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Ryk & Ryder

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This is the introductory story of Ryk and Ryder, two teenage brothers who will try and do almost anything sexual. This part is only the brothers.

This story is fiction. It is fantasy. None of the characters exist. None of the events happened. None of the places are real.

I’m making this up as I go along so this story will probably involve almost any sort of sexual element except snuff and scat. Those turn too many people off and I like people to read the things that I take the time to write.

The author does not encourage, endorse, or support any of the events that happen in this story. See the first paragraph.

All of that noted, if it is legal for you to read adult erotica in your location, please continue.

The only pay that writers get are your comments, so intelligent and thoughtful comments, especially, are welcomed below.

With that boilerplate out of the way, let’s have some fun.


The two boys were laying in the sun on the padded deck that surrounded the spacious hot tub. Both were naked and well tanned all over except for the smallest of light tan lines where their minimal racing suits sometimes covered their lithe, lean bodies. Some might think that the boys not being tanned all over would be a flaw but the tan lines actually accentuated their teenage sexual beauty.

Both boys were blond and very well built, especially for their ages. Their bodies showed an enjoyment a physical activity and they both played soccer, rode bicycles, practiced yoga and light gymnastics, and swam and dove competitively. Their favorite physical activity was sex, which they were engaged in at the moment, locked into a 69 with each each other’s uncut cock slowly pumping down his brother’s throat, occasionally mashing a hairless groin againt each other’s lips or smooth testicles dangling down on the other’s nose.

They lay on their side with each other’s thighs loosely clamped around his brother’s head and one, two, even three fingers occasionally plunging to the second or third knuckle into his brother’s puckered ass.

Both brothers were smooth, totally hairless below their eyebrows and had well defined bodies. They were athletes, especially sexually, and could go on and on for hours, as they had been doing this morning beside their hot tub.

They both completed their morning ritual of swimming laps in their pool, naked of course, with hormones coursing. Sex between them was no stranger and they both enjoyed the feel of their bodies and their brother’s body.

Ryder was the younger brother at 13. His hair was cut short on the sides except for a flip of hair on the top that was cut skater style. He had gold studs in his ears, small, discreet, solid gold studs.

His teen ass was firm, muscled, and the most proportioned pair of bubbles for a boy and his size, lean ànd just two inches under 5 feet.

His six inch cock was oozing precum and getting excellent work by his fourteen year old brother Ryk, who would alternate long strokes up and down his younger brother’s uncut teen shaft with his mouth, sometimes pausing to suck the head and work his tongue around the foreskin. At present, Ryder had been edging near another orgasm as Ryk slowly pumped two fingers in and out of Ryder’s cum slicked ass. The cum having been deeply deposited there by Ryk first thing in the morning when both boys woke, naked in bed.

Both boys were try-sexual. If it involves sex, they would happily try it. This morning however Ryder lived up to his name by bouncing up and down on Ryk’s thick 8 inch cock until his brother had flipped him over and pounded him mercilessly driving his load of spunk deep into his little brother’s bowels.

Ryk, whose full name was Rychard, but preferred going by Ryk, was fighting his own losing battle to not cum soon. Ryder gave amazing head and could throat Ryk’s overly large teenage cock and was well practiced in taking it all the way for extended amounts of time. The squeezing sensation of his little brother throat on his uncut dick was presently driving him closer and closer to another orgasm and the fact that Ryder had hold of Ryk’s nuts, firmly squeezing with one hand while fingering Ryk’s pumping, muscled, bubble ass with two fingers of the other hand wasn’t helping Ryk’s control.

Only nine and a half months older then his brother, puberty had already started to be very good to Ryk. Like his brother he was totally smooth with no hair below his eyebrows. His hairstyle was cut short but not severely. Occasionally Ryk would dye it festive colors depending on his mood.

The nine months difference were telling on Ryk however. Standing 5′ 2″, he had athletic teen age boy pecs, the nipples slightly larger than his brother’s and pierced nips with gold bars, solid gold. He had a well-formed, firm abdomen, a four pack easily, and cum gutters that pointed to his smooth groin with a thick 8″ uncut cock.

They were intelligent, good-looking, well off, and enjoying the early spring in the Caribbean at their family’s private getaway. Their mother and father were away working, one in America the other in Europe, and the boys were here on their own.

They both have been sexually active their entire lives, but especially so since they were eight and nine respectively. Almost no form of pleasure was unknown to them.

Ryder, feeling his brother’s nuts starting to tighten, squeezed them harder as he pulled Ryk’s cock out of his throat. Looking down their bodies, seeing his own cock buried to the root in Ryk’s mouth, Ryder asked, “Are you sure she’s going to be here tonight?”

Ryk groaned around Ryder’s rod in pleasure /pain from his testicles. Pushing his 13 year old brother’s pre-cum and spit slicked dick from his mouth, Ryk answered, “Yeah, she wants to party hard.”

“Good,” Ryder drawled. “Then you might not want to splooge and save this load for her,” the younger brother said, letting go of his older brother’s balls. Then with a surprise move, Ryder quickly flicked his hand, the back of his fingers striking Ryk’s balls with a hard nut tap.

Ryk groaned, but completely unexpected by Ryder, Ryk’s cock erupted with an orgasm of pain / pleasure, blowing a load all over his little brother’s face with six, seven, eight spurts of thick teen boy cum.

Ryk rolled to his back, spent by the hard explosion, while Ryder grinned and began using fingers and tongue to wipe and lap up his brother’s nut from his face.

[To be continued]

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