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Amy Tale/s – Beatrice & Red Bushes

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I walked over to the window and I started to get undressed. Harold was using small hand snips and cutting one leaf at a time…

I want to connect the dots among some of my sex circle of friends. Sarah was dating Jim publicly, but Jim is a poon hound, and Sarah’s relationship with Heather meant more to her now. Sarah and Heather liked fucking guys every now and then, but Jim was not fulfilling their intimate desires. Rasaun and Alyson rented a place and moved in together. Sarah and Heather liked cute 19-year-old Rasaun, and liked Alyson. From Jim’s to Sarah and Heather’s place was about 6 miles, and Rasaun lived in between.

Alyson was self-conscious about her size. She was pushing 190+lbs and had a couple of small rolls, and her ass and the back of her thighs had fat dimples. However, her size and big saggy tits was what made her so hot. If I fell asleep in a bed with six naked girls, and Alyson was one of them, no matter where she was, I migrated to her. She was squishy soft, and all the girls wanted to sleep next to her. I believe that is why guys found her hot too, because fucking her and watching her big tits and rolls move was hot as fuck. Rasaun and Alyson completed a missing part of Sarah and Heather’s bisexual needs.

I hadn’t visited Jim in a few weeks, and he called me one Friday and said Beatrice was coming to see him Saturday morning. I said, you can fuck whoever you like baby, the first time I just wanted to catch Beatrice and Kelly together, you don’t have to report on her. Jim said, well, Beatrice asked if you were going to be here too, like, she wanted you to be here. I thought about this for a minute, and I said, you are wanting this too, aren’t you baby, you are getting bored fucking only her once a week? Jim said, yes, I miss you. I said, okay, I will come in the morning. I kind of wanted too, I needed some big black cock, and eating some ginger pussy was a bonus.

I arrive at Jim’s Saturday morning, and as I approached the steps, and the old man neighbor shouts, hey ma’am, haven’t seen you in a while, and he walks up to me. He says, by the way, my name is Harold. I say, well, Harold, my name is Maria. Harold starts to chat me up and I say, look Harold, what my friend did that time she was here was sport on her part. I am not going to have an affair with you. Harold, says, oh no, no, I wasn’t trying to hit on you, and I know you all were just fooling around, and I was the lucky recipient, I have no expectations. Harold said, but if you ever need any help around the house, I am really handy, and I know Jim has let some things on the house fall into disrepair since his uncle died.

Jim’s close uncle left him the house and it is an old two-bedroom house. Jim lives alone, and when I started staying over, I bought more cleaning supplies than douches, and I would clean things because guys can be messy. Jim is not a handyman. I asked Harold, how old are you? Harold said, 69. I laughed and said, no really, and he said, I am 69. Harold is a decent looking guy with an old Sean Connery look, and I asked, do you work? Harold said, I am a retired machinist (whatever that is). Harold is married to a woman in her upper 60’s, and she has gray hair too, and she is round, like, one slight curve from top to bottom at any angle. Harold’s wife hardly ever comes out of the house. Harold’s yard, house, garage, workshop, he has the goods, and it is all kept in order and maintained. Harold knew Jim’s uncle well.

Harold would have kept me talking for hours and I said, you see those red bushes at that window? Harold called them by name, but I don’t remember, they are on the side of the house between Jim’s and Harold’s house. I said, can you trim those below that bedroom window in about 10 minutes, do you understand what I am saying? Harold said, yes, I think I get your meaning. I said, when the wind blows, they hit against the window, and it aggravates me at night. That part was true, I made Jim cut them several times, but the damn things grow fast. Now if you are Jim’s height, you might tiptoe and see into the window. The house has a service basement, and I have seen Jim bend over and walk into it to get yard tools, but the basement made the living area higher.

I get away from Harold, and Beatrice and Jim are inside, and she had been there for about 30 minutes, and Jim told her I was coming. We go into the bedroom and I walk over to the window, and I open the curtains and raise the blinds. Jim says, what are you doing? I said, letting some sunlight in. We talk for a minute, and Harold shows up at the window with a step ladder, and he starts to work on those shrubs. Jim says, what is he doing? I said, I asked him to trim those. Jim said, and what, you are just going to fuck for his viewing? I said, yes. I walked over to the window and I started to get undressed. Harold was using small hand snips and cutting one leaf at a time, he was going slow. I got naked, and Harold could see my hot milf body and supple bouncy 34DD tits and trim hairy pussy. Harold was watching intently.

