So, You Want To Be Raped

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What you need to think about if you think you want raped.

DISCLAIMER – These are only my thoughts and opinions. I am not telling anyone what to do or not do. You go be you.

Let’s get a few things straight about rape. It is not a sexual act, it is an act of violence. Rape is where you have no control and the person inflicting it is not necessarily even wanting sexual pleasure but the thrill of controlling their victim and hurting them physically and mentally.

Lots of people have ‘rape’ fantasies, both straight and gay and even with animals, but they don’t really have a fantasy about being truly raped. What they have is an erotic fantasy about being controlled and dominated in a safe space. This is very different from rape. In many cases this is a desire for seduction to an extreme.

There are people that do honestly want raped however. These are people who usually have other problems that create an inferiority state of mind. It may because of their body type or physical or mental abuse that’s a separate or are suffering. The answer for these people is not rape but counseling and an understanding of what a healthy relationship is.

Then there are people who very much understand what being raped is and desire this. These are a rare group of people who have learned to blend pain and pleasure, both mentally and physically. They seek extreme forms of sex but even then most play smart and use some limits and safety measures.

Fantasy is certainly one thing but the actual event is something completely different. More potentially traumatizing is what comes after has to be dealt with. If you seek to be raped expect that you will get a physical beating. Not a slapping, not a spanking but hit and punched and kicked. You will take a mental meeting. A rapist has to make you submissive and that will linger with you for a very long time and surface when you least expect it.

After you have been raped there will be no cuddling or spooning. In fact to further humiliate you your rapist may simply leave you alone to deal with the extreme trauma that was just inflicted upon you. There is a good likelihood you will have suffered physical damage either from the beating or from the sexual acts of being penetrated. Your jaw may be sore, you may have loose teeth, you may have a broken nose or other brakes or dislocations or sprains or tears.

If you were anally raped your ass probably tore. Few rapists worry about such niceities as lubrication and taking time to stretch you open. Same wititiesh your vaAfter you have been raped there will be no cuddling or spooning. In fact to further humiliate you your rapist May simply leave you alone to deal with the extreme trauma that was just inflicted upon you. There is a good likelihood you will have suffered physical damage either from the beating or from the sexual acts of being penetrated. Your jaw may be sore, you may have loose teeth, you may have a broken nose or other brakes or dislocations or sprains or tears. If you were anally raped your ass probably tore. If you rapists worry about such nicecities as lubrication and taking time to stretch you open. Same with your vagina. You are not going to lubricate while being raped. Your pussy is going to be torn and stretched like you could never imagine and the pain will linger for a long time.

Then there is the question of STDs. If you are female not only will you need to be tested for pregnancy but for both sexes there are a whole variety of diseases, parasites, and other things that you will have to deal with potentially

You are also going to have to deal with the social aspects of it. These at times are traumatizing because they frequently make you relive the rape in your memory. Friends won’t understand, family won’t understand, some will pity you, some will be angry with you, many no longer want to associate and will avoid you.

Many times people who have been raped withdraw within themselves mentally and can no longer manage physical sexual contact afterwards. A smaller percent become hypersexual and seek more and more extreme sexual sensation and pleasure off into the point that they cannot control their sexual desires and it becomes a major obsession of their life.

If you have been raped and want to comment on this post please consider your purpose in doing so.  Rather than sharing your trauma in the comments, please seek counseling. If you want to comment and have been raped then tell us how you worked through it and moved past it.

Also, if you are one of those individuals who has a lifestyle that you enjoy being actively raped as part of your sexual life, please post this is a separate story as I am sure that there are many who would enjoy reading it.

Rape is interesting and often erotic fantasy material but before you fully commit to putting yourself in a position in real life where you lose all control and even possibly put your life at risk, please consider the full spectrum of what you are looking at.

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  • Reply Spooble

    My introduction to sex, shortly before I turned 10 (by a classmate; even though we were close in age, in terms of physical development he was comparatively a giant and i was tiny) was definitely not consensual. I still want to burn his house down. I’m still unpacking, 40 years later, how the trauma impacted my sexuality. Definitely not in ways that can be described as healthy.

