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Redheads little sex life: chap 1

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Not following on from “new school” just going to write short stories about my experiences 🙂

I first sucked a dick when I was 12. I was having a sleepover at one of my girl friends houses and there were 5 of us. We were all 12 years old, all virgins but all secretly perverted with what we hide on our Google search histories. I’m a redhead with a B cup Brest. Mindy and Mandy were brunette twins with tiny A cups. Chloe was blonde with almost a C cup and Ellie was completely flat.

We were sat around playing truth or dare, it started easy, being dared to kiss the girl next to us on the lips, just a peck ofcourse. But then it heated up and eventually we were feeling each other up, stripping down to all our skimpy tight thongs. All of which were damp and creamy. We were at chloes house and she had an older brother who was 17 at the time. Really tall and muscly, we all reckoned he was massive. I was dared to run into his room fully naked and as scared as I was I was absolutely excited, ready to show my tight little figure off to a 17year old.

I slowly peeled off my thong, showing everyone the string of juice that cling to the material, I slowly walked to Jason’s bedroom door (chloes brother) looked back at my friends and show through his door and ran in. I stopped dead in my tracks not realising that he had 2 friends over from his basketball team. They too were tall and muscly. I froze, I didn’t even cover up my nakedness, I stared for a few seconds and bit my lip, I hadn’t realised that my friends had shut the door behind me to make sure I could t escape.

Long story short, I was on my knees a few minutes later sucking each guys cock in turn, the smallest one probably being 6-7” in length and the thickest one was just wider than my hand that wouldn’t fully fit around it. The heads were all hard but spongy. I’d watched sooo many porn videos of girls sucking cock so I thought it’d be easy. Trying to get balls deep was a struggle. But whilst I was sucking their cocks I spent the whole time rubbing my pussy. I must have been in that room over an hour. Swallowing a load from each of them and having my ass slapped by them all on the way out. I got back to chloes room red in the face, exhausted and passed out on my sleeping bag.

Woke up the next morning with my ankles and wrists all tied together on chloes bed 😉 let me know if you’d like a chapter 2, or if you’d prefer a different storyline.

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    Chapter 2

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    Can I come and impregnate you,

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    Great! Please continue in ch2