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Redheads little sex dream

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This was a dream I had not long back. Thought I’d share while it’s fresh in my memory 🙂 🙂

So my dad left early for work, and I was super horny that day. I got out of bed and stripped off my pj’s which consisted of a baggy jumper and a moist tight thong 😛
It was a warm day so there was plenty of sunlight coming through the window. We’d recently bought a dog to have around the house, it was a male husky, roughly waist height on me and weighed roughly 150 lbs. (sorry idk a lot about dogs)
He wasn’t neutered and he tried many times to get a taste of my juice when I was walking around with my Pussy dripping. Whilst I was in my room kneeling under my bed tidying I didn’t hear him behind me, all I felt was his rough tongue stroking away at my slightly open virgin pussy. It made me jump but it felt sooo hot. The way his tongue flicked over my clit made me flinch slightly, I was so sensitive. He stopped after I came, juice leaking down my inner thighs. He jumped up on my back, his front paws wrapping around my waist.
I’d watched so much k9 porn that I knew he was about to fuck me, I felt the end of his cock tapping my pussy and I bit my lip in anticipation for what I assumed was coming..
Only what caught me by surprise was that when he pushed forward he missed and his warm thick cock went balls deep into my tight virgin asshole. Fuck it hurt; but after a couple minutes of quick thrusts it felt great.
I put one hand betweem my legs and fingered my clit hoping to get off again before he came and knotted me. I had 2 orgasms and even squirted in the 15 minutes he was fucking me. Soon as his knot shrunk enough to drop out of me, as exhausted as I felt, I’ve no idea what came over me but I shot straight out from under my bed to take his slowly shrinking cock in my mouth and taste my freshly fucked ass on his lovely doggy dick.

Like I said this was a dream, unfortunately not a reality tho I have tried to provoke my dog a few times, I recently bought a jar of peanut butter so I may need to get creative. Let me know what you think and if you have any requests for stories I can write about 🙂 🙂

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    Definitely written by a guy

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    Do another

  • Reply Carlos

    Can you please do a high school or volleyball lesbian story?

  • Reply Snap erickgrey0110

    What’s your snap babe?

  • Reply Avid_luster

    Good dream! Do you have any siblings you dream about, or any other fantasies? Is it only k9 porn, do you watch anything else?

    • Babeygurl14

      Mostly k9, incest (eventhough it’s fake) and gangbangs. Prefer amateur made stuff to professionally made. Girl solo vids and dirty things like piss/scat are a turn on