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Amy Tale/s – Back to School Night

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I say, how about we take Courtney back to your place, and we fuck the water out of her pussy until we fall asleep?

I needed more drama in my life, it made sex more fun. That was why I was teasing Harold. It made my pussy tingle. I wanted a new game to play. Paige told me about the back to school night, and I wanted Maria to make an appearance. I invited Courtney to come, and I had to beg Kelly. Kelly was not comfortable with me in public around people she might know (like Beatrice). Beatrice didn’t know I was seeing Kelly, and I wanted to flaunt it to her. I needed this, I have to be able to tease, I have become addicted to it. Kelly finally agreed to go after I begged hard enough.

We were walking the high school halls with Paige, and we must have been where mostly senior classes were. Students would walk by and say, hey Maria, and I would say, hey boys, and shake my tits because I was not wearing a bra. I would do the same thing if girls said hey, but I would say, hey pretty girls (even if they were not so pretty). Kelly was embarrassed, but Courtney was shaking her unleashed puppies too. Paige said, ooh! This must be the new 12th grade economics teacher’s class. I walked in behind Paige and said, she is pretty, kind of looks like Britney Spears. Paige said, the guy is the teacher Queenie. Shit, he was good looking, and had this, Chris Hemsworth look going on. He was 6’ tall and athletic and fit. Paige said, he is the new football head coach too.

Last year Steve acted as head coach of the football team, but Steve is the head basketball coach and Jim is the baseball head coach. All the coaches act as assistants for the other head coaches. Jim told me that. I am going to call the new coach Chris and his wife Britney, because they are both as hot as my observations indicate, and they are in their mid-30’s. I walk up and say, hi I am Maria, Paige’s stepmom, and I shake Chris’s fingers and shake my tits. He looks at my tits. When Courtney walks up with her boobs bouncing, he looked at them too. I looked over at his wife standing about 8 feet away, and she was glaring at him, but he had not noticed yet.

If you include Kelly in her sexy dress, Chris just had a milf, milf, babe overload. Chris said, nice to meet you Maria. I said, wow, you are the new football coach too, and I touched his chest and said, damn, you are fit, and hot, are you married, because we might want to take you out for a beefcake snack? Chris was nervous and could not answer, and his wife moved closer and forced her arm around Chris, and I stepped back. She said, I am Britney, Chris’s wife. I touched her shoulder and said, I am sorry, I am Maria, you are very pretty. I leaned in and touched my lips to her ear and whispered, is he good in bed, or are you left wanting more, beautiful. I stepped back, and she was too nervous to answer too.

I hugged Courtney and kissed her cheek, as Courtney sultrily stared at Britney, and I said, well, we should move on, it was nice to meet you both, if you are ever looking for some fun, let me know. Ah, to be a fly on the wall, and to hear how they decide to be mad at one another; as they try and figure out which one, I was exactly flirting with, it would be awesome to hear that conversation. We turn to walk away, and I squeeze Courtney’s ass for them to see, and Courtney rubs mine. Courtney is just fucking hot (looks and body), and she is man-eater, and she can turn a straight woman lesbian by undressing. Courtney’s hairy pussy looks so good a nun would eat it.

I guess more seniors greet Maria in the hall, and one boy says, you after the new coach now? I look at him and smile, and I say, you never know? Chris was a good-looking white guy, but my experience is that does not translate into a good fuck, Tony taught me that lesson. Chris probably has an average 7” pecker, and if a 7” pecker is going to give me the in and out, I would rather let old man Harold fuck me, at least he can fix my toilet and shower. Pretty boys look good on your arm, but I bet I could eat Britney’s pussy to orgasm, and stick Rasaun’s thick 8.25” cock in her pussy, and she would go wild. We will see, should be fun.

We make our way to the hall outside of Sophia’s class, and Miranda runs up and hugs me and kisses my lips, and says, hey Maria. Students stopped walking and started to gather and whisper. I said, hey precious, are you doing good? Miranda said, I am now girlfriend. Background chatter increases. Miranda still has short blonde hair, but it has grown about an inch, and she has it wavy, and it is framing her face nicely, and she is looking very cute. I hear one girl say, who is that girl, is she new, and another asks me, hey Maria, is she another stepdaughter. Miranda turns and glares at the girl and says, I am Maria’s girlfriend. I say, she is my precious girlfriend Miranda, make sure you become her friend, okay, and I shake my tits and most of the boys look, and some say, okay Maria.

Miranda holds my arm, and we walk into Sophia’s class and wait for her to finish talking to some parents. Sophia walks over and gives me a stare and says, and who is this student, “Maria?” I say, this is my precious Miranda. Sophia goes, oh, Miranda, yes, I know all about Miranda, you are going to be in my class this year. Miranda is ignoring Sophia, and I say, Miranda, this is my special friend too, Sophia, we have no secrets from Sophia. Miranda looks and says, so you know my Maria? Sophia says, yes Miranda, me and Maria are close friends. Miranda hugs Sophia around the neck and whispers something, and Sophia whispers back. Amanda comes in the class and says, Miranda, mom and dad are outside waiting, it’s time to go. Miranda gives me a kiss and says, bye Maria, I love you, and I say, I love you too precious.

