was a little salt, but it was nothing like pee. Beatrice said, that felt amazing, and I said, now you know how to do it. I wanted to try the enema wand, and it looked more like mini butt plug where the douche wand looked like a dildo. Beatrice was pushing it in my ass, and I told her to soap it first. Shit, and it cleaned shit too, but the water jet was a little discomforting, but after a bit, it felt kind of good. We played with them and I wanted one for Ken’s. We changed over to the shower and washed.

Harold got to see us play with each other in the shower. I walked him to the door and said, will your wife get anything extra tonight? Harold said, I am sure we will come up with something for me to remember today. Harold left, and about an hour later, me and Beatrice left too. I ordered another douche/enema kit, and a few weeks later I gave Harold Ken’s address and told him to come by one Sunday and install it. Harold saw Courtney, Clair, Miranda, Alyson, and Rasaun naked on the bed as he went to work in the bathroom where I led him shaking my ass.

Harold got my attention in my sex pile when he was done, and I went to check it out. I said, I need to try it, and I shut the bathroom door, and I put my hands on the counter and said, can you put some cum in my pussy, so I can wash it out, Harold? He dropped his pants and hammered at my ass until his geriatric pecker unloaded its cum in my pussy. I turned the shower on and douched his cum out and it ran down my leg. I said, looks like it works well. I washed and got out. I thanked Harold who received more in return than the work he provided, but he was a good handyman. I walked Harold out so he could watch my ass, and Ken came in. I introduced them and told Harold this was my boyfriend Ken. I said, Ken this is Jim’s neighbor Harold, and he is a good handyman, Harold just installed my douche kit, and we tried it out.

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