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The bad boy

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I had married young. I was pregnant with my son when I was 17, and married his father when I was 18. We lasted almost 10 years, before divorcing and going our separate ways. I had never had a full time job during my marriage, and was wanting to find a career. I managed to get the financial aid to go back to school, and decided to study to become a teacher. After graduating from college, I managed to get a job as a high school history teacher at a mid-sized high school in the suburbs. Now 33 with a 16 year old son, we moved to the district, and he began attending the same school I was teaching at.

My first class was Junior level United States History. The class was a wide mix of student types, from the studious nerdy kids to the jocks, and even a couple of ‘bully/bad’ kids. One of these was Mike. He had some learning disabilities, but instead of attempting to deal with them and get the help he needed, he chose to be a disruption in classes and act like a tough, bad boy type. He didn’t want to admit any ‘weakness’, so he would hide it under a harsh exterior.

I wanted to set up a meeting with his parents, but the assistant principal explained that it had been attempted before, and didn’t go over well. It was obvious there were issues at home, and his father was extremely domineering and possibly abusive, but nothing had been able to be done to fix the situation. I was basically told to ‘deal with it’ and accept that nothing would change the poor kid.

It was about 3 months into the year, when I asked Mike to stay after class to talk to him. He was a jerk about it, of course, but I was happy to see that he did actually stay after class. I tried to explain to him that I understood he likely had some issues with learning, and I could help him get through those. At first he seemed somewhat receptive to the idea, even asking me a couple of questions about why he had issues and if I really thought I could fix them.

But, somewhere along the way, the conversation turned sour. Mike got angry and yelling about how others had tried to ‘fix’ him, and he was tired of it. And that if I tried to ‘fix’ him, he would find a way to make me stop. I didn’t say any more, as he angrily got up and left the room.

It was friday of the following week. I had been subtly been attempting to help Mike in class. But, apparently it brought more attention to him than he wanted, and other students were making comments about him and his learning issues. This ended up making him even angrier.

After school was over that day, I was one of the last teachers in the building. I was working on finishing grading on some essays that I had collected from my last class. It was then that Mike burst into my classroom. I didn’t take much notice at the time that he locked the door and closed the blinds over the window on the door. He came over to my desk, angrily yelling about how I had made him a laughing stock of the school, and how he just wanted to be left alone.

I tried to calm him down, but this only seemed to make him angrier. He came up to me, grabbed me by the throat and pushed me against the wall. He told me if I didn’t stop trying to help him, he would make me regret it. I made an attempt to explain that, as his teacher, it was my job to do all I could to help my students learn, and to help them deal with any learning issues they may have.

He started choking me harder, then threw me down on the ground. I pushed myself up to my knees, and that’s when he slapped me across the face, hard. I sat stunned and open mouthed, trying to find the right words, but then he very quickly shoved his cock into my mouth. He had a hold of my hair, pulling me all the way onto his cock. I was gagging, trying to push him away, but he was too strong. Soon he pulled out, letting me breath and cough a bit. But then he quickly shoved his cock back into my throat, fucking my mouth hard. After a few minutes of this, he pushed his cock into my throat, making me choke hard as he shot his cum down my throat.

He pulled away, and left me on my hands and knees, coughing and crying. I had thought we were done, and he was going to leave, but then I looked up, and saw him stroking his cock as it was already getting hard again. He grabbed me by the hair again, pulling me up and dragging me towards my desk. He roughly pushed me onto my desk, face down, as he yanked my skirt up and ripped my panties off of me. He wasted no time in pushing his cock deep and hard into my pussy. He rammed me hard and fast from behind, pulling my head back by my hair.

He was fucking me as hard as he could, and while my mind was fighting to find a way to stop this, my body was responding my sending the most intense orgasm of my life through my body. Just as he started to fill me with cum, I opened my eyes. There, just outside the window facing the small field outside, was my son, wide-eyed, watching me get fucked by one of the school bullies.

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  • Reply AP

    Very good story! Nicely written.
    So now we see where it goes; does Mike come home, does the son come home and want a turn, does Mike take more revenge by fucking the son in front of mom, or all of those?
    Maybe we’ll find out in part 2+ !

  • Reply vive-la-baise

    i hope its a false story

  • Reply David kenya

    Part two plzz

    • Naughtyteacher

      Part 2 will come in the next few days