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My uncle had sex with me

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I was 14 years old when my uncle disvirgined me, right in my father’s house, under my parents’ nose.

This incident happened two years ago when I was in my final year of middle school. I wasn’t really too mature for my age and back then I had a “girly body” (not so much anymore). My paternal uncle, my grandmother’s last born worked as a youth group counselor.

He was a good uncle and very friendly with us. I am the second born of four children. My elder one (sister) were away in school leaving and the other two were with there fathers leavening only me and him there .

Initially, my uncle was nice and he was just a normal uncle everyone would wish for. But that day he started behaving funny towards me. He would touch my bum, and sometimes he would pretend it. When I was trying to go to sleep I felt a hand on my body. I opened my eyes and saw my uncle trying to force my jeans off. I tried to scream, but he covered my mouth with his palm.

In short, my uncle raped me at 14. I remember my bum hurt and couldn’t sit without hurting for the rest of the day. He asked me to clean up when he was done with me. He took my underwear and burnt it in my presence. He threatened to kill me if I ever told anyone.

He tried to rape me again several times after that first experience. After a certain point it feel normal I even started to enjoy it. But it stopped when I turned 16 (last month).

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  • Reply David Kenya

    Part two plz dia

  • Reply Jesse

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