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Step dad

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Step dad and me. Mon not home vet pusse big dick

this is a story from the time when i was 15 years old. now I am 16. me and mom move from cardboard when I was 14.5. we lived a few months alone so mom started dating a new man. he was tall dark farm and very well trained. I think he was handsome from day 1. time passed and he moved in with us. i start everything normally. could lie a few nights and hear them have sex often so finger I could also fantasize that he fucked me too. when the corona virus broke out he got the opportunity to home office and was at home all day with me since I had to have home school. mom worked weather day. Alex and I ate so on tv did it all. fight cozy. one day after i had showered he asked me if i wanted a massage. I was a little shy so thought a little. I could have worn a giant bra and shorts. okey i said i will try. we went to the room he showed where I was going to lie down. then came the hot oil and his hands. it was sick delicious and be massage first back long held almost on and fall asleep. then suddenly he started on his feet up and down. got so sick horny when he stroked up as he approached my ass. further and further up. I was wet. then he pulls on the shorts and pulls it off me could not say anything really I did not care then. he continued to massage his legs and more and more on his ass it was so sick delicious. I was just lying there in g-string panties and bra. suddenly he sticks a finger into my pussy beginning and fingers me fuck damn delicious it was faster and faster. he finger fucked me so sick as long as I moaned and screamed in horniness. I was so wet. suddenly he pulls me up in doggy and drives his cock into my pussy. aaaa sick big dick. was so delicious and wet that it just slid slowly inside me. then he started fucking me skate and long we had sex for about 1h. now we have the next sex weather day mom is at work.

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  • Reply vive-la-baise ID:3i7n800lk0d

    can you rewrite it correctely cause it seem interesting but vey hard to understand.