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Amy Tale/s – Bada Bing

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Bada said, oh, Marcus bring soldiers to fuck me, and they just come back when he gone and fuck me again.

Turns out I will not have to go to any basketball games to find out more about Bada. The first Saturday the boys played a game, Marcus asked if he could ride with Ken and Greg and leave Bada here to socialize with Me and Clair. Marcus told the boys that Bada would not quit talking about miss Amy, and she wanted to be friends with me. I said it was alright, and Saturday at 8am Marcus and Bada showed up, and Marcus rode with the boys to the game.

Bada came up and hugged me and said, you need me to do anything miss Amy, I want to be your friend? I kind of pushed her back and said, your fine Bada, you don’t have to serve me or anything. Clair and Paige were still asleep, and I asked Bada if she wanted anything, and she said, no miss Amy. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and went to the kitchen and was eating a pastry and drinking some juice. I gave Bada the same. I was standing at the counter and Bada started massaging my shoulders, and it felt good, so I just let her. I asked Bada, have you had sex with a lot of women? Bada said, yes miss Amy, but you first American girl to ever fuck me. Bada said, you so beautiful miss Amy, and all your friends so beautiful too.

Bada told me she had been with a lot of Korean girls before she was married, but I was the first girl since leaving Korea to fuck her. I asked Bada, how about men, have you had sex with a lot of men? Bada said, oh yes miss Amy, I don’t know how many guys I fuck. I said, so you had sex with a lot of soldiers in Korea before you married Marcus? Bada said, yes miss Amy, I fuck lot of soldiers after I get married too. I said, so you were cheating on your husband with soldiers, how did you find soldiers to fuck without your husband knowing? Bada said, oh, Marcus bring soldiers to fuck me, and they just come back when he gone and fuck me again. Wait, your husband let soldiers fuck you? Bada said, yes miss Amy, he like watching men fuck me.

We finished eating and I went to the couch and Bada followed behind me like an attendant. Bada knelt on the couch next to me and started massaging my thighs. I moved a pillow and lifted my legs onto the couch, and she rubbed my feet and toes and up my legs. It felt good, she had a nice touch. I am going to summarize what turned into a lengthy conversation with Bada about her marriage.

Marcus apparently would bring his friends home and allow them to fuck Bada (which she really liked), and he would just watch (no masturbating), just watch. I think when Marcus and Bada had sex together (always alone), Marcus must have used seeing her fuck other men as arousal for himself. Bada said Marcus never did anything when she fucked his friends but watch, and he was never interested in any type of group sex where he participated. Marcus knew when he married Bada that she was basically, a whore. Bada told me that Marcus did not mind her fucking other guys, so long as she did it in front of him.

The supposed “friends” of Marcus would come back when he was gone at work, or training, and even when he was deployed and fuck Bada. This is why Bada told me not to say anything to Marcus about us in the shower, because it was forbidden for her to cheat. Bada could only cuckold her husband. I found this fascinating.

I went to the bedroom with Bada on my heels. I undressed and laid in the bed and gave her a bottle of lotion and told her to undress. Bada figured it out after that, and she started rubbing me down with lotion. When I turned over onto my back, and she finished rubbing lotion on my front, she was rubbing my breasts and petting my pussy hair, and she said, you so beautiful miss Amy, I want to eat your pussy. I lifted my knees up and Bada hasted to get in between my legs, and she started kissing my thighs, and she went right to eating my pussy.

I felt really good, and it was almost like she was starved for pussy. I closed my eyes. I could tell Bada had moved, and I opened my eyes, and Paige had pushed Bada’s upper leg up and was eating Bada’s pussy. Bada saw me looking and said, oh miss Amy, your daughter so pretty. I said, she is my Princess, not my daughter, we are not related. Bada said, she eat pussy real good, and Bada went back to eating my pussy, and she got me off. Paige moved Bada, and they were in a 69 with Paige on top and they both reached an orgasm.

Paige jumped on me and said, who is this? I said, this is Bada, she is from South Korea…Bada, this is Paige, she is my girlfriend. Bada rubbed Paige’s legs and said, you miss Amy’s Princess, you so pretty. Paige looks at me and says, now I have fucked Korean pussy. Bada has a nice shape, and her hips look big, but it is probably because she is slim. She has a hairy pussy with black pussy lips, but she has white skin, she kind of grows on you. Bada did bring a variety of pussy that we had not fucked before for sure. Clair finally woke up, and met Bada, then went to the kitchen to eat.

Me and Paige gave Bada a shower and showed her how we prepare ourselves for pussy eating by douching her pussy and ass, and we used washes on her. It’s not that Bada wasn’t clean, she was, but I am sure she does not clean as deep as we go; and I like to shower with my girlfriends and make sure they understand how clean I want them. Bada has hair even around her asshole, and it looks nice, but I don’t want to look up and see a dingle-berry hanging from one of them. However, that concern is short lived. Paige has been using Emma’s brand of hair remover, and Paige takes care of Bada’s extra hair, but leaves it down the sides of her pussy lips. When they are done, they rinse again. I had already dried my hair and dressed before they were finished.

I asked Bada again about her reference that Marcus had a big dick (even though by her calculations it was only 7 inches), I asked her if she had fucked bigger? Bada said, yes miss Amy, one of Marcus’s friends had a 22 long dick, which meant it was probably 9 inches. I wasn’t sure of the games I could play with Bada yet, but I did have one in mind, and I just needed the right players.

The boys got home around 12:30pm, and Bada jumped around Marcus’s neck and said, I love miss Amy, will you bring me back again baby. Marcus said, well, that is up to miss Amy, and I said, it was fine if I was here. We ordered some food and Marcus and Bada stayed and ate with us. Bada did not strike me as the kind of girl that would say anything about what happened. Bada had become and expert at subtle manipulation, she used it on me through flattery and massages. I was not fooled; I used her efforts for my own pleasure. I am not as gullible as Marcus.

During the next week Paige said Jim Teacher was hounding her to come to the apartment again, and from Paige’s description, he was wanting to fuck. Jim Teacher also told Paige that his fiancé Aliya was acting indifferent toward him, and he asked Paige if she knew what happened when Aliya came to Sophia’s that Saturday? Paige told him she was not there and did not know, which was another reason I didn’t let Paige go with me that day.

Janet calls and is bored having run out of things to do without me. This became our new pattern, we just rolled with it. We loved sipping on each other’s nectar, but it was our favorite drink; and like the dozens of wine coolers we drink during the week, we wanted something with a little more alcohol in it on certain occasions. In other words, Janet had run out of games to play without me, and she was wanting to know what I was playing without her, so she could insinuate herself into my fun.

I tell Janet that I have met a little Korean girl that shows some fun possibilities. I also tell her about Aliya and Jim Teacher. I am playing a couple of games of interest. I think I will shuffle the deck and deal a new hand. Stick around and find out what happens next.

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