I asked what Miranda said, and Sophia whispers in my ear, she wanted to know if I was one of Maria’s lovers. I said, what did you say, and she would not tell me, and I badgered her and said, I will just ask Miranda. Sophia said, I told her yes, I want Miranda to feel comfortable around me, she has been through a lot. Sophia continued, I had to attend a meeting with her parents, a psychologist, and other teachers concerning Miranda. Sophia asked if I met the new coach/teacher, and I told her she was free to chat him up about Maria, and I explained what happened, and I told Sophia she had liberty to brag about Maria’s exploits to him. I should hear something by the end of next week if I know Sophia, and her gossip circle. We talked and more parents came in and I told Sophia to call me.

We made our way to the wing where Beatrice’s class is, and I had to drag Kelly in, and she was mad, because Wendell was there too. Wendell is Kelly’s ex-husband and Beatrice’s current husband. Wendell says, hey Amy and I did not know you knew Kelly? I hugged Kelly and said, oh yes, I love Kelly, and I kissed her cheek. I would not take my arms from around Kelly, and she said, hey Wendell, it’s been a while, how are you? Wendell says good, good, you haven’t met my wife Beatrice, this is Kelly. Now Beatrice is giving me the jealous stink eye. Beatrice didn’t know I had been seeing Kelly since she stopped fucking her. Beatrice says, nice to meet you, and Kelly says, nice to meet you too.

I say, wow Wendell, you have a type, these two girls are hot. Wendell laughs, and Kelly wants to leave and is pulling at me. I say, well, Kelly wants me to take her home and tuck her in, so I guess we are going. It’s nice to see you Wendell and Beatrice. Wendell says, it was good to see you again Amy, and tell Janet hi for me. I say, you know I will, she loves gossip. Beatrice is still glaring at me as we leave.

Fuck Beatrice, if she does not want to see me anymore that is fine with me. I would much rather have sex with Kelly, and Kelly is my age, and we have a good friendship. Beatrice is a hot young minx, but that is it. Mine and Kelly’s love is on another level. I would caress Kelly’s legs, feet, and toes all night because I love her touch and feel in my hands, and against my body. I want to swallow Kelly up in my desire for her. I fuck Beatrice for fun because she has a tight young body, but I cannot fall asleep next to her and enjoy a good snuggle because she is driven to please herself only. She is cheating on her husband behind his back to fulfill her desires.

Beatrice is probably in love with me too, but she can only excite me sexually. I want to lay next to Kelly and brush her hair and rub her earlobes and kiss her lips softly while she caresses my ass. I spend the night often with Kelly because she makes me feel her love, not just arouse my body until I orgasm, I can do that with my finger. Beatrice is a sexy finger, Kelly is a hot milf vibrator with endless battery life, with the added bonus of carrying me to my next destination on a cloud in the sky.

Kelly fusses at me for making her talk to Wendell. I push Kelly up against her car and we kiss, and I pull Courtney in, and we all three kiss, and a handful of students see us, and I have seen some of them before, so they know Maria. I say, how about we take Courtney back to your place, and we fuck the water out of her pussy until we fall asleep? Kelly smiles at me, because Courtney is every lesbian’s dream girl fuck, why do you think I take her with me so much. We get to Kelly’s apartment, and I through Courtney down on the bed and we rape her ass. Kelly 69’s on top of Courtney who eats pussy proficiently and goes to work on Kelly’s bushy landing strip hairy pussy.

Me and Kelly share Courtney’s magnificent full hairy pussy, that you would rather look at for its beauty and masturbate yourself, instead of obstructing your view with your own mouth. I kiss on Courtney’s ample thighs that I envy, and I force Kelly out of Courtney’s pussy for my turn while Kelly kisses Courtney’s other thigh. Kelly and I kiss each other and alternate between Courtney’s pussy and our own lips as we enjoy a pussy delicacy together. Kelly lays her head on Courtney’s thigh, and Courtney eats Kelly into erotica, and Kelly erupts in pleasure. When Kelly is done, I push her off and take her spot, as Courtney licks my trim hairy pussy to pleasure.

I grab my “G” spot vibrator and pull Courtney’s ass to the edge of the bed and I say, I am going to vibrate your pretty pussy until you piss, so you need to let it come out. I turn it on and thrust it in and rub it back and forth against the top of her pussy wall. I hear Courtney’s moans, and I can tell when I am in the right spot by her motions and sighs. Kelly is licking and sucking Courtney’s breasts, and I have the long part of the vibrator in, and the short part against her clit. Courtney screams AHHHHHHHH! And she starts to shake, and the water works flow, and she squirts.

I pull the vibrator out and lick it, and I fall on Courtney’s pussy and she taste good, barley salty, and I suck and lick. Kelly hands me a towel and says, I have got to learn how to do that. Courtney sits up and grabs me and kisses me and says, thank you, I wanted to do that since the first time I saw you do it. I say, your value just went up you fucking hot ass bitch, if that is even possible. I am going to fuck your brains out because your body drives me mad with lust. We kiss hard and fast, and when we settle, we all take a shower.

I hold Courtney and Kelly holds me and we fall asleep. Courtney is like a shark attack on your senses. People getting eaten by a shark experience extreme emotion, and Courtney causes that too. You can get off fucking her or watching her get fucked, and if a boring fuck is fucking her, I will push them off. Courtney gets the best, and if I find out they are not the best, they fuck her no more (like Eric). I believe I can find some amusing games to play with the start of the school year. Who knows, maybe I will let Janet in on it.

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