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The beginning of my obsessions

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I was only 12 but I was already a professional masturbator and I wanted more

By the time I was 12 my dick and I had already been best friends for a few years. I jacked off every chance I got. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to.

I had a good friend that lived in the neighborhood named Junior. Him and I would hang out regularly. Our favorite thing to do was dumpster diving at the comic book shop. Most of my collection of comics came from that.

One day we were lucky enough to stumble upon some porn magazines. This was back in the 90’s when people actually read porno magazines. We came upon a gold mine. Usually the dumpster was picked clean by older kids by the time we got to it but this time we got lucky.

We both came home with over 10 different magazines of all different varieties. These magazines became the foundation of all the things I eventually would get off to. There were both straight and gay mags, girls of all shapes, sizes and colors. Now that I’m 40 I realize it was masturbating to these mags that lead me to be so open sexually. I’m into any and all women, and I’m not afraid of a cock once in a while either.

It wasn’t long after we found these mags that Junior and I were looking at them together in my room. One day, feeling the intense erection I had in my pants, I noticed Junior was squirming uncomfortably and adjusting himself. He had a hard on as well. I was curious what his dick was like. The more we looked, the more I wanted to see his cock.

I took out the one gay magazine I had swiped from the dumpster and showed it to him to see how he reacted.

“Look at this!” I said, showing him a picture of a guy reverse cowgirling another guy with his 10” cock sticking straight up. “His dick is huge!” I added

He didn’t say anything but he also didn’t turn away so he wasn’t grossed out. We just flipped thru the entire magazine together.

When we were done I put the magazine down on the bed between us and I left it open. I made a bold move by unzipping my jeans and pulling out my cock. Junior stared at it but again didn’t say anything. I pushed my jeans and underwear down to my ankles and laid back on the bed. I grabbed ahold of my cock and started stroking it slowly. Junior just watched. At first I pretended he wasn’t there, hoping he’d join in, but as I got into it, I almost did forget he was there.

I picked up the gay magazine and stroked away. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Junior had taken his cock out and was gently massaging the tip. He was staring straight at my hand stroking my cock.

“Pull your pants down.” I told him as I set the magazine aside.

He smiled a bit, nodded and pulled his pants down to his ankles and kicked them off. Seeing his sudden eagerness, I kicked mine off as well.

He laid back next to me and we started stroking our cocks together. It was exhilarating! My heart was racing! My cock was rock hard and my brain couldn’t stop thinking about if his was just as hard. I was stroking mine but looking at his.

I made another bold move. I reached out and took ahold of his cock with my other hand. It wasn’t as big as mine but it was just as warm and hard. He didn’t stop me. I slowly stroked both cocks and he just laid there enjoying it. The longer it went on the more I got off on the idea that I was pleasuring him and less about pleasuring myself.

I sat up and let go of my cock. I positioned myself better to hold his cock. I took ahold of his throbbing cock and started stroking it like it was mine.

“Uh, just so you know, I’m not gay.” He said while stopping me for a second.

“Neither am I” I replied as I returned to stroking him. “I was reading in that magazine about straight guys that experiment with other guys and it doesn’t make them gay, so whatever happens doesn’t make us gay.” I added easing his mind.

He laid back a bit and I started stroking more aggressively. It don’t take more than 30 seconds for him to start breathing heavily and then squirt a few shots of cum on his stomach and my hand. Before I could even let go of his pulsing cock, Junior took his finger and swiped up some of the cum on his stomach and put it in his mouth.

“What did you just do?!” I asked

“It tastes good.” He told me swiping up another few drops and putting his fingers in his mouth. “I lay back and cum in my mouth all the time.” He added

I was a bit taken back by it but not turned off. I licked the little bit of his cum off my hand. He was right, it did taste good.

I laid back and started to stroke my dick again. Junior got up from the bed and I saw a few drops of cum still trickling from his cock. He positioned himself between my legs and took my cock in his hand. It felt amazing to have his warm hand wrapped around my shaft.

I laid back and let out a sigh of relief. I was all set to enjoy myself when I felt a warmth around my tip. I popped my head up and saw his lips around my dick. A shockwave of pleasure went thru my entire body as I watched his lips slide down my shaft.

My head fell back and hit the wall rather hard but I didn’t care. I couldn’t last much longer than he did. About 30 seconds after his lips wrapped around my shaft I was about to cum.

“I’m gonna cum!” I said

“Mmmhmm” he mumbled without stopping

I couldn’t hold back and I shot my load. A few spurts in his mouth. He stopped sucking but didn’t take my cock out of his mouth while I came.

When I finished cumming he let go of my dick, gave one final swallow and laughed a bit.

“What?” I asked

“Didn’t expect this to happen today.” He said laughing a bit more. “Yours tastes good too.” He added

We got up and put our pants back on, cleaned ourselves up a bit. When we were done we both sat back on my bed.

“Are we gay now?” Junior asked

“No. I told you, we were experimenting.” I responded. “I was gonna ask if you wanted to do it again.”

“We should do this everyday!” He said laughing

We would do exactly that….

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