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Watching wife

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I had been asking my wife if I could watch her with another guy and she said NO

We have been married for nearly 20yrs and I have been asking Lyn, my wife, if I could watch her with another guy and she kept saying no. As I was on holidays and it was hot I decided to go to the beach and asked if Lyn would like to go. She asked where we were going and I told her to a beach down the coast. Not many people go there. We got in the car and off we went. When we got to the beach there was only about 6 cars so I knew there would not be many people. After we settled in Lyn took her dress off and she had a one piece swim suit on and it had high sides. It was tight and you could see the shape of her pussy and tits. We went in for a swim to cool off and when we returned to our towels I noticed a guy not far from us. I found out later he was 19 yrs old. I noticed he kept looking at Lyn but she did not see him looking. A couple of hours later Lyn said she wanted to go home so we packed up and went back to the car. I had noticed the guy had left as well. When we got back to the car I noticed the young guy was sitting in his car not far from where I had parked. Lyn said she was going to get undressed into her dress so she opened the front door and took her swim suit off down to her waist and dried off her tits. I noticed the guy staring at Lyn but I said nothing. When she got into the car I started driving. About 1/2 way home I asked Lyn if she had seen the young guy next to us and she said. I then asked her if she saw him looking at you when you stripped off and put her dress on. She said no and asked why I did not tell her. I told her it turned me on letting someone watching her. She was cranky and did not say anything the rest of the way home.
A couple of days later Lyn asked me how old the guy was and I told her I think about 20yrs old. Lyn then said he was old enough to be her son. She said nothing more about it for some days
A couple of days later I told Lyn I was going back to the beach and asked if she wanted to come. She said yes and off we went. When we got there I parked over to one side in the shade and went down to the beach. Lyn asked if the guy was there and I said no. When we were having a swim I looked up where we had our towels and i saw the guy near them. I told Lyn and she said she was going to talk to him. We mucked around in the water for a while and I ever felt her pussy. She did not move my hand until she said she was getting out. As we got out I asked her what she was going to say and she said nothing. I looked around and there was only one couple at the end of the beach and we walked back to the towels. As we were drying off I asked Lyn if she fancied a young guy. She looked at me, said nothing and walked over to the guy. When she reached him she spoke to him but I could not hear them. She got down next to him still talking to him but opened her legs so he could see her crouch, covered in her swimmers. I had a great view and I was getting a hardon. As I was watching I noticed she took his hand and placed it on her pussy. He glanced over at me and I nodded o/k. I then saw her touch his cock. I was in heaven. She took his cock out and started to jerk it. I noticed his hand moving on her pussy and Lyn was moving at the same time .I could not believe what I was watching. Lyn looked over at me, licked her lips and dropped her head down onto his cock. I was in a trance watching them and I had got my cock out and was jerking. It was not long and the guy cum in Lyn’s mouth. When he was finished Lyn kept sucking and it was not long before he was hard again. Lyn then sat up and moved her leg over him. Pulled her swimmers to one side and lowered herself onto his cock. She was moving up and down on his cock and all of a sudden I heard somebody and it was the couple from up the other end of the beach. The two of them had stopped near Lyn and were watching. She had her hand on her pussy and he was jerking his cock. When Lyn was finished she got off him and walked down to the water. I followed and when it the watch she took hold of my cock and jerked me off. We went back and got our towels and cloths and went back to the car. Lyn stripped off, put her dress of and we took off for home. Lyn asked me if I enjoyed what I watched, I said I did and then said it will be the last time it will happen. It has never happened again. .

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