    • AP

      It sounds like your classmate may have had severe issues that fourth years ago parents, teachers, and doctors didn’t know how or want to identify. To have a pre-teen consider that level of violence you experienced isn’t a therapy sort of issue today, it requires medication most of the time.
      I hope you reported him an hope someone gave you counseling. Even it sounds like you might want to consider talking with someone. This is something that happened to you, not something you wanted to be part of. Fourty years is a long time to let someone control even part of your life. For you and those around you I hope you are able to work with someone who can get you past this.

  • Reply Rick

    There was a block party by us this memorial day. My wife wore a c-string bikini our 12 year old daughter wore a g-string bikini. All eyes were on them as they walked down street
    The end of night they said going home, I said fine I be there later.
    Half hour I get text (home now) I thought strange. The police cars stopped at my house.

    I get there they won’t let me in, then 2 ambulance came. They wheeled my wife and daughter out. After answering police a few questions they let my friend take me to hospital
    I looked in on my wife doctors said I needed to sign some papers and allowed me in see daughter
    Her legs were in stirrup and doctors were taking pic and collecting samples. Giving them to detectives. Both my wife and daughter were raped

    Brought the home next day my wife hid in booze and pills. My daughter took it better. She said it wasn’t big deal except at hospital all the ppl looking at her virgina.

    That night I fantasies about my daughter getting raped and losing virginity.

    • AbsinthePen

      So this question isn’t a ‘blame the victim’ or ‘they dressed like they wanted it’s question, but your family & neighbors seem pretty open minded for them to go to a public party dressed that way. What country are you in & if US what state?
      Have they found out who it was that raped them?
      Your wife is going to need some serious therapy or there is a very real chance you are going to find yourself a single parent really soon.
      Are you sure your daughter was a virgin? Keep an eye on her as sometimes a person who is raped will become hypersexual, loosing their sexual limits, and doing anything for sex with anyone. That sounds great but get really self destructive.
      You fantasizing about your daughter getting raped may have just been your way or dealing with the stress & lack of control.

    • Rick

      First a lot of wives and girls were dressed in skimpy bikinis . Us guys had fun looking.

      I think you hit it on the head as far as my wife goes. She spends more and more time at her parents house. When she is home she won’t talk to us.

      Yes I’m sure my daughter was a virgin. as the doctor told me that she was bleeding a little because whoever ripped her hymen.
      As far as her sexual behavior again you are right she has sneak boys into her room.

      I just at a loss on how to deal with my wife and daughter

    • AbsinthePen (AP)

      Rick, your situation is like a set up for a bad porn story. Unfortunately it’s real life and you have a bucket of suck.
      I asked about your general location because community response is going to be a factor. Is your family going to be shunned or supported. Malabu & Muncie are very different worlds.
      Have they found the rapists? That will help your wife with closure a bit. Either way she needs serious, deep therapy or she may get suicidal even if she leaves the family. If before she was confident enough to wear a C string in public then she has a strong sense of self and there may be other issues beyond the rape. Did she know them? Was her seeing your daughter raped what traumatized her? There are lots of questions and you are going to need a therapist to get you answers so you all can move forward.
      Your daughter’s reaction right after is confusing too. She was attacked & saw her mom attacked and they both were violated. She needs couciling too . Too many questions. If she won’t go or open up, try to talk to her when you two are alone.
      Make sure you have her on norplant or some kind of birth control she doesn’t have to be responsible to use.

    • AbsinthePen (AP)

      Your daughter raises lots of questions for you too. She also, at 12, was confident enough to be in public in a string bikini. That may be common for where you’re at but still means she had a good self image. Still, she’s at an age where she’s changing a lot, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Even with counciling as she matures she’s going to revisit the rape again with every progression as she matures. Be aware of other behaviors besides sex, like drugs, eating (binging or starving), drinking, and so on. Also if this did affect her self image she’s going to seek validation from others and not in good ways. She may come on to you or an older brother, cousin, uncle, teacher or neighbor. There’s predators happy to take advantage of her.
      How are you doing, Rick? There must be anger, shame & confusion. Work must be tough right now and keeping track of you wife and daughter must be difficult. While it sounds like a porn plot, maybe you need to get a private security system inside and outside your house. There are some good unobtrusive units if you look.
      There’s lots of questions you need answered before things get sorted. Let us know how things are going.

  • Reply Axel

    Thanks for telling everyone this. Ive come to realize that i do want to be raped but do not want to be physically hurt.

