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Sexual experience

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My sexual experience in my life from childhood to mature person

I am 50 years male I want to share my sex experience in my life .my first sex act was between my Friend in childhood .we used to play in hills my age was 10 years .some boys were 18 to 20 years.one day Seniors were showing their cocks their cocks were big .they took one boy and he was putting his cock in his ass.and fucking the boy.we all saw. Next day my neighbour boy and I were playing ..I asked my friend to play that same game as the big boys.he agreed.we went in to toilet and I asked him to get naked. Too out my cock which was small.and thin .I tried to put inside his ass.but it was not going in .so my friend told me to apply some oil .so I took OK from my home and applied n my cock and it on his ass it went inside..I fucked the boy for the first time. When I finished he also fucked me in the same way. T was my first sex experience.
My second chance was when I was 15 years old .my cousin bro came to stay with us .he was 19 years at that time .we slept in same bed..in night I noticed that my cousin was holding my cock and shaking .t was erect I had about 6 inches cock .I was enjoying he asked me to hold his cock his cock was also erect .his cock was bigger than me about 8 inches. He asked me to fuck me i said first I will fuck .he agreed .now he was naked and I was also naked.I put my cock in his ass .it was not goiy so he put some saliva on my cock and his ass .now I tried it went in .I fucked him .and enjoyed .I ejaculated
.in his ass.now it was his turn he put saliva on my ass and put his cock I my ass I felt pain .but he pushed his whole cock in me and started fucking me he was fucking and playing with my cock my cock was now erect again .he was fucking in full speed .I was also enjoying.. We fucked three times each other. .next day he went back but we used to fuck each other whenever we met… After that I was getting fucked by all family friend s I liked t o be fucked ..when I was 19 years old my cock was big enough 8 inches.. And thick also.

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    I can’t read this. Proof read please