Beatrice protested, but I undressed her, and we got in the bed in a 69 with her on top. Beatrice’s ass was facing the window, and I ate her trimmed landing strip firebush pussy for Harold to see. Me and Beatrice brought each other to orgasm, and I laid her on her back with her impressive firm 30G tits up, and her sexy bumped large areola, and I sucked them for a moment. I undressed Jim and waived his thick 10” big black cock, and I know Harold saw it. I moved back on top of Beatrice and kissed her and worked my way down to her sweet pussy and Jim fucked me from behind. When my grunting and moaning prevented me from eating Beatrice’s pussy, I held her and let Jim pound my pussy until he got off, and he gave me one of my favorite delights. A big black cock throbbing deep in my pussy.

I cleaned up and Beatrice was sucking Jim’s cock, I guess to get her turn on his big pole. Harold was not at the window any longer, and I walked over and looked out. He was raking up the cuttings. I tapped on the window and pointed to the back, as if to say, walk to the back. I was wearing flip flops, and I have about four pair of them here, and I have seen other girls wearing them. It does not bother me that they wear them, because I don’t like walking around in my bare feet either, but I hate having to find them after they wear them. There is a utility/laundry room, and then the back door, and I was naked, and I opened the back door and I said, can I show you something…else I mean? Harold laughed and said, yes. Harold followed me to the one bathroom this house has, no doubt watching my naked ass shake.

I said, if I buy a new toilet, can you replace this one? Harold said, yes, and he told me the stuff he needed. I hated that toilet. The bathroom had a black and white theme, and it was nice, with ceramic floor and wall tiles that were black and white. But why in the fuck would someone buy a black toilet? I cleaned it consistently out of paranoia that it was dirty, and it was the style that is small and round, and for the life of me, I could not figure out how Jim sat on it without his cock resting against the seat lid. Harold was inspecting around the toilet to make sure he told me everything I needed. I was leaning over and letting my tits hang, and Harold had a better understanding of my tits’ dimensions than the toilet. I walked Harold out and let him watch my ass again and returned to the bedroom.

Beatrice was on her back getting fucked by Jim, and her big tits were bouncing back and forth. Mine are supple and lay out more, and they circle swirl when I am getting fucked. I started sucking her awesome nipples and bumpy areola and Jim got off, and he was using a condom. I ate Beatrice’s pussy again and she orgasmed. Beatrice pushed me over and started kissing me and all over my body. Beatrice went down on me again and I orgasmed. She then laid on me and kissed and said, I really like fucking you. I said, well, I like fucking your tight little body too. Beatrice said, you don’t understand, I like eating your pussy, I mean, getting fucked by Jim feels great, but I like eating pussy too.

Beatrice said, I have been coming here alone since Kelly stopped seeing me, have you been seeing Kelly, because Janet asked me about you and Kelly? I said, no. Beatrice said, when Janet mentioned it, that is when I asked Jim to see if you would come over. I said, so what you are saying is that you missed having sex with girls? Beatrice said, yes, but you are the hottest girl I have fucked. I was thinking, shit, damn, fuck, I don’t need another girl falling in love with me. I said, I can bring some other girls with me next time, would you like that? Beatrice said, just so long as you are here. Beatrice had to leave, and I laid down in the bed next to Jim and fell asleep.

The next Friday I had Rasaun pick up the new toilet and accessories and take it to Jim’s back door, because Rasaun has a small pickup. I showed up Saturday morning and Harold stopped me before I could go in, and he said he saw the new toilet out back. I said, give me 10 minutes and meet me at the back door. I had Alyson with me, and Rasaun was at Sarah and Heather’s. Beatrice, Jim, and Alyson went in the bedroom and I grabbed a pair of flip flops and went to the back door. I opened the door and Harold hooked the screen door open. I said, is everything there, and I started getting undressed and laying my clothes on the dryer. Harold said, looks like it, and he watched me get naked, and I rubbed my tits and said, well, I will be in the bedroom if you need anything.

I ate pussy, Beatrice and Alyson ate pussy, and Jim shot my pussy full of cum. I went to the bathroom naked, and Harold had already removed the old toilet and was fastening the new one down. I said, is everything going okay? Harold said, yes. I tuned the shower on, and it has a clear glass door, and I washed off and douched while Harold watched me. I got out and dried off and hung the towel, and I stood there naked and said, so you are about done? Harold said, I am done now. I started rubbing lotion on and I said, can you rub some of this on my back. Harold said, let me wash my hands. He rubbed lotion on my back, and I had to step away after a bit to get him to stop.

I said, well, thank you for doing this, I like that toilet so much better (it was white and elongated). Harold said, well, if you see anything else you need fixed just let me know. I said, okay, and I walked Harold out as he looked at my ass. It was fun, teasing Harold, something inside me loved that he wanted to watch my naked body. I imagined he would go home and either lube up his wife’s dusty vagina and fuck, or jack-off.

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