    • AP

      It’s good you thought about things, Axel.
      It sounds what you want is the mental submission a lot of people who think they want raped really want.
      Sex is 90% in your head, so for many people they find it erotic to submit to someone else, to betray their own limits & be forced to act, behave, or feel things that they normally wouldn’t do if they were in control.
      Find someone, or several someone’s, that you trust and are experienced in sex. Explain to them what you want & be clear you aren’t looking for pain. Pain can shut down a sex fantasy fast.
      Set a safe word. This sounds like a cop out but part of the thrill to you will be the fight to not use it.
      Within the rules, let your partner capture you. Make it someplace that’s unfamiliar to you. Their house, a no-tell motel, a barn… any place for you don’t feel in control. You may want to use a blindfold & some soft material to tie you up with.
      When you’re done, you’ll need a cool down time. This is important because you’ll very much be in your head & you need to come out of that space and realize that you weren’t violated but instead had a very intense fantasy session with someone you trust and weren’t hurt mentally or physically.

    • Phantazy

      Basically what BDSM is all about. Whether you’re into the bondage, pain, submission, humiliation, or discipline. It’s all the fun of rape without the dead in a ditch.

    • AP

      Phantazy, yes, BDSM can be be mostly mental but the SM, the sadism and masochism more often involve pain.
      There are people who find pain & pleasure very close or even enhanced when blended together.
      Interestingly, most people don’t get that it is really the submissive or victim who are in control. If they don’t give up desired response then the scene fails.
      This is another way that real rape is different. With a real rape the stressor, the rapist is in charge.
      Real rape is about violence not sex.

  • Reply Secret :/

    finally, someone said it.

  • Reply SubVirgin

    Thank you for explaining so well, I think I understand now that I don’t want to be raped but I just have the fantasy to do it with someone I trust where I could find back control if I’m uncomfortable ^^

    • Psiberzerker

      You’re welcome. If you have any more questions, or doubts. I used to be a therapist (Not specifically a Sexual Therapist, nor specializing in adolescents with violent sexual fantasies, but they have come up, several times over the years. So, I do have some experience other than my own Personal experience.)

      Let me be clear: Even if you do want to be Raped, a Rapist isn’t going to share your fantasies, let alone care that you get them fulfilled. Nobody can rape you How you want to be raped, because then it wouldn’t be rape. It would be consensual, informed role-play. So, you might as well look for that anyway. You might actually be able to find it. Good luck!

  • Reply FukU

    The person who wrote this knows his shit. After my mom ODd when I was 10 my dad raped me hard. He slapped me around bad enough I couldn’t go to school for a week. He made me stay naked at home and would get me filed up on weed and more then try weird shit with me. He got off on taking me nasty park piss houses and leaving me there naked then listening while I’d get fuked with and raped more some times. When I was 14 I beet the shit out of him but he told me he’d pay me to get fukd so he started whoring me. I ran off when I was 16 and met a real guy who showed me how to do it like a pro. Now I’m older and muscled up and don’t get dicked but dudes an chicks pay me to fuck them up. I ain’t cheap and make every guy do a vid before we start saying they want it. Most tap out. So don’t do rape less you know what it really is.

  • Reply Cassie

    Good job sharing the reality. No one ever talks about what a real experience with that is. I had an experience a few years ago with my first “boyfriend” and haven’t felt the same since. A lot of victims, to cope, become attracted to that kinda stuff. So I read up on a lot of fantasy pieces. But I would die before I let it happen to me again.

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    RE: People who honestly want to be raped, neeaah. Okay, some people honestly want to die. It’s still murder. Nobody reasonably wants it, they’d have to be insane, and you’d still be guilty of rape. Liable to go to prison, for rape. So, let’s just keep it fantasy, on both sides. Don’t rape, don’t go out looking for rape, stick to (Reasonably) safe sane consensual BDSM. I get what you’re saying here, but the best advice is if you think you want to be raped, don’t. It’s a bad idea, for everyone involved. (Same goes for Statutory Rape. No matter how willing he, or she appears to be, you don’t have to have Intent to be guilty of rape, molestation, sexual assault, nor even harassment. So, be extra special careful. Better safe than sorry.)

  • Reply AbsinthePen

    Yes, I know some editing typos snuck in there. Sorry, folks. I doubt a dozen people will read this any way.

    • RoXonB

      This guy literally haves 300 IQ, Good job mate