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our beach

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I was in my uncle Karl and aunt Tara house for summer holidays,i was in frond of mirror in my room looking at my body wearing my new blue top and black down part of my bikini.I was a 9yearsold girl with long blonde hair that i had doing them two pigtails and a very athletic body because i am member of volleyball schoolteam.
Today because uncle had to be until late to his office his job is lawyer, aunt had to cook and doing housejobs we decide to go with cousin Tom in beach,so as i say i was in frond of mirror i hear Tom say he is ready wearing a black speedo and a write vest and carying in his arms one beachbag,i aswear yes i wear only a short jean and we leave for beach.

At the road Tom tell me that he want show me a secret part ke only know of beach where it was only 1km away from house so i follow him inside forest and narrow paths.Soon we we arrive in a small sandy beach with cyan waters i stay with mounth open it was so beautifull,i ask Tom how he knew for this place he aswere when i have enough free time i lοve to explore and we start take out our clothes.

Tom doing something unspecting with take out and his speedo,i forget to say that Tom is one year older than me,when we were younger we have see each other nude many times but now that we grow we stop these periods.I suddenly see Tom nude was a shock because he reveal me at first a not full erected cock but it was thin.Tom ask me why i am shocking by the moment we had see nude each other many times,i aswere yes but we were younger he say come on this small beach is perfect for nude swin noone will see us,take out your bikini and fell in sea he say and he start running and fell in sea with a big dive he was a very good swimmer.

I was a shy girl bit i think why not for anything there is first time and lookking again around me i take out my swimwear staying full nude. with Tom doing interjections i feel more shy with result cover my nude body with my hands.He tell me to stop be so shy i am not ugly and finaly to fell in sea i hear him and also running fell in sea.It was so nice with water feel it in all parts of your body and we start swimming and play inside sea and there were times where Tom come very near me and i could feel i think on purpose his cock above my body.

After 2hours of swimming and games inside sea we newer understand when time pass howewer Tom had waterproof clock,we decide to get out of sea,i take my seatowel and i spread it in sand and i laying down with my back because we still had time for sunbath.At the same time Tom also get out hisself of sea revealing me now his cock in his full glory doing me red of embarashment but i because of all this action i was also a little hot,he also spread his towel aside me but before lay dowm i ask him if he can spread suncream in my body he with big enjoy aswere yes.

He put a little in his hand and start spread it above my body,i at the same time couldnt take my eyes of his hard cock that it had start grow a little hair.Tom hands had spread cream in my body sensually especialy in my flat breast with one hand and other in my thins doing me really enjoy.He aske me if i like it i aswere yes with my eyes closed then without warning Tom hand went from my thins to my pussy and rub it with his fingers doing me open again my eyes of surprise.

Tom i say this isnt right why he say because we are cousins,i am in love with you of when we were younger and he lower his head and start kiss me i try stop him but he was kissing nice and his fingers rubing my pussy turn me on so much i surrender to him.Tom didnt stop there he wanted more he ynderstood my pussy had become wet so he come above me but his body some meters of my body still kissing me and now his fingers come inside and slide in out my pussy i was virgin as you understand and i start feeling uncomfortable.
At the same time i could feel his cock rubing above my belly,i get free my mounth and i ask Tom to stop he say why i will be gently i was always in love with you and i was awaiting for this moment too much and he rise down more his body with result our bodies become one and with his legs opening wide my legs and having his cock pressing exactly in my virgin entrance doing me crave Tom to stop but he doesnt listening.

Now i could feel his hard cock rubing like paintbruch my virgin petals and suddenly with a push his cock slide in doing me scream but Tom doesnt discourage instead he start kissing me again lest to not hear me anyone i try to puch him away,to close my legs to stop him when his cock hit my virgin wall but he was stronger and then i feel him taking a big push and me feeling a terrible pain,i couldnt scream but i grab TOM very strong of his back and tears run of my eyes and his cock stop for a little and start again moving inside me.
It wasnt the way i was dreaming to lose my virginity in a rape but soon pain go away and i enjoy it now as a result i had the need to moan so i get free my mounth and come face with face withTom he was also enjoy it.He tell me i am very beautifull and your pussy is very hot and tight at first but now is fantastic,i with some tears in my eyes aswer this isnt the right behaviour to girls i know he say but i couldnt wait anymore and he rise down his head in the sise of my head moaning together and after some pushes i feel him taking a big push and hot liguid inside my pussy and me feeling also a explosion inside me small but nice.

We take some breaths and Tom his body above and laying down his self aside me my pussy and his cock had brood.We wash them with water we wear our swimwear,but we didnt speak to each other until we take the road for house Tome see me a little strange but i calm him that i will dont say anything, very simple it was a scary for first time i give him a kiss in cheek and i promise him maybe for more

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  • Reply vive-la-baise

    beside the mispelling that made it hard to understand its still good and if its a true story then i am happy for you.

  • Reply Just this once

    Poor spelling and grammar made this story unreadable.

  • Reply Anon girl

    Terrible spelling